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check_ad_replication.py New!


This is a Nagios plugin for checking the normal operation of a Samba-based Active Directory server (Domain Controller). As of Samba 4.x, Samba is capable of running as an Active Directory server (ie. Domain Controller). This plugin runs the command ...


check_slabsize New!

check_slabsize Check that the size of Slab memory does not exceed percentage of total memory.


IFICNagios New!


IFICNagios A User Frontend

/Category:OSX Interfaces



Nagios plugin to monitor BackupPC disk quota usage


Raspberry Pi - Step By Step

Raspberry Pi - Step By Step Text File with Step by Step Instructions for Installing Nagios and Nconf on the Raspberry Pi. Use Putty.exe to SSH to the box and you can copy and paste the commands. 15 Minutes from Fresh Image to Running Nagios. Cheers, Jeff

AutoDiscover for Nagios Core with NagiosQL and Thruk


AutoDiscover for Nagios Core with NagiosQL and Thruk This is an AutoDiscovery tool which uses a database to store the hosts it has found. These hosts can be transferred to NagiosQL or an Ignored Host list.


IBM Connections plugins


Nagios Plugins for IBM Connections These Nagios Plugins can be used to monitor an IBM Connections environment.


Linux memory usage



A plugin for monitoring a Minecraft server running version 1.7 or 1.8.




Combine multiple "check_procs" nagios checks This script combines multiple checks of the Nagios "check_procs" plugin. The process names to check can be specified either by a configuration file or on the command line, but at least one process name must ...


F5 pair status check

This script can be used if you have a F5 pair. Run it against the active F5. Alert will go out if failover occurs or status changes to one of the following - forcedoffline, offline, unknown, standby.



arcserve_backup.vbs (check MSSQL ArcServeDB for logs)


NetApp SANtricity Plug-in for Nagios

These are plugins to monitor NetApp's SANtricity e-Series storage. To use this plugins, you require SANtricity webproxy. We have developed wizard which considerably reduces configuration efforts.


Check Apache Balancer Member


Checks the status of balancer workers through the balancer manager page. The check goes critical if there are no enabled/valid workers or if there are workers in the Err state.



This script grabs the live ldaps cert, extracts the expiry date, and warns you if it's less than X or Y days from now.




check_infoblox This is a plugin to monitor Infoblox appliances. It uses SNMP to retrieve the information from the appliance's management ip address. The plugin can also be used to measure and graph DNS resolving of domains.

/Category:Network Gear

Nagios XI High Availability

This document will explain the steps of two node active/passive cluster configuration for Nagios XI. Please test it in testing environment before go to configure in production.

DFS Replication and BackLog

Check DFS Replication and Check DFS Backlog are VBS scripts written to check Windows Distributed File System for good status and backlog workflow. Author: Kevin Keck ITDevops ArgoTurbo Corporation



Add perfata et change OID for fortigate 60C from the script check_fortigate_session of msullivan101@gmail.com


Check OpCache Status

Check PHP OpCache Status and display some performance data.


Python Memory Check (psutil)


Python Memory Check (psutil) Improved memory check using Python, specifically the psutil library.


Nagios - Writing a Custom Worker


This document describes the high-level steps for writing a custom Nagios Core 4 worker. Nagios Core workers are a new concept to Nagios Core 4 and there may be a situation when you would want to write a worker to preform a specialized tasks. This docum ...


return a network flow alert for link switch in Nagios.

/Category:Active Checks

Certificate Health PowerShell Module with Nagios

The Certificate Health PowerShell module allows you to evaluate the certificates installed on your local system for expiration and deprecated signature algorithms. Using the included functions you can get certificates from the local certificate stores as ...




Check-Certificate checks the local or remote computer certificate store for expiring or expired SSL certificates. This script is designed to work with NSclient++ and Nagios to output format to be consumed by a Nagios monitoring server. Instructions for co ...



Check the event log of a computer for warnings and errors and report statusback to Nagios. Using the Get-WinEvent the script retrieves the last five minutes of events from the requested event log (default: System). If any events match the level (default i ...


Capture command output

Captures the stdout and stderr output of a command to a file and returns the original results to Nagios. This is useful for debugging failing Nagios monitors. A log entry sample: 2015-8-27 13:22:54 ------ debugging cmd=[/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/c ...


Elasticsearch health monitoring

Elasticsearch health monitoring Docker image that monitors elasticsearch api's, produces logs and sends it to logs.io, and gives a nagios plugin that uses local caches for you to monitor. Code base - https://github.com/logzio/logzio-es-health Docker hub - https://hub.docker.com/r/lo ...

/Category:Active Checks

Exchange ActiveSync Monitor

Exchange ActiveSync Monitor Gives overview of activesync connections, the types of commands being used and allows debugging poorly performing CAS servers which have high CPU usage for IIS

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