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Changing Initial Virtual Machine Credentials

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Changing Initial Virtual Machine Credentials
A video tutorial taking you through the steps of changing initial passwords on the Nagios XI virtual machine and finding its IP address.

Note: The commands and steps described in this video are listed at the bottom of the page for easy reference.

Before you can follow the step described in the video, you'll need to first login to the system with the following credentials:

Username: root

Password: nagiosxi

To change the root password after you've logged in, use the 'password' command:


To change the MySQL root password, use the 'mysqladmin' command as shown below. Replace NEWPASSWORD with the new password of your choosing.

mysqladmin -u root -p'nagiosxi' password NEWPASSWORD

You'll need to update the MySQL backup script with the new MySQL root password you chose. The backup script can be edited with the following command:

nano /root/scripts/automysqlbackup

To get the IP address of the virtual machine, run the following command: