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Hadoop Blacklisted Nodes


This plug in checks the Hadoop Blacklisted Nodes from the the Job Tracker web UI page i.e. The plugin returns Critical alarm - if Not able to access the Job Tracker Status Page, Warning alarm - one or more node got black ...


handle_TD_incident - TOPdesk Incident Management Integr...

handle_TD_incident - TOPdesk Incident Management Integration handle_TD_incident is for submitting incidents (trouble tickets) to the TOPdesk service management system. Problems in Nagios will be automatically acknowledged. Automatic close of the ticket in case of recovery is possible. By Martin Fuerstenau.


HAProxy check


check_haproxy.rb checks haproxy stats and reports errors if any of the servers for a proxy are down. Written in Ruby and only requires Ruby. We run Nagios 3.x, and I haven't tested with any other versions. Updated version now works with ruby 1.8+ ...


HARD services states in Tactical Overview

Quick and dirty patch to show only HARD state services in the Tactical Overview.

/Category:Nagios Core



HashiCorp Vault Monitoring Tool



HDTP (HTTP Data Transfer Plugin)- It is plugin for passive checks of linux servers, which allow you to execute Nagios plugins by started forks for every checks and send result to the Nagios server by HTTP protocol.



header_doohickey Header Doohickey takes advantage of the (http://nagios.sourceforge.net/docs/3_0/cgiincludes.html) Nagios custom CGI headers and footers functionality to display information about a service or host that is not easily available but extremely useful in under ...


Hector Chena

This plugin checks the swap used on HPUX, using the SNMP service.


Helpspot Latest Version Check

Check to make sure your helpspot is at the latest version. example: "./check_helpspot_version -s http://helpspot.domain.com" usage: check_helpspot_version [-h] -s HELPSPOT [-w] [-c] This script will compare the current running helpspot version wi ...


Hermstedt Stingray ISDN Line Check

This Plugin monitors the ISDN Line Status of a Hermstedt Stingray box.


High throughput NCSA replacement


NCSA replacement capable or processing thousands of service check results per second

/Category:Passive Checks

Highcharts for Nagios


Highcharts for Nagios Highcharts for Nagios offering good-looking interactive charts to you. Zooming can be in the X or Y dimension, or both. It can show/hide different data series and auto adjust X, Y axis. You can directly export the chart to PNG, JPG, PDF or SVG format.


Highly Sophisticated Wakeup Call Using Nagios


Sometimes you just have to wake up and fix your network! Use Nagios and get this wakeup call on time.

History Tab

History Tab Adds a tab to Host and Service Detail screens to show history for comments, acknowledgements, downtime and external commands. Twitter: @Box293


Hitachi NetApp Nagios Checks

NetApp Enterprise NAS Gateway


HMC Open Service Events

This plugin check open service events in HMC.


Home device logos


Home device logos Linksys WRT54G, Slingbox, DirecTVHD DVR, HP Smartmedia Server, among others.

/Category:Images and Logos

Home Page Modification XI Component


Home Page Modification XI Component This Nagios XI component allows you to customize the landing page that users see when they login to the Nagios XI web interface. Admins can override global defaults, and users can set their own redirects if allowed to do so.


Homeseer 3 device values


This is a plugin that monitors Homeseer 3 device values



Counts the hops from Nagios server to another node.



Hornbill This is a collection of example scripts that allow you to push notifications in to Hornbill in the form of either Workspace Posts or Service Manager Incidents. License: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/The_Hornbill_Community_License_(HCL)


Host Creation Tool

Host Creation Tool This tool lets you create hosts in bulk. Ideal for adding hosts of a similar type quickly. It does NOT add services. You need a list of hosts, their addresses and optionally a description in a spreadsheet / CSV format. The format is addres ...


Host-Resource-MIB queries (cpu, processes, storage)


Query the Host Resource MIB of various operating systems for cpu usage, processes and storage/volumes. These scripts have been tested against Linux and Windows XP, but should do the job for any other OS as well.

/Category:System Metrics



Script for sending sms for torpedus.com.br. Needed register on the site and credits into account in order to use the system.


Hostgroup Status in Google Maps

Hostgroup Status in Google Maps Show hostgroup status and network/service links in Google Maps

Hover Popup for Host Groups


Mouseovering on a Critical or Warning element in the Host Groups view creates a small popup where the errors are shown.

/Category:Nagios Core

How To Access The Nagios Web Interface Securely Over ht...


This article will show you how to access the Nagios web interface securely over https (SSL).

How To Add Device For SNMP Trap Monitoring In Nagios


This tutorial demonstrates how to add a device for SNMP trap monitoring in Nagios.

How To Change SSH Port in Nagios


This short tutorial demonstrates how to configure Nagios, when you use a nonstandard port for SSH.

How To Check For Windows Updates With Nagios XI


This document describes how to use Nagios XI to monitor for high priority updates from Microsoft on a remote Windows host. This includes critical and security updates, service packs, and update rollups. Monitoring for updates from Microsoft with Nagios XI ...

How To Create A Nagios Fusion Instance In The Amazon EC...


This document describes how to launch a new pre-installed Nagios Fusion server in the Amazon EC2 cloud in order to quickly run a trial of Nagios Fusion without using physical hardware, migrate existing physical installations to a cloud infrastructure, and ...

How To Create A Nagios Log Server Instance In The Amazo...


This document describes how to launch a new pre-installed Nagios Log Server server in the Amazon EC2 cloud in order to quickly run a trial of Nagios Log Server without using physical hardware, migrate existing physical installations to a cloud infrastruct ...

How To Create A Nagios Network Analyzer Instance In The...


This document describes how to launch a new pre-installed Nagios Network Analyzer server in the Amazon EC2 cloud in order to quickly run a trial of Nagios Network Analyzer without using physical hardware, migrate existing physical installations to a cloud ...

How To Create a Nagios Plugin Using Bash Script


In this tutorial, we would learn how a simple BASH script can be used to create a powerful Nagios Plugin in order to monitor any remote Linux server.

How To Create Nagios Plugins With Bash on Ubuntu 12.10


This tutorial demonstrates how to create Nagios plugins using Bash, and execute them via NRPE.

How To Install And Configure Nagios In FreeBSD


This tutorial will show you how to install and configure Nagios in FreeBSD.

How to install and configure nagios nrpe in CentOS and ...


In this tutorial you will learn how to install and configure Nagios and NRPE in CentOS and RedHat.

How to install nagios 3.5.0 in CentOS 6.4 using yum


How to install nagios 3.5.0 in CentOS 6.4 using yum http://sharadchhetri.com/2013/05/19/installing-nagios-3-5-0-in-centos-6-4-using-yum/ This is how to tutorial for installing nagios 3.5.0 using yum in CentOS 6.4

How To Install Nagios From Repo In Fedora/Centos/SL


The tutorial will show you how to install Nagios from repo in Fedora/CentOS/SL(Scientific Linux).

How To Install Nagios From Source on a Debian System - ...


This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to install nagios from source on a Debian system. Instalar Nagios core y Nagios plugins en Debian paso a paso desde Source En este apartado vamos a ver como instalar la aplicación Nagios en un servidor linux D ...


How to Install Nagios on CentOS 5.5


This tutorial will show you how to install Nagios on CentOS 5.5.

How to install Nagios on Sabayon /Gentoo


This community-distributed tutorial shows you how to install Nagios on Sabayon/Gentoo.

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