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Category: Cool Stuff

Some really cool applications that show you just how flexible of a monitoring solution Nagios is.

Nagios Network Analyzer

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Arduino Sensor Shield for monitoring Alarm & Environmen...


Arduino Sensor Shield for monitoring Alarm & Environment This is a Multi-Alarm, Temperature and Humidity Sensor Shield for Arduino. With this shield you can monitor through HTTP the alarm status of the fire/burglar/cooling system and environmental information. The shield can be connected to an Arduino Ethern ...


AWS Auto Instance discovery

If you have AWS based instances this tool will auto generate nagios config files for each of your instances based on predefined templates that you can edit.



ESP32-Nagios-NRDP Arduino-ESP32 example sketch to send device and sensor data to NagiosXI via NRDP.


Generate Nagios Configuration Files


This is a Small Script which will Generate a Nagios Configuration Files, as per the designed template. Usage: 1) Prepare CSV File with IP Address and Server Name Format of CSV File:,SQLSERVER1,DBSRV1 2) Prepare a Temp ...


Nagios Bulb


Nagios Bulb Very simple and cheap visual Nagios notification method. Use Nagios livestatus and RGB led bulb with IR remote. All details on https://habrahabr.ru/post/353280/ (on russian)


Nagios Trumps Dooms Day


Network Monitoring is a serious matter. It doesn't mean you shouldn't have some fun! :) This is another doomsday video... and yes, it is a cat video too.

Nagios Twitter Hashtag Graphing


Connect to Twitter Streaming API, filter based on keywords (hashtags), then filter THAT data based on location (US State based) and create Nagios checks to poll the location/tweet data!


NagiosXI On-Call


Send alert(s) to on-call person. For use with NagiosXI and NagiosXI users ONLY! Will not work with contacts. Very small scripts and simple instructions. There is now a component included. This component just adds a link to the main menu to show you ...


Notifications using ISP SMTP server with Authentication

We needed to setup Nagios to utilize our internet service providers SMTP Email server for notification emails. The biggest problem was that the ISP's outgoing email server requires authentication.



Arduino INO Project that allows you to use collect and evaluate DHT11 sensor data to NagiosXI NRDP DHT Metrics Collection: Send DHT11 sensor data to NagiosXI wihtout evaluation via NRDP. Temperature (C) Humidity (%) DewPoint (C) HeatIndex (C) DHT C ...

The Nag-Stack a Containerized Nagios Development Enviro...


I wrote an article a while back that walks you through how to setup a development environment running all four of these applications, at the same time, on the same server, using LXD System Containers and Ubuntu. --- NagiosXI --- Nagios Fusion --- Nagios ...


The Nagios Notification


This video shows what it's like to get a Nagios notification. If the Nagios notification was a man in a blue suit.