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G8052/G8264 monitoring plugin

The plugin can be used to monitor the following for G8052/G8264 IBM switches -- SNMP -- Temperature -- Fan -- Global Health status -- Power -- CPU Utilization The plugin uses SNMPv1/v2c to get the information from the swi ...


Galileo Nagios


Galileo Nagios Este es un video donde se muestra la configraciĆ³n y el fncionamiento de un administrador de redes en este caso NAGIOS


Gearman queue size is

This condition can be added into Nagios Reactor to compare the gearman queue size to a specified value.


Generate Nagios Configuration Files


This is a Small Script which will Generate a Nagios Configuration Files, as per the designed template. Usage: 1) Prepare CSV File with IP Address and Server Name Format of CSV File:,SQLSERVER1,DBSRV1 2) Prepare a Temp ...

/Category:Cool Stuff


Generate RDP files directly from Nagios.




This is not a Nagios plugin. This is just a script that takes an infile with IPs and HOSTs and creates a NAGIOS config file. This scripts is very flexible where one can change everything needed to be able to read a file containing IPs and HOSTs and cre ...

Generating Graphs With Nagios XI


This document describes how to view graphs of the devices you are monitoring in Nagios XI. This document is intended for use by Nagios Users and Administrators who need to view graphs of their performance data in Nagios XI.

Generating Reports With Nagios XI


This document is intended to give an overview of how to use the reporting functionality within Nagios XI. This document is intended for use by Nagios XI Administrators that want to understand how reports work in Nagios XI.

Generic Network Device Monitoring Wizard


Generic Network Device Monitoring Wizard This Nagios XI wizard allows you to monitor a generic IP network device by pinging it.

Generic NUT plugin

This bash scritp plugin reads only a variable from status returned by upsc command. It maybe used when you have only partial hardware compatibility with NUT drivers.




Genma is a Nagios configuration file generator for Windows' systems that use the nsclient. It creates the host.cfg and services.cfg files. It is written in C# and requires .Net 2.0 or greater.




GEneric NOtification Author/Arranger/Artist


Gentoo Logos

Gentoo Logos 2 Gentoo Linux logos in png/gif/jpg/gd2 formats.

/Category:Images and Logos

Getting More Out Of The Nagios Statusmap


This tutorial demonstrates how to change the look of the Nagios Statusmap.

Getting Started with Nagios


Getting Started with Nagios Utah Open Source Conference August 2008 presentation by Nathan Blackham.


Getting Started with Nagios Fusion


This document describes how to monitor multiple instances of Nagios including Nagios XI and Core using Nagios Fusion.

getting xen vif

This perl script fetches interface name from xen vms using xen xe shell. a mysql db is required.


get_rdp_info The purpose of this plugin is to get information on the Windows Terminal Services / Remote Desktop Session Host Usage and return this back to Nagios. The plugin runs without any arguments, it will just return a service status of OK. The plugin is no ...


GFS Counters

GFS performance data. Returns values under Absolute from "gfs_tool counters" for trending purposes.


GIF Animated Nagios Logo

GIF Animated Nagios Logo An animated version of the usual Nagios logo.

/Category:Images and Logos

Global Event Handler Nagios XI Component


A Nagios XI component that allows admins to run custom scripts during global events like host and service state changes and notifications.


GLPI Helpdesk Integration


Use these custom event handlers to create and close helpdesk tickets in the GLPI helpdesk software.


GlusterFS checks

Checks GlusterFS health on the server. Tests include: - daemons running - number of bricks online - disk space - healing status

/Category:File System

Good Nagios Parenting, Avoids a Noisey Pager


This article demonstrates the benefits of configuring your Nagios server properly by defining the parent-child relationships of connected network devices.

Google Analytics Realtime


Get the current user count from google analytics realtime to your nagios monitoring system. Useful for websites and mobile apps.


Google Apps Status Check

A simple check that looks through the JSON returned from the Google status page (http://www.google.com/appsstatus/json/en) and finds unresolved disruptions and outages for a specified service. The syntax for the check is: check_google_status.py -a "AP ...


Google Map - Statusmap Patch


Google Map - Statusmap Patch This is a patch for the Nagios statusmap CGI that gives you the possibility to show your hosts in a Google Map as a complement to the standard maps given by Nagios.

Google Map Integration With Nagios XI


This document describes how to download, install, and setup the Google Map integration component for Nagios XI.

Google Map Nagios XI Dashlet


Google Map Nagios XI Dashlet This dashlet is intended to be paired with the XI Google Map component. It allows the insertion of the Google Map tool into a dashlet to display host status as a map overlay. This dashlet requires Nagios XI 1.2C or later, as well as the XI Google Map co ...


Google Weatherforecast

Perl plugin that checks Weather forecast via Google Weather API. This Plugin is based on the original "check_weather.pl" by Ton Voon (http://www.nagioscommunity.org) You will need Nagios::Plugin and Weather::Google.




Check that the Google page rank of a given URL is above some threshold.

GPU Sensor Monitoring Plugin


GPU Sensor Monitoring Plugin This plugin checks the sensors of a NVIDIA GPU with NVML Perl bindings.


Graph Explorer Component


Graph Explorer Component This is a Nagios XI Customer Download. This component requires Nagios XI 2011R1.3 or later. The Graph Explorer component utilizes javascript libraries to create interactive graphing tools for Nagios XI, including zoomable performance graphs, time-stack ...




Graphios is a program to send nagios perf data to graphite (carbon).


Graphvis visualisation of Nagios Config


Graphvis visualisation of complex Nagios configs.


Grayscale icon pack

Grayscale icon pack Grayscale icon pack based on the Microsoft Visio 2007 network icons.

/Category:Images and Logos

Greenplum DCA SNMP Plugin


The DCA Nagios plug-in enables you to monitor the Greenplum Data Computing Appliance (DCA) and detect problems before and as they occur. The DCA Nagios plug-in leverages the DCA SNMP MIB that provides extensive information about the Greenplum DCA includin ...


GroundWork Foundation


GroundWork Foundation is a data abstraction and integration layer for Nagios. It has PHP, Perl and Java API's for querying data. Uses a feeder-listener architecture that is easily extended to integrate with any application that sends data over a network.




Check the status of the POA, MTA, GWIA and GWWEB agents by SNMP.

/Category:Novell GroupWise

Groupwise Checks


Some scripts we use to monitor our groupwise integrations. All written in php, yet the logic may be interesting for some.

/Category:Novell GroupWise

GroupWise Web Access Logon

Checks whether a user can log on to a GroupWise Web Access server

/Category:Novell GroupWise

Growl 1.3 Notification


Provided Nagios to Growl 1.3 notification using a perl script.


Guide: Nagios statuscgi


This is a great community article that describes how to customize the Nagios problems screen. Thank you, jsmurphy!


GFS Performance data. Returns values from /proc/gulm/lockspace for trending purposes


GWFL Nagios Plugins has moved...


You can find the GWFL Nagios Plugins under Plugin Packages!