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Category: ICMP

Nagios plugins for monitoring ICMP.

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Category Listings:
There are 14 Listings in this Category.List your addon or plugin here!


Bash script to call hping3 (or hping2) to send a TCP SYN ping to any port with a TCP service on the host. Useful when ICMP is not available


Check Ping - with MTR and custom outputs

An extension of a basic ICMP test script idea. The check does fairly boring ICM check of a host. On packet loss it can run a MTR ( ) check and email the results to the specified address. (Requires that t ...



Fping check plugin from ae(at)


TCP SYN pings leveraging hping3 - in bash.



This script sends 3 TCP SYN pings to a host and compares response flags against "SA", "RA", or different. SYN ACK = OK, RESET ACK = CRITICAL, other = WARNING SA [SYN ACK] = OK, RA [RESET ACK] = CRITICAL, other = WARNING Modified the great original ch ...



The check_icmp program is meant as a replacement for the check_ping plugin supplied with the Nagios-plugins package.

check_icmp - ICMP with Type of Service Bit

This plugin works like the normal check_icmp, but has an additional option to set the type of service bits. Handy if you want to check heavy loaded links.

This script is a perl substitute for the standard check_ping program.


Check reachability of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses of one or more hosts. All addresses of a host, both IPv4 and IPv6, can be checked in the same call.



This is a hacked version of 'poink' by Patrick Haller for use w/ Nagios/Netsaint.


check_tping is used to probe and determine host and network responsiveness by forming TCP connections. This is useful when ICMP may be blocked or treated with a lower priority, making it either entirely useless or untrustworthy as a measurement tool.

Ping of multiple Hosts via icmp protocol

Multi Ping Useful to monitor VPN-Connections (Network-Tunnels) if the linkage is up & running between the 2 locations.


This lightweight script ping two hosts, and return OK only if a host is up and the other down.


wol nagios plugin

check to see if a target is alive, by sending a continuous ping. when the target is down the script send the magic packet frame to turn on the machine.