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Safenet Protectserver HSM check


This is a Nagios plugin to monitor a Safenet Protectserver HSM using the Safenet tools. It can also gather information about the device, like firmware and functional module information. https://raymii.org/s/software/Nagios_Plugin_to_check_a_Safenet_HSM ...


Sam Weather 2.0

Sam Weather 2.0 Weather plugin for Nagios that lets you check temperature, humidity, wind, rain fall, dewpoint, heat index, windchill, pressure, solar radiation, and UV index. This also reports performance data to Nagios for graphing. The plugin uses data from Weather ...


SANS Internet Storm Center Top 10 Rising Ports Nagios X...

SANS Internet Storm Center Top 10 Rising Ports Nagios XI Dashlet A Nagios XI dashlet that embeds a graph of the top 10 rising ports from the SAN Internet Storm Center. Useful for spotting trends related to virus and worm outbreaks.




These Nagios Plugins provide an interface to the SAP CCMS Infrastructure and display the results in Nagios.


SAP CCMS Plugins


These Nagios Plugins provide an interface to the SAP CCMS Infrastructure and display the results in Nagios.


SAP Hana Database

These are several python scripts for monitoring service of your SAP Hana Database. You will need to configure NRPE on your SAP Hana System for using these scripts. You will need to use your own NR ##, remember to edit the scripts.


SAP HANA Database check health


SAP HANA Database check health A Nagios plugin for monitoring SAP HANA database by SQL command and without installation on SAP server. You need just a user access with MONITORING role. (see PREREQUISITE.TXT file) It will open the door to many idea to monitor health and Key Performan ...




A small monitoring tool to check sap base health. The tool reads the SAP CCMS values and check it to your defined thresholds. The exit codes are best uses with Icinga / Nagios monitoring. It based on the SAP RFC SDK 7.50 for the SAP communication. first d ...



SAP OSS Check This plugin will attempt to connect to SAPOSS server on SAP via saprouter


SAS 9.2 EBI server monitoring plug-in


SAS 9.2 EBI server monitoring plug-in SAS 9.2 EBI server monitoring plug-in


Satrapa Images

Satrapa Images Symbols of network devices.

/Category:Images and Logos

Save a context variable to metadata

This action can be added into Nagios Reactor to save a variable from the current context as a metadata key/value pair.




sbench Lightweight, tunable and simple benchmarking tool written in C that can be invoked through NRPE interface and performs tests on memory, CPU, disk and network.


Scan status.dat for passive alerts and notify again

There is a issue I found on passive alerts in that Nagios will only notify once.




ScanToNag is a tool which scans your network for hosts and services and then generats configuration-files for Nagios.



nagios plugin to scan for multiple patterns in a daily log file (ksh script)



nagios plugin to scan for multiple patterns in a log file (ksh script)


Schedule Downtime via cron

A couple of scripts that could be run from cron to schedule downtime automatically.

Scheduled Downtime and Nagios


This is a nice tutorial on scheduling downtime in Nagios. Thank you, Mike!

Scheduling multiple service checks in Nagios


A utility to schedule checks for multiple hosts and services from command line. When you add a new host with multiple services Nagios would usually schedule the checks which sometimes takes longer than usual. For the impatient administrators this wo ...


Scheduling Multiple Service Checks in Nagios


In this blog you can review a community-written shell script in BASH aimed at automating the process of scheduling multiple service checks in Nagios.

Scheduling Reports in Nagios Log Server


This document describes how to export or schedule reports in Nagios Log Server. This document is intended for use by Nagios Log Server Administrators who need to automate reporting.

SCOM 2012 to Nagios Connector


A complex script for forwarding SCOM 2012 alerts to Nagios.


Script exit code is

This condition can be added into Nagios Reactor to compare the results of the output, returned from a script to a specified exit code (0=OK, 1=WARNING, 2=CRITICAL, or 3=UNKNOWN). Install/update condition through Administration -> Conditions


Script package for oracle

It's a script package for monitoring and graph database data in nagios and pnp4nagios or cacti. Maybe another exits before this, but here we make a perfdata usable for pnp4nagios, cacti and others similar graph tool. 1. Check_waits_cluster.sh and ch ...


Search Auto-complete


Search Auto-complete This is a small but useful tweak to the Nagios search function, that implements autocomplete. The existing tutorial in this category failed to work for me, so I accomplished the same thing with jQuery. Note that in my setup, I use the Vautour style. ...



search.cgi This CGI enhanced the default search function with status.cgi that Nagios uses by default to search hosts. With search.cgi, now you can use regular expressions to match either hosts or services.




This cgi is a replacement for status.cgi that Nagios uses by default to search hosts. The default search gives you only the first match. search2.cgi gives you all the matches and you can search by partial names and also you can search by Host IP address ...




search MSMQ for matched words.

/Category:Windows NRPE

Security Dashboard


Security Dashboard The security dashboard assumes /var/log/messages and /var/log/secure are being monitored. The associated query looks for things like "segfault" and "Failed password" and other things which may indicate an attack. The second query looks for "Port scan ...


Security Patch Monitoring with Nagios


This tutorial describes one approach of monitoring the patch compliance of network devices.


This plugin checks the windows security log for any changes to group membership. Change events are spooled and reported one at a time.


Send a NRDP check result

This action can be added into Nagios Reactor to send a NRDP check result to a Nagios NRDP server.


Send a SNMP trap

This action can be added into Nagios Reactor to send a SNMP trap to a designated destination.


Send an email notification

This action can be added into Nagios Reactor to send an email message to a list of recipients.


Send HTML Alert Email

Send HTML Alert Email Send your Alert Mails using HTML formatted emails.. Requires less than 5 minutes to fully setup.. This is version 1 of the HTML Mail Alert... I have released a version 2 of the HTML Alert Mail which takes advantage of many MACROS.. It also looks nicer :) ...


Send HTML Alert Email v2

Send HTML Alert Email v2 This is the Version 2 of the Previous Send HTML Alert Email.. Send your Alert Mails using HTML formatted emails.. I have tested this with Nagios v3.x only.. This may or may not work with Nagios v1 & v2 (As it requires the use of MACROS)... Contains Us ...


Send HTML Alert Email v3


Send HTML Alert Email v3 This is the Version 3 of the popular 'Send HTML Alert Email'. Nagios Alert eMails now contain formatted Text & Performance Graphs. Tested with Nagios v3 & 4. Contains Useful Features Like --- 1) Performance Graphs 2) Total Downtime of the Service upon ...


Send nagios report as pdf file via email


With the help of this script we can send Nagios Report as pdf file via email.


Send Nagios service problem as mail

A python script which can be used as an event handler for services within Nagios to automatically send mail to a targeted mail address when a service problem occurs. The script is called by creating a command within Nagios and passing the parameters requi ...

Send SMS from Nagios - Configuring SMS notifications


Send SMS from Nagios - Configuring SMS notifications This video describes how to configure Nagios and Ozeki NG - SMS Gateway to send SMS notifications to cell phones.



senddata_bycurl_nrdp Send or report data to nrdp by command line in perl

/Category:Passive Checks


sendexec_bycurl_nrdp Send result plugin or check of nagios to nrpd.

/Category:Passive Checks
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