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Category: Linux

Nagios plugins for monitoring Linux systems.

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This is an Arch Linux package for the Nagios server-side NRPE plugin.


This Plugin is for checking the kernel message queues. Will return a critical result if more than 1 queue of the same owner exists. WARNING and/or CRITICAL thresholds can be defined on the number of message found in the queue. These need to be the sec ...



Check smart attributes via the smartmontools. This is an extension to the original work of "fuler" found at based on the logic of check_smart_attributes plugi ...


Check /etc/init.d/$script_name status

This is a nagios plug-in to check the output or exit status or an application (designed for /etc/init.d scripts, but could work with any script). If you just call it with a -s /path/script it will run the script with a 'status' argument and check the out ...


Check all system disks via ssh with check_disks

Linux check_disk is based on the df results and supports multiple file systems (FS) analysis. Can be integrated without install anything in the remote server with the ssh_pair exchange, and has been tested on Suse, Debian, Centos and RedHat distributi ...


check areca

Very simple script which checks volume status and fan speed (need cli32 provided from areca).

check bloating process

check bloating process This plugin uses linear regression algorithm to determine if the memory usage of a given process(by name or by pid) is growing up on time.


Check cpu

Yet an other CPU check plugin for uni-/multi-processor Linux machines.

Check CPU Usage via SNMP

Check CPU Usage via SNMP Shell script to check cpu usage via SNMP. My environment need check overall CPU usage under Linux/Windows system via SNMP (not require NRPE plugin). Complete with performance data report (can display using pnp system)


check debian packages

This plugin checks if there are debian updates available. If so, it issues a warning, if the packages are from security it raises a critical.

Check Diskspace Used by a Mounted Volume

This plugin is designed using Bash script and intended to display the disk space used by the specified mount point or partition or volume. This plugin is created so that 'Performance Gauges' in Nagios XI work properly, showing appropriate 'Warnin ...

Check File and Dir Size for BASH

Bash shell script to check min/max size of files and/or directories. Relies on "stat" and "du", which most distributions should have. Usage: [--minwarn size] [--maxwarn size] [--mincrit size] [--maxcrit size] [-m

Check File Size JPC

Nagios Plugin for check the size of a local file, giving output in Bytes,KBytes,MBytes or GBytes.


Check file size, LINUX Edition

check free ram

A simple shell script for nagios to check free memory on a target system

check grep command output

This plugin executes a given command and greps for spedified patterns in the output. It uses perl regex for matching.


Check HDD with HDSentinel

Check you HDD status with HDSentinel. HDSentinel is an alternative way to assess your HDDs raw SMART data.


Check interface bandwidth

Plugin for monitoring utilization of network interfaces linux and cisco. Compatible with nagvis and pnp4nagios.


Check IO stats of one or all disks

This plug-in checks IO stats of one (or all) disk. It can be used to send alerts when maximum hard drive IO/s or sectors read|write/s is reached.


Check Iostat Updated

An updated version of this plugin: With support for newest iostat and other features

Check IPCOP / Linux IF Bandwidth Usage

Just a simple plugin to monitor bandwidth usage and Line Utilization on a IPCOP Firewall using the Nagios check_by_ssh plugin. Note: You can also use it to monitor any Linux distro on which you can install vnstat. (The instructions included are for IPCOP, ...

Check Linux CPU, Process Scheduler and I/O Stats (chec...

This plugin provides data on CPU Utilization and Linux Schedule by reading /proc/stat parses all data into performance variables. Warning and critical alerts can be issued if CPU Utilization is high.


Check Linux Process

Checks Linux process count, CPU and memory usage and produce relevant exit code and performance data to Nagios.


Check memory plugin in python (uses cached memory corre...

Check memory plugin by parsing /proc/meminfo and taking Cached mem into consideration

check network bonding

Shell script to check network bonding. Displays bonding mode.

Check New User creation in Linux

This script will check if any new user is created on your linux server whenever the check is performed.


Check Newest files age and size in Diredtory

This plug-in is for LINUX edition and determines the newest file in the folder specified and it's age and size.


check nfs mountpoints

Compares /etc/fstab and /proc/mounts

Check nic link

This plugin will check that ethX is up and that there is a link detected. I designed it mainly for bonded nic sets, it can be hard to tell if 1 of the nics is unplugged because the interface will be up and the bondX will also work. This monitors the nics. ...


Check number of files in directory via telnet

Plugin to check number of files in a remote directory using telnet. Implemented in Expect.

Check Open FDs (File Descriptors)

Check Open FDs (File Descriptors) Simple bash script Work only in Linux Check total open file descriptors and compare with percent of maximum allowance by kernel There are default values. So script do not need any args but you can customize: -w - warning level in number of FDs - ...


check open files

A very simple script to check the number of opened files on system (linux of course..).

check open ports on nagios

This is an initial effort to write a plugin that looks at the open ports on a host and verifies if the ports are white-listed. The white listed ports can be passed using -l option : allowed ports must be separated by commas ex : check_openPorts. ...

check physical memory

Check physical memory using shell script. Memory is displayed as a percentage.

Check Process Resources

Check Process Resources This check can be used to monitor processes either on the Nagios server or on other Linux machines when used in conjunction with check_by_ssh.


Check process runtime

A script that checks, if a given process has exceeded a defined runtime in seconds

check processes

A simple shell script for nagios to check the number of processes running on a target system

Check Processes and Ports

A script that checks if processes and TCP ports are up. Tested on Redhat Enterprise Linux 3,4, Fedora 4,5,6, Solaris 6,7,8,9 and HP-UX 11.11,11.23

Check RAM usage as a percentage

Queries via snmp and returns the memory usage as a percentage.


Check RHEL Last Update

Plugin calculates number of days since last success update on your RHEL, CentOS server.


Check Rsync

Checks Rsync Servers. Features include authentication, directory listings, data transfers, test timing, output prefixing, verbosity levels and timeout enforcement. Direct support for Gentoo Portage Mirrors.

Check UNIX Disk usage

Check UNIX Disk usage Checks, in UNIX-like systems, the space used on local filesystems.


Check UNIX Memory Usage

Check UNIX Memory Usage Checks memory usage (overall, by running processes, as filesystem cache and swap) on UNIX-like operating systems


Check UNIX Open FDs

Check UNIX Open FDs Checks the number of open files by process and program.


Check Upstart Job Status

This plugin checks the status of a given Upstart job name on Linux hosts (e.g. Ubuntu) and reports a warning if the job is in the process of stopping and critical if it's stopped.


Check user implementation

Check if a specified user exists and that he has the correct userId, groupId, groupname and supplementary groups.


Check VMWare Server 2 virtual maschines

Plugin for checking VMWare Server 2.0 for running vm's. The plugin is written for linux.

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