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Web Ressource Monitor New!


Perl script to monitor resources on the internet, including availability of webpages, content delivery, uptime of web servers, content negotiation etc...


Reboot Required New!


Does a Linux machine need a reboot?


LDAP account expire New!


Perl script to check if an LDAP account is about to expire.


check_docker New!

check_docker This plugin is only for local usage. Requires execution with root, suid or sudo. [INFO] check_docker v1.2 moritoring-plugin to check Docker-Containers written by Alexander Knerlein GNU General Public License Version 3 [HELP] use check_docker wi ...


F5 Big IP Plugins

F5 Big IP Plugins Check F5 BigIP pools, poolmembers and nodes using SNMP. Optional you can have a multiline output in status overview. The plugin supports blacklisting and whitelisting. In case of a blacklist the blacklisted items are listed in output as blacklisted so you ...




P4Nagios This project contains an example bash script that shows how Helix components could be monitored from a Nagios server. The plugin currently checks: if the P4D server is responding. if the P4D server license is about to expire. if the P4D d ...


Veeam License Expiration

This plugin uses Powershell to monitor the expiration date of Veeam Backup & Replication license.


Nagios Install on AWS with cloudformation

Deploy NagiosXi, Fusion, NNA and LogServer on AWS with cloudformation.


Nagios Log Server Online Demo


Nagios Log Server Online Demo An online demo of Nagios Log Server. The demo allows you to view system logs and event logs, giving some examples on how you can visualize data sent into Nagios Log Server.



This plugin check if rsync work good : First you have to create rsnyc script : Exemple attached : After that you can use the script How to use : Usage: ./check_rsync -h for help (this message) -l -p Example: ./check_rsync -l 60 ...


Nagios Bulb


Nagios Bulb Very simple and cheap visual Nagios notification method. Use Nagios livestatus and RGB led bulb with IR remote. All details on https://habrahabr.ru/post/353280/ (on russian)




nagios check for age of a specific file in AWS S3

/Category:Amazon S3

Pure Storage

These are plugins to monitor Pure Storage's FlashArray FA-400, //m and //X series. To use these plugins you need to install the Pure Storage Python REST Client (https://github.com/purestorage/rest-client) and the helper Python class library for Nagios plu ...

/Category:SAN and NAS

AWS ECS cluster monitor


Get metrics of AWS ECS cluster Memory & CPU. Author: Asaf Shabat


Homeseer 3 device values


This is a plugin that monitors Homeseer 3 device values


Notification for Slack


Notification for Slack A simple script for sending host and service notifications to Slack.


Simple Nagios PHP Dashboard


Simple Nagios PHP Dashboard Simple Nagios PHP Dashboard (SNPD) is the light Web Interface for the Nagios 4.1.0+.

/Category:Web Interfaces

Linux Check Service

Nagios plugin to check if a service is running



check_axis_stream_quality This script use videoanalitycs methods to check quality of streaming of an Axis security ip camera in tow ways. Checking percentage of white (eg. IR malfunction) or the number of colors in the palette (eg. too dark image).



This script checks the last time an interface on a junos device has flapped up or down and reports the answer. Examples: define service define command




This is a plugin to monitor the status of CouchDB replications. Use the -d parameter to list all available replications and monitor them with -r parameter.



With this check you can monitor using Cisco DOM (Digital Optical Monitoring) thru SNMP. This is similar to IOS command: "show interface transceiver detail"


Check Linux file system use including xfs project quota...

Check Linux file system use including xfs project quota. Check Linux file system use including xfs project quota if implemented.

/Category:File System



Checks an url raise an alert if some problem is found. Uses curl with all its power, so you can extend your check with all curl options. Install: see readme or use pip3 install curlnagios


sharepoint health monitor


Checks sharepoint HealthMonitor reports list and raise an alert if some is found. prints perfdata with total of alerts. Install: see readme or use pip3 install sp-health.


Nagios XI – Redundancy And Security Planning


This goal of this documentation is to provide you with a comprehensive list of configuration settings that need to be taken into account when planning a Nagios XI deployment. This document is specifically aimed at the various agents used for monitoring. ...

Nagios Log Server – Removing An Instance From A Cluster


This document describes how to remove an instance from a Nagios Log Server cluster. This document is written for administrators who are looking to remove an instance from a Nagios Log Server cluster, planned or not.



check_kms.ps1 This plugin checks count of hosts activated by KMS server.

Veeam Backup Repositories space usage check

Veeam Backup Repositories space usage check A simple check that queries the Veeam Backup and Replication engine for all repositories, including ScaleOut repositories, and outputs their total space and utilization percentage in Nagios friendly format.


AWS ECS Cluster containers counter


ecs_ps_count.py Objective Get running containers counter of ECS Cluster. Author: Asaf Shabat


AWS Classic Load Balancer unhealthy check


clb_unhealthyCheck.py Objective Get metric of AWS CLB UnHealthyHostCount. Author: Asaf Shabat


Merge Multiple Check Results

Runs and merges multiple checks together and does an operation on the results.


Nagios XI – Restarting Windows Services With NCPA


This document describes how to automatically restart problematic services on Windows machines using the Nagios Cross-Platform Agent (NCPA). This document is intended for use by Nagios XI Administrators who want to automate restarting of problematic ser ...

Nagios XI – Restarting Linux Services With NCPA


This document describes how to automatically restart problematic services on Linux servers using the Nagios Cross-Platform Agent (NCPA). This document is intended for use by Nagios XI Administrators who want to automate restarting of problematic servic ...

Check Cisco CRC Errors on Switch

Nagios check CRC error on Cisco Switch


AWS Application Load Balancer unhealthy check


alb_unhealthyCheck.py Objective Get metric of AWS ALB UnHealthyHostCount. Author: Asaf Shabat


NagMap Reborn


NagMap Reborn An super-simple application to integrate Nagios with Google maps. The integration aims to visualize current status of network devices on aerial photography images.


Check Cisco ASR Memory

Check Cisco ASR1/9k memory utilization (updated version of check_cisco_ios_mem.pl)


Check Cisco ASR CPU

Check Cisco ASR1/9k CPU utilization


Check Cisco ASR Temp

Check Cisco ASR1/9k temperature


Check Cisco ASR Fan & Power

Check Cisco ASR1/9k fan and power status


Check Cisco ASR BGP

Check ASR1k & ASR9k, BGP state, IPv4/6, prefix count, min/max prefix warnings


Simple TCP Port ant Ping Check in PowerShell


This Script Will Test if TCP Port Connection is open and if it pings --EXAMPLE .check_testport.ps1 -Server SERVER-ADDRESS OK : PingReplyDetails: 32ms --EXAMPLE 1 .check_testport.ps1 -Server SERVER-ADDRESS FAIL: Ping Timeout -- EXAMPLE 2 .che ...

Check connect from windows host.

Simple script for checking tcp/udp connect on windows host. Script uses free utility portqry.exe from Microsoft. Link for downloading inside script. Install. 1) Copy script in your dir (like c:nagios). Download portqry.exe from Microsoft and copy in ...




This is a pure bash/curl/grep/perl plugin for nagios to check health of VSAN clusters. It uses no vmware SDK, just pure unix tools. There is also python implementation which uses the VMware python SDK, but it didn't work for me. This plugin can pars ...


Discover Lenovo ThinkSystem

This is a Nagios plugin that provides the capabilities to discover Lenovo ThinkSystem through SNMPv3 protocol.



check_ups_legrand Monitor UPS Legrand


Telegram Notifications


Telegram Notifications I use this PHP-script to send Nagios notifications to Telegram groups, channels or private.


Nagios Fusion – Using A Proxy Server


This document shows how to configure Nagios Fusion to use a proxy server. In environments where your Nagios Fusion server does not have direct internet access you can use a proxy server for update checks, license activation and license maintenance checks. ...

Nagios Fusion – Using SSL/TLS with Active Directory /...


This document describes how to install the required certificate on the Nagios Fusion server for use with LDAP or Active Directory (AD) Integration in Nagios Fusion. This process is required if your LDAP / AD server has a self signed certificate. This d ...