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Category: Graphing and Trending

Graphing and trending utilities/addons for Nagios.

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APAN Apan, Advanced Performance Addon for Nagios is a tool for integrating Nagios with RRD-tool. The purpose is to make it easy to collect statistics from different service-checks in Nagios and to view it graphically via a web-interface.


APANgen is a script to help add APAN-enabled services quickly to an existing Nagios installation. Currently APANgen can add ping, nt-disk, and unix disk checks.

BrainyPDM - Performance Data Management


BrainyPDM - Performance Data Management BrainyPDM (a.k.a. Brainy Performance Data Management) is an open source system performance data management and monitoring tool. It gathers performance data from Nagios for make automatic graph, custom graphs (in the next release), reports (in the next rel ...

c2n - Cacti to Nagios

c2n.cgi is a filter/wrapper for the frontend of Cacti to include it in Nagios. I will not do any further development of this wrapper because I have migrated to pnp4nagios Martin Fuerstenau



fifo-rrd takes the performance data provided by the Nagios plugins and create and/or updates RRD databases used to display performance trend graphs by the rrd-graph project.



Graphios is a program to send nagios perf data to graphite (carbon).


Highcharts for Nagios


Highcharts for Nagios Highcharts for Nagios offering good-looking interactive charts to you. Zooming can be in the X or Y dimension, or both. It can show/hide different data series and auto adjust X, Y axis. You can directly export the chart to PNG, JPG, PDF or SVG format.




Metricinga is a gevent-based daemon for forwarding Nagios performance data to Graphite.




mypan (MY Performance Add-on for Nagios) is as the name states an add-on for Nagios. The goal is to provide an easy way to graph performance data retrieved from Nagios using rrdtool.

Nagios External Perfdata Processor

An external performance processing tool used to wrap standard scripts.

nagios python parser


nagios python parser http://d1b.github.com/nagios_python_parser/ This is a small python nagios parser. It is licensed under the gpl v2. It is currently in testing and probably has bugs ^^. TODO: html output XXX: check nagios documentation for output and required st ...




Nagios 2 Cacti, N2Cacti, is a project derived from N2RRD. N2cacti will parse Nagios Configuration, read N2RRD configuration (modified version homemade) and will configure Cacti to create a Graph by Nagios Services.



nagiostat Nagiostat parses performance-data from Nagios and generates graphs of trends over time. Nagiostat makes use of RRD-tool. It then generates graphs on-the-fly through a CGI-script and HTML-templates. Nagiostat is written in perl.

ndo2db grapher


ndo2db grapher ndo2db grapher aim is to provide a quick way to retrieve informations in realtime against nagios values without external tools like RRD. To achieve this, I'm using ndoutils tool set which let you store performance data in a database.


NSAT (Nagios Simple Automate Tools) is an RRDtool wrapper addon for Nagios.



opcp OpCP is a capacity planning graph generator based on opdb ( nagios broker ) database.



perf2rrd is a Java utility that will automate the extraction of performance data from Nagios plugins into round robin database files (.rrd's).



Various Perl scripts that can be used to automate graph generation.

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