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c2n - Cacti to Nagios

c2n.cgi is a filter/wrapper for the frontend of Cacti to include it in Nagios. I will not do any further development of this wrapper because I have migrated to pnp4nagios Martin Fuerstenau

CA ARCserve Backup r12 Number of Job Error Check

CA ARCserve Backup r12 number of job error check using the ca_qmgr.exe cli tool.


Cacti Thresholds


Checks Cacti Thresholds


Capture command output

Captures the stdout and stderr output of a command to a file and returns the original results to Nagios. This is useful for debugging failing Nagios monitors. A log entry sample: 2015-8-27 13:22:54 ------ debugging cmd=[/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/c ...


Carel pCOweb Enviroment and Alarm check


This checks are used on the chillers in my datacenter. They are running Carel pCOWeb, FW A1.4.9 - B1.2.4 The checks are both for alarms in the system, and ambient temperature. Checks can be found on github.


Carel pCOWeb for lenox Air conditioning alarm testing

check for carel pcoweb alarms supported by lenox Air conditioning Unit


carel pCOWeb HIWEB CCAC 01.03

This checks are used on the chillers (Lennox DHADC 110) in my server room. They are running Carel pCOWeb, FW A1.4.9 - B1.2.4 HIWEB CCAC 01.03 2019-09-02 16:00


carel pCOWEB temp check

This script checks the temperature of pCOWEB using SNMP. Output is in Nagios format so can be used to plot graphs. Very basic and no warnings can be generated.


Cassandra GC Collection

#This Plug-in monitors Cassandra ConcurrentMarkSweep Garbage Collection happening in particuler duration ; # This take four parameters as input # 1) -d Duration within which the count needs to be monitores (in seconds ) # 2) -f Log file location of c ...

Cassandra GC Collection - Time taken


#This Plug-in monitors Cassandra ConcurrentMarkSweep Garbage Collection happening in particuler duration ; # This take four parameters as input # 1) -d Duration within which the count needs to be monitores (in seconds ) # 2) -f Log file location of c ...


Cassandra number of nodes (live) in Ring


This Plug-in monitors the Cassandra Cluster for number of nodes Up and running.


Cassandra number of pending operations in tpstats


This Plugin Checks the number of pending operations in tpstat and if the pending operations across all Stages are greater than provided thresholds it generates an alert.


Cassandra number of read and write operations in a give...


This Plug-in monitors Cassandra number of read and write operations in a given time period, i.e. Read operations per second / write Operations per second. it fetches WriteOperations or ReadOperations from Nagios JMX plugin and stores the values with ti ...


Cassandra unreachable nodes


#This Plug-in monitors the Unreachable nodes in Cassandra Ring; using nodetool ring command


Cellwatch Battery Monitoring

Version 2.1 adds --temperature, --cell, and --string options. NAME check_cellwatch - Pull and evaluate data from two tables displayed on the main Cellwatch Monitoring system webpage at http://IP/System =head1 VERSION ...


CentOS Logos

CentOS Logos Nagios logos for CentOS

/Category:Images and Logos

Ceph health plugin


The 'ceph health' Nagios plugin will monitor the health of your ceph cluster. The plugin allows to specify a client user id and keyring to execute the plugin as user 'nagios' (or other)


Certificate Expiration Check


This Plugin written in Powershell monitors certificates on a Windows server and warns you before certificates are about to expire. You run the script through NSClient++. The plugin is a part of Nelmon, if you download the entire package the nm-check-ce ...


Certificate Health PowerShell Module with Nagios

The Certificate Health PowerShell module allows you to evaluate the certificates installed on your local system for expiration and deprecated signature algorithms. Using the included functions you can get certificates from the local certificate stores as ...




cfg_map cfg_map adds a page to the core Nagios GUI that maps out your objects in your .cfg files. You get a quick hierarchical map of object relationships: use hostgroups servicegroups contacts plugins commands timeperiods f ...

/Category:Nagios Core

Changing Default Passwords In Nagios Fusion


The purpose of this document is to provide a guide on changing the default passwords for an existing Nagios Fusion installation to ensure a safe and secure monitoring environment. This includes changing the passwords for the Linux root user and the user a ...

Changing Host Alive Check In XI


This is a brief tutorial on how to change the host "Alive" check and give a brief introduction on Nagios's templating system.

Changing Initial Virtual Machine Credentials


Changing Initial Virtual Machine Credentials A video tutorial taking you through the steps of changing initial passwords on the Nagios XI virtual machine and finding its IP address. Note: The commands and steps described in this video are listed at the bottom of the page for easy reference.

Changing the Cacti Admin Password


A video tutorial that shows you how to login to Cacti and change the admin password. NOTE: As of Nagios 2009R1.1 release, Cacti is no longer pre-configured on the XI virtual machine.

Changing The XI System Time


This document describes how to change the system date, time, and timezone on the Nagios XI virtual machine, or a physical server running CentOS. It is intended for use by Nagios XI Administrators.

Changing the XI Virtual Machine Network Configuration


Changing the XI Virtual Machine Network Configuration By default the Nagios XI virtual machine is set to obtain an IP address via DHCP. If you need to use a static IP, or change the DNS name for the machine, you'll need to run a special configuration tool.


Bash script to call hping3 (or hping2) to send a TCP SYN ping to any port with a TCP service on the host. Useful when ICMP is not available



Check smart attributes via the smartmontools. This is an extension to the original work of "fuler" found at http://exchange.nagios.org/directory/Plugins/Operating-Systems/Linux/check_smartmon/details based on the logic of check_smart_attributes plugi ...


Check TL-ER5120 CPU Usage


Check  TL-ER5120 CPU Usage Simple plugin for monitoring cpu usage of TL-ER5120 router using telnet and expect.


check - Alcatel OmniTouch Suite

This Nagios Plugin checks if all services which will be launched through the /etc/init.d/icsd start Skript are running.


check .ar domains expiration date

Check .ar (Argentinian) domains expiration date.

Check .pl domains expiration date


Checks .pl (Polish) domains. Triggers warning when domain is about to expire. Usage ./check_domain_pl.php -d domain.pl [-c days_critical] [-w days_warning]


Check /etc/init.d/$script_name status

This is a nagios plug-in to check the output or exit status or an application (designed for /etc/init.d scripts, but could work with any script). If you just call it with a -s /path/script it will run the script with a 'status' argument and check the out ...


Check 2008 Remote Desktop Services Per User CALs Remain...

This VBscript runs on the remote server via NSClient/NRPE and returns the remaining number of available Server 2008 Remote Desktop Services Per User CALs.


Check 3Gstore Remote Power Outlet


Do you have a 3Gstore 2 Outlet Remote Power Switch? Monitor it with Nagios! You can also turn outlets on, or off; toggle their current state; or reset. A must have if you have remote devices that you want to automatically power cycle if they become unr ...


Check Active Directory Accounts


Check for Active Directory Accounts using powershell through NRPE / nsclient++: -Account Disabled -Account Expired -Account Expiring -Account Inactive -Locked Out -Password Expired -Password Never Expires Provide performance data to have graph ...

/Category:Windows NRPE

Check Active Directory Sync

Check Active Directory Sync PowerShell script to check AD Replication and Sysvol status in a DC Server and returns Nagios output and exit code.


Check Active Snapshot on vSphere

You will receive a message with the list of active snapshot from more than 1 days


Check Admin Up Oper Down


Check Admin Up Oper down uses SNMP to find interfaces which are enabled (no shutdown), but are still operationally down. It then reports an issue and lists the interfaces in the down state.


Check AIX Disk IO

Plugin shows IO consumption on your certain AIX server for defined list of disks.


Check AIX Filesystem via SNMP

Check the filesystem aix by name via snmp - bash script


Check AIX Last Update

Plugin calculates number of days since last success update on your AIX server.


Check all disks on a Windows server

Check usage on all drives on a Windows server in one plugin.

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