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CA ARCserve Backup r12 Number of Job Error Check

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CA ARCserve Backup r12 number of job error check using the ca_qmgr.exe cli tool.
Nagios NRPE_NT plugin to check the number of job errors using the ca_qmgr.exe cli tool.

The plugin will return:
OK (0) if no job error is detected.
WARNING (1) if job status are Incomplete,Cancelled.
CRITICAL (2) if job status are Run Failed, Crashed, Failed.
UNKNOWN (3) if found another result (example" Command failed. Failed to communicate with server on host")
Change the path of ca_qmgr.exe if necessary.


[NRPE Handlers]
check_arcserve_jobstatus=cscript /nologo scriptscheck_arcserve_jobstatus.vbs

LAST CHANGE 28.08.2009
Reviews (1)
byArDark, October 17, 2015
Nice VBS parsing, but CA have crazy requirements for use it in nagios.
User, who ran nsclient should be in ArcServe user list and also associated with caroot.

It good enough if you have 2-3 server with backup, but if you have 50+ its a pain.