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Check Automatic Services for Windows (Advanced Nagios P...


Checks all automatic Windows services are running. Accepts exclusions. Written Natively to work on any modern Windows system and can be used with any standard Nagios remote execution method.


Check Automatic Windows Services

Check Automatic Windows Services Powershell script to check all automatic services are running and returns Nagios output and code. It tries to start services stopped before sending a critical state.


Check Available Updates


A plugin used to check for missing updates for Windows. The plugin is a VBScript which is intended to be used by the check_nrpe plugin on the Nagios server and NRPE for Windows or NSClient++ on the Windows side.


Check AVG database date

Check date of AVG database via socket connect


Check AVTECH Room alert

Check AVTECH Room alert devices tempeture via SNMP


Check AWS CloudWatch Alarms


check-cloudwatch is a simple CLI program, utilising the AWS SDK, to check the status of a specified CloudWatch alarm.


Check Azure Active Directory Connect


Check Azure Active Directory Connect status and last replication.


Check Backup Exec / Veritas (2012-2019) Jobs

Check Backup Exec / Veritas (2012-2019) Jobs PowerShell script to check Backup Exec last scheduled job status and returns Nagios performance output and exit code.


Check Backup Exec Jobs Plugin


SYNOPSIS This script will connect to Symantec BackupExec server and using PowerShell, it will return information about the backup jobs: SYNTAX .check_backupexec_jobs.ps1 [[-Name] ] [[-Period] ] [] PARAMETERS -Name Name o ...


Check Backup Exec Veritas Services

Check BackupExec Services with the "check_nt" plugin. It checks Service BackupExecAgentBrowser,BackupExecDeviceMediaService,BackupExecJobEngine and BackupExecRPCService


Check BackupExec Backup Size


Script to Parse Backup Exec logfile .XML (gets based on today’s date) Calculates how much data was written to Tape and total supposed backup size. The supposed backup size depends, in our case we backup all Disks but the C: and so I calculated in a Dyn ...


Check Bandwidth for PPTP/PPP VPN (by Nestor@Toronto)

This script will check how many PPTP user is currently logged and check each users' speed, it will send out alert if any user is over usage from input value. Check IO Wait for Linux. Return IO wait in percentage Script were written in BASH, tested o ...


Check Bandwidth, with iftop (by Nestor@Toronto)

Using iftop to check current bandwidth. Script were written in BASH, tested on CentOS 6.X, Nagios 3.X # Dependency: iftop

Check Bandwidth, with iftop, for single interface (by N...

Using iftop to check current bandwidth for ONLY one NIC. Script were written in BASH, tested on CentOS 6.X, Nagios 3.X # Dependency: iftop

Check Bandwidth, with vnstat (by Nestor@Toronto)

Using vnstat to check current bandwidth. vnstat will provide slightly faster checking but it can only do per NIC/interface, instead of over all bandwidth. Script were written in BASH, tested on CentOS 6.X, Nagios 3.X # Dependency: vnstat

Check Barracuda Webfilter Status

Check active TCP connection and Throughput (% vs the total system capacity) of a Barracuda Webfilter. Tested with Webfilter 410 v6


Check basic authentication

This plugin is used to authenticate against a web page using basic authentication and to check that the web site is allowing user logins. It can also check for a string once authenticated to verify the page is as expected and produce timing information fo ...


check beancounters


A Nagios-plugin to monitor fail-counts of OpenVZ containers.


Check Bestlink UPS

This is a script to monitor BESTLink Web/SNMP adapters. These are old adapters, so there might not be many sites that have them in use, but our site has quite a few, so this script has come in handy for monitoring them.


check BGP neighbor JunOS

Perl script to check BGP neighbor states for JunOS devices via SNMP. If BGP session not in state established a CRITICAL alarm occurs. Performace data for in/out BGP updates/ message counters are included


Check BigIP F5 bandwidth


I just found an old Nagios plugin of mine, it was sitting in a directory, taking dust. As usual, I’m not a programmer, so I just do quick and dirty tricks to get what I need, so here it is the plugin in all it’s bash glory. The plugin is comment ...


Check BigIP F5 load

As for the previous F5 plugin, I just found this old Nagios plugin of mine, sitting in a directory, taking dust. As usual, I’m not a programmer, so I just do quick and dirty tricks to get what I need, so here it is the plugin in all it’s bash glory ...


check bloating process

check bloating process This plugin uses linear regression algorithm to determine if the memory usage of a given process(by name or by pid) is growing up on time.


Check BlueCoat Proxy Disk

Check BlueCoat Proxy Disk This plugin allow to check the snmpdiskstate in your bluecoat proxy. The archive contained the README and a pnp4nagios template.


Check Brocade Hardware Health


Checks Brocade SAN switches for FAN, Power Supply and Temperature status through SNMP.

/Category:SAN and NAS

Check Burp Backup


A simple bash script to check the age of a BURP backup, some statistics (News, Deleted, Changes, ...) and warnings. Generate some perfdatas. We moved to github : https://github.com/pierre-guillot/check_burp_backup


Check Cassandra status and heap memory utilization

Monitors Cassandra status and heap memory utilization.


Check Centrify

A plugin to check the Centrify service running on a local machine. It will report CPU and Memory of the adclient process, the zone, the DC and the version. -- Update 07/04/2016, new version of script uploaded which now accepts command line args and al ...


Check cisco 3750 stack status


Check the status of a Cisco Catalyst 3750,3650,3850 stack via SNMP


Check Cisco AP Number

Check the number of AP registered on a Cisco Wireless Controller. If the number of AP isn't what expected, it returns a WARNING state.


Check Cisco ASA Connections


The Check Cisco ASA Connections plugin monitors the number of open connections through your firewall and returns a warning or critical state depending on the limits you set. The plugin supports SNMP version 2c and 3. The plugin is part of Nelmon (h ...


Check Cisco ASR BGP

Check ASR1k & ASR9k, BGP state, IPv4/6, prefix count, min/max prefix warnings


Check Cisco ASR CPU

Check Cisco ASR1/9k CPU utilization


Check Cisco ASR Fan & Power

Check Cisco ASR1/9k fan and power status


Check Cisco ASR Memory

Check Cisco ASR1/9k memory utilization (updated version of check_cisco_ios_mem.pl)


Check Cisco ASR Temp

Check Cisco ASR1/9k temperature


Check Cisco BGP peer

Check BGP peer status, established time, prefixes.


Check CISCO Call Manager - IP phones and gateways

Check CCM CISCO Call Manager via SNMP. Get status of IP phones and ATA186 gateways.


Check Cisco Catalyst

This is a script to monitor Cisco Catalyst switches via SNMP.


Check Cisco CRC Errors on Switch

Nagios check CRC error on Cisco Switch


Check Cisco Devices

Checks various statistics for different Cisco devices including switches and firewalls.


Check Cisco DSL SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio)

This plugin will allow you to check the remote SNR on your Cisco DSL router. This works the reverse of the check_snmp plugin as it gives alerts when the value is low since you want to have a high value for your SNR.

Check Cisco DSL-Line

This is a Nagios Plugin to check the dsl line of Cisco-Routers. The Plugin will collect the following line data (up- / download): * SNR in dB * Data Rate in bps * Attenuation Rate in dB * Output-Power in dBm * Correctable Blocks last 15 Min * Unc ...


Check Cisco for crash info files

Checks Cisco file-system for crash files using SNMP.


Check Cisco FRU Fan


Check Cisco FRU Fan Checks fan status on a CISCO-ENTITY-FRU-CONTROL-MIB compliant device (Cisco Catalyst switches, routers, ASA, MDS 9000 series, ...).


Check Cisco FRU Module


Check Cisco FRU Module Checks module status on a CISCO-ENTITY-FRU-CONTROL-MIB compliant device (Cisco Catalyst swithces, routers, ASA, MDS 9000 series, ...).


Check Cisco Interfaces for errors and drops

Nagios plugin to check all or some network interfaces on a Cisco network device for errors and drops.


Check Cisco ISDN Calls

Checking Cisco ISDN Lines via SNMP protocol.


Check Cisco MGCP/H323 ISDN Gateway Usage

Shows Cisco MGCP/H323 gateways ISDN/PRI/BRI ports used/free/total.

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