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check_freebsd_version New!


Checks whether there are updates available for the installed version of FreeBSD. For FreeBSD version 10.0 or later.


Send nagios report as pdf file via email New! Popular


With the help of this script we can send Nagios Report as pdf file via email.


IBM Storwize v7000 Performance New!

Plugin to check storage's performance. It doesn't need any extra libraries.


check_mariadb_slaves New!


A Nagios plugin written in Python to monitor Maria DB slave metrics. Specifically: Replication Lag Slave IO running Slave SQL running


box293_check_message_queue New!


This Plugin is for checking the kernel message queues. Will return a critical result if more than 1 queue of the same owner exists. WARNING and/or CRITICAL thresholds can be defined on the number of message found in the queue. These need to be the sec ...


Check Bandwidth, with vnstat (by Nestor@Toronto)

Using vnstat to check current bandwidth. vnstat will provide slightly faster checking but it can only do per NIC/interface, instead of over all bandwidth. Script were written in BASH, tested on CentOS 6.X, Nagios 3.X # Dependency: vnstat

Check Bandwidth, with iftop (by Nestor@Toronto)

Using iftop to check current bandwidth. Script were written in BASH, tested on CentOS 6.X, Nagios 3.X # Dependency: iftop

Check Bandwidth, with iftop, for single interface (by N...

Using iftop to check current bandwidth for ONLY one NIC. Script were written in BASH, tested on CentOS 6.X, Nagios 3.X # Dependency: iftop

Check Bandwidth for PPTP/PPP VPN (by Nestor@Toronto)

This script will check how many PPTP user is currently logged and check each users' speed, it will send out alert if any user is over usage from input value. Check IO Wait for Linux. Return IO wait in percentage Script were written in BASH, tested o ...


Check Speedtest (by Nestor@Toronto)

Using 'speedtest.py', written by Matt Martz, to check server max bandwidth using speedtest method. It return alert if server bandwidth is slower than given speed. Note: While managing few hundreds VM/VPS from different VPS vendors, I found that someti ...

Check PPTP User (by Nestor@Toronto)

Check how many PPTP/PPP user are logged into VPN right now and list all user. It sent an alert when more than number of user from input. Script were written in BASH, tested on CentOS 6.X, Nagios 3.X


Check IO Wait (by Nestor@Toronto)

Check IO Wait for Linux. Return IO wait in percentage Script were written in BASH, tested on CentOS 6.X, Nagios 3.X # Dependency: iostat

/Category:File System

Check mem (by Nestor@Toronto)

** Please note that this script was originally written by Lukasz Gogolin (lukasz.gogolin@gmail.com). I only i proved and bug fix to make sure it run smoothly. Script were written in BASH, tested on CentOS 6.X, Nagios 3.X


Check CPU Idle (by Nestor@Toront)

To check CPU Idle and return in %, support Perf Data

Check CPU Usage (by Nestor@Toront)

To check CPU Usage and return in %, support Perf Data


This is a plugin for presenting information about Cisco devices with SNMP. The plugin displays: hostname, model, IOS version, serial number, snmp location, snmp contact"



An enhanced version of check_akcp which focuses specifically on temperature and humidity probes only. Leverages full capabilities of nagios to apply warning and critical thresholds to any type or combination of sensors, or leverages built-in thresholds de ...



Some basic checks of an HP LeftHand device. Sorry I never wrote full documentation.

/Category:SAN and NAS


Script for checking processes managed by supervisord daemon via XML-RPC API. Possible to check multiple or all processes. Requires ruby2.




This Plugin helps detect if there is a drift in the system time compared to the mysql time. Will report a CRITICAL status is the difference is more than 300 seconds. The plugin is just a bash script. USAGE box293_check_mysql_date [username] [pa ...




This Plugin checks the status of MySQL or MariaDB Database Tables. Will return a critical result if any of theses columns has a NULL value: * Engine, Version, Row_format, Rows, Avg_row_length, Data_length, Max_data_length, Index_length, Data_free, Create ...


Postgresql 9.3 Streaming Replication Delay


Python script to check and graph the delay in seconds from your primary to your hot standby PostgreSQL 9.3 server.



This script convert an passive check to active. Allows the use of an passive plugin with NRPE.

/Category:Passive Checks


This is a script for backing up Siemens Scalamce switches. The script logs in and connects with SSH to the switch, then copies the current configuration to a TFTP server.



This plugin is meant to analyze every java process running locally and take metrics about which state each thread of this process has. It can (or can not) output a nagios-like output formatting for chart creation, and can also save automatically the threa ...


NAF - Initiate VMware Snapshot


Set of scripts for creating an event chain which will initiate a VMware snapshot for a virtual machine.


check_cpu.py for Linux


check_cpu.py for Linux Simple python based monitoring plugin to check the cpu usage (system, user, nice, iowait, irq, softirq, idle, steal, guest, guest_steal) of a linux server. Warning/Critical thresholds and performance data output are supported.




This script/nagios plugin will take the ifconfig output, chop it down to only show CARP statuses, and report if anything does not match either MASTER or BACKUP.


Kerberos 5 Admin Server Status Check


A perl script for checking whether or not krb5 admin server is functioning using the kadmin program.



Plugin created for capture RX and TX statistics from Linux OS interfaces. Useful to analyze packet tendencies, such as total transferred, dropped, framed and overrun packets. This script follows a very simple approach and outputs a nagios formatted metric ...

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