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1-wire humidity plugin check_1-wirehumid


This plugin check the humidity by using 1-wire and OWFS One Wire File System. It allows you to set low thresholds and high thresholds. Name: check_1-wirehumid


1-Wire Temperature Check

1wire_temp is a Nagios plugin that is used to monitor temperature using a 1-wire device such as the DS18S20.


1-wire temperature plugin


This plugin check the temperature by using 1-wire and OWFS One Wire File System. It allows you to set low thresholds and high thresholds. All the values are in Celcius. Nagiosgraph map are included.


10 Things Any Monitoring Software Should Do (Nagios Doe...


This article will show you why Nagios was selected as a number one system monitoring tool.

/Category:Media Coverage

2011 Conference Photos


2011 Conference Photos Check this out! We have uploaded some of the 2011 Conference photos. There is more to come. Thank you, Josh!


2011 Conference Presentations


2011 Conference Presentations Check this out! You can download the slides for the 2011 conference presentations and workshops. We'll be posting videos of the sessions in November as well - stay tuned!

2012 Conference Presentations


Now you can download the slides for the 2012 conference presentations and workshops.

3 IT Tools that Have Withstood the Test of Time


This article, written by Curt Finch (CEO, Journyx), talks about the three IT tools that have withstood the test of time - Nagios, Command Line Interface and VMware.

/Category:Media Coverage

3Com Switch Check Suite

Checks via SNMP various aspects of 3Com switches which support the jv-mib.huawei SNMP standard (4500,5500,etc).


3PAR check script

Check script for HP 3PAR storage systems

/Category:SAN and NAS

3Ware RAID / BBU / Enclosure Plugin for 32/64-bit Linux...


Python script to check 3Ware RAID Card health. Checks arrays, drives and BBUs.

/Category:RAID Controllers

3Ware Raid Plugin for 32-bit and 64-bit systems


This is a plugin to test the state of 3ware Raid arrays on servers. Works on 32-bit and 64-bit linux servers. Also tells you if your individual disks are not ok. Switches to customize behaviour.

/Category:RAID Controllers

4 Steps to Define Nagios Contacts With Email and Pager ...


This article will demonstrate how to setup contact definitions in Nagios, using four simple steps.

4D Server


check if 4D Server is alive for 4D Server v12 or newer (should be compatible with v11, but not tested) tries to access 4D Server using UDP and checking answer. (correct answer contain computer and database name) if OK returns as Nagios answer OK + ...


6to4 relay check

6to4 relay check Nagios plugin for 6to4 relay monitoring. This plugin requires python and scapy installed. Server performing the check does not need 6to4 tunnel configured but must have IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity. Plugin must be executed with root permissions to capture r ...