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Category: Utilities

Miscellaneous utilities for Nagios.

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Capture command output

Captures the stdout and stderr output of a command to a file and returns the original results to Nagios. This is useful for debugging failing Nagios monitors. A log entry sample: 2015-8-27 13:22:54 ------ debugging cmd=[/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/c ...


Check config / restart script

Check config / restart script A simple check/restart script to be located in /usr/local/bin/ Useful when you modify, configure, test and playing around in the cfg files of your nagios installation. It does the "nagios -v .. check" and if errors found, it will report which cfg f ...



This is a Nagios plugin to check if any processes are still using old versions of updated libraries. I needs check_restart from debian-goodies. Debian only!



check_exec_oracle This nagios plugin checks all the processes necessary for a specific service like : - mqseries - oracle - dimension cm (serena) - any application running a list of processes



This plugin is for monitoring the status of a Network interface using SNMP. It will check if the interface is up, down or administratively down and generate an alert based on that.


Downtime Migration Script

This script can be used to migrate scheduled downtimes when migrating from Nagios 1.x to Nagios 2.x, and may work with other versions of Nagios.

Event Host Change

Event handler to enable or disable active checks for all services on a host depending on the host state.

Export Host Service Tool

Host - Service Export Tool



FireMotD Generate a dynamic MotD (Message of the Day) which displays system information after logging into a Linux server.. For example IP, Release, Kernel, Platform, Uptime, CPU Utilisation and Load, Memory, Swap, Disk information, the number of yum / apt-get / z ...


FreeBSD gmirror


Check status of gmirror on FreeBSD systems. Tested and developed on FreeBSD 6.2. Uses Perl 5.8+

Graphvis visualisation of Nagios Config


Graphvis visualisation of complex Nagios configs.


Intersystem IRIS Database import

This Linux command line utility allows the nagios log files (archive as well as current) to be parsed and then stored in an Intersystems IRIS database global


Kaltura monitors


A suite of monitors for the Kaltura platform written by Jonathan Kanarek. The latest code is available here: https://github.com/kaltura/server/tree/master/tests/monitoring License:AGPLv3+ To configure copy monitoring/config.template.ini into mon ...


mass acknowledge

After the patching day, servers that undergo reboots trigger a system uptime alarm. This small script, scheduled via cronjob, automatically acknowledges all system uptime alarms,



Automatically locate and define hosts on your network. Optionally inherit a set of windows services, and define the hosts to accept passive checks for distributed monitoring.

Nagios Central add hosts (nsca)

Automatic add nagios remote hosts / services per host from Nagios distributed server on central server.

nagios fail over


nagios-failover script to failover nagios servers if and when their down - automtically done via bash script that will require some ground work to be done in order to achieve the end result of each nagios server looking out for one another. I have a ...


Nagios Log Server Export


This application allows users to export their Nagios Log Server data or query results to raw JSON and CSV formats.

Nagios Mass Acknowledge and Mass Downtime Scheduler


Script to help with the acknowledging of multiple alerts. When running in a large environment, and during a large maintenance, alerts can flood the user and even with the use aid of servicegroups and hostgroups the alerts can overwhelm the user. The ...


Nagios Uninstall / Reinstall script

This script will uninstall your Nagios installation and then give you the option to reinstall the latest stable version of Nagios. This script is a modified version of the most excellent one created by Lmiltchev http://support.nagios.com/forum/viewtopic ...

Nagios Windows Config Generator - TechArkit


Configuring the Nagios Core is time taking process, However if you want to add 1000 servers in monitoring then it requires N number of hours. This Nagios Config Generator will Help you in generating the Nagios Configuration for you, using this simple sc ...




nagios-mattermost-webhook.sh The goal of this mattermost/slack webhook integration is to make alerts more customizable and prettier. One of my complaints with the existing slack Nagios integration was the limited number of variables I could pass to slack. Also, I wanted links to the ...




Toolkit facilitates writing Nagios plugins in Node.js. It is a mimic of Perl Nagios::Plugin module, barring command line parsing functions in favor of many existing npm modules such as node-getopt or commander.js.




It's a supporting service for Nagios, which enables the Nagios Admin to ACK any Alert/Notification mailed to them by just forwarding that mail to a mail-id owned by them. Currently this service supports only GMail IDs; and a single ID can be used for mu ...

nagMailACK - NTLM fork


Acknowledge problems via reply to email. Updated to fix SSL connectivity.


ndoaudit is a BIRT report that when ran against a nagios instance's NDO, provides deep insight into notifications for hosts and services. It let's you 'Audit' your nagios instance at a high level and identify holes. Not going to be useful to everyone, but ...

News Checker

This plugin allows a web page address to be taken and then checked for given text. A Linux news page can therefore be checked for any virus or hacking news. Details of usage are in the script itself.


Nlist is a utility that will parse the nagios database files and return a list of systems based on a simple query. This is useful, for example, to run remote commands via ssh for a group of systems. It is written in perl and requires the Nagios::Config m ...


NRPE automatic installation for CentOS/RHEL 5/6


The script automatically installs & configures NRPE to work with an existing Nagios server. It will save you all the trouble of configuring it right, allowing the minimum required permissions for the agent, as well as many built-in check commands for kno ...




PushMon is monitoring a push model. A client daemon runs a set or nagios plugins every interval. These results are all pushed to a webserver using POST requests. With the config builder and nagios checks included you can dynamically generate a nagios con ...




pynagiosplugin provides a Nagios plugin base class that can be used to evaluate ranges and format results.


Report of printing month by month

This script allows to have reports of impression of pages printed month by month. This script generates reports in the format txt and sending the whole with samba on a division(sharing) Windows. It is then enough to work these files with Excel.

Restart Nagios

Run configuration test and restart Nagios automatically! Checks the output of /usr/local/nagios/bin/nagios -v /usr/local/nagios/etc/nagios.cfg to get the total number of warnings and errors. If either is greater than 0, the script stops and displays th ...



This script is used to manipulate RRD files. It can "append" or "insert" new datasources to the file and rearrange (and / or delete) the datasources within the file.


Scan status.dat for passive alerts and notify again

There is a issue I found on passive alerts in that Nagios will only notify once.




ScanToNag is a tool which scans your network for hosts and services and then generats configuration-files for Nagios.

Scheduling multiple service checks in Nagios


A utility to schedule checks for multiple hosts and services from command line. When you add a new host with multiple services Nagios would usually schedule the checks which sometimes takes longer than usual. For the impatient administrators this wo ...


Send nagios report as pdf file via email


With the help of this script we can send Nagios Report as pdf file via email.


send_nsca php class


PHP implementation for send_nsca Clone from github: https://github.com/Mizzrym/php_send_nsca.git Suppors PHP 5.3 - 7.2


sqldelete is a C program used to remove multiple Hosts from the Nagios XI server's nagiosql MYSQL database quickly.

Sync Active Directory Contacts

Perl script to sync contact and contact group objects to Active Directory.




A simple test.


Utilities for Writing and Running Nagios Checks


Greplin, Inc. share with us their chcklib and checkserver utilities for writing and running Nagios checks.