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Check Cisco switch error disable

Check cisco switch for err-disabled ports


Check Cisco switch half duplex port

Check cisco switch for half duplex ports


Check Cisco Voice Router

Python script for checking a Cisco Voice Router.


Check Cisco VTP mode via SNMP

Check the VTP mode on a Cisco device. Ok if transparent, warning if client and critical if server.


Check Cisco WLAN Connections


Check the number of connections on a Cisco WLAN Controller. this has only been tested on the 7500 model, but should work on others. Make sure and run with -h to get command line arguments that are needed. Early version of script, it does not verify y ...

Check Cisco WLC 5500 Series

Check Cisco WLC 5500 Series Nagios check for WLC 5500 Series Checks AP´s IPadress , Firmware and users New Version with SSID Cannel check_Cisco_WLC.sh -H(hostname) -C(comunity-string) -v(2c) -w(warning) -c(critical)


Check Cisco WLC Access Points

A plugin to monitor the currently associated Access Points on a Cisco Wireless Lan Controller. It throws an 'Critical' alert if an AP is not found, and e-mails you the name of the AP (or AP's) that were not found associated to the WLC. If it finds an AP ...


Check Citrix NetScaler Health

Citrix NetScaler : Fans, Voltages, Tempertures, HA state & SSL engine state. This script uses SNMP to check hardware based health information contained in Citrix NetScaler Health table nsSysHealthTable.


Check Cohesity


Check Cohesity This is a Cohesity Nagios plugin that monitors Cohesity clusters. The plugin has scripts to monitor alerts, meta storage, storage, cluster nodes, unprotected objects and protection runs.


Check Compaq-HP UPS Mode


Check Compaq-HP UPS Mode Checks working mode (online, bypass, offline, ...) on CPQUPS-MIB SNMP compatible Hewlett-Packard (HP) UPS devices.

/Category:Hewlett Packard

check complete interface table


check_interface_table.pl is a plugin that allows you to monitor one network device (e.g. router, switch, server) without knowing each interface in detail. Only the hostname (or ip address) and the snmp community string are required.

/Category:* Generic

Check condition of Calix ONTs

Using Calix's Management System, this tool will check one or more Calix networks to identify any ONTs that have an error. Output include date, time, location, and customer name. Here's some example output: 02-05 10:02:26 N202-1-14-4-5 (John Smith) Mi ...


Check config / restart script

Check config / restart script A simple check/restart script to be located in /usr/local/bin/ Useful when you modify, configure, test and playing around in the cfg files of your nagios installation. It does the "nagios -v .. check" and if errors found, it will report which cfg f ...


Check connect from windows host.

Simple script for checking tcp/udp connect on windows host. Script uses free utility portqry.exe from Microsoft. Link for downloading inside script. Install. 1) Copy script in your dir (like c:nagios). Download portqry.exe from Microsoft and copy in ...


check connections

It's an update version of the check_connections.pl plugin from sjorge i found here. I've change the command from netstat to ss. If you don't add "-l 1" the local connection won't be count.


Check Corosync Rings


Checks the status of Corosync Ring(s).


Check Counter

Plugin returns the value of a requested perfmon counter.

/Category:Windows NRPE

Check cpu

Yet an other CPU check plugin for uni-/multi-processor Linux machines.


Check CPU Idle (by Nestor@Toront)

To check CPU Idle and return in %, support Perf Data

Check CPU LOAD using SNMP


Check CPU LOAD using SNMP This plugin can check CPU load using SNMP v1 queries.


Check CPU Performance

Nagios plugin to check CPU performance statistics. This script has been tested on the following Linux and Unix platforms: RHEL 4, RHEL 5, RHEL 6, CentOS 4, CentOS 5, CentOS 6, SUSE, Ubuntu, Debian, AIX 5, AIX 6, FreeBSD 7, Solaris 8, Solaris 9 and Sol ...


Check CPU Usage

Check CPU Usage via UCD SNMP MIB. Plugin collects values (us,sy,id,wa) within 5 seconds and calculates an average cpu usage value.


Check CPU Usage (by Nestor@Toront)

To check CPU Usage and return in %, support Perf Data

Check CPU Usage via SNMP

Check CPU Usage via SNMP Shell script to check cpu usage via SNMP. My environment need check overall CPU usage under Linux/Windows system via SNMP (not require NRPE plugin). Complete with performance data report (can display using pnp system)


Check CPU, Memory and UpTime with WMI


Check CPU, Memory and UpTime with WMI You can check CPU, Memory and Uptime without agent.


Check cpu, men and pagin space for AIX

Plugins AIX to monitore : - cpu (cumul,us,sy,id,wa,pc). - mem (srfr,numperm,pctused). - pagin space.


Check CPUTime

Chkwin_cputime is a plugin for nrpe_nt that returns the used CPU time in %.

/Category:Windows NRPE

check crl


Check Apache Revocation List.


Check CRM


Check CRM Perl Script that checks the status of a Pacemaker based Cluster using crm_mon.


check curl authenticate

Based on check_curl2 here on Nagios Exchange. Adds support for HTTP basic, digest, gssnegotiate and ntlm authentication. Also you can specify multiple grep strings and it will check for them all.

Check Current Connections

Shell script to check the number of connections/sockets in a given state. Uses iproute2's ss tool to retrieve connections (Linux only).

Check Database Query


Runs query specified in an external file and checks the result against the specified thresholds.


check DATACORE SansynphonyV9 PSP4

check DATACORE SansynphonyV9 PSP4 Shell Script for check DATACORE SANsynphony v9 PSP4 Mirror State and Volume Status


Check DataDomain

This perl script will monitor Datadomain High-Speed Inline Deduplication Storage Systems and provide "groundwork" like performance data.


check DBF autoextended Oracle

check for dbf autoextended files or for dbf size in tablespace.


check debian packages


This plugin checks if there are debian updates available. If so, it issues a warning, if the packages are from security it raises a critical.


Check Dell Hardware - TK


Check Dell MD Performance


Check Dell MD Performance check the Dell MD series Storage performance, now can monitor the average IOPS, average MB/s and Read %. Check on the MD3820i

/Category:SAN and NAS

Check Dell Megaraid - PercSNMP controller and drives st...


This is updated and partially rewritten version of John Reuning's check_megaraid which in addition to supporting report of status of logical and physical drives now also checks for medium and other errors. Reporting format is also extended.


Check Dell PERC Array

Using Net::SNMP, this script checks the channel state, global state and disk states of a PERC RAID array on a server running Dell's OpenManage


Check Dell Powerconnect switch

Checks the Dell PowerConnect switches (tested with 2724, 2748, 2848, 3348, 3448 and 6024) Version 1 checks firmware (-t firmware), model (-t model) and uptime (-t uptime). Version 2 checks all of version 1 plus how many ports are up and down (-t por ...


Check Dell Powerconnect switches

This script is used to check the hardware from DELL PC35XX, PC53XX and DELL PC62XX (Gigabit) switches.


Check Dell S-series FTOS switches (former Force10)


Check status of hardware for Dell S-series FTOS switches (former Force10)


Check Dell server power supplies status


Plugin specificly for purposes of checking status of dell server power pupplies via snmp (so you must have openmanage installed on the server)


Check DHCP Server Scope

Check the health status of the scopes on a Microsoft DHCP Server. The script is a VBS that could be executed on the server using NRPE or NSClient++

/Category:DHCP and BOOTP

Check Disk

Check_disk is a plugin that will return the Total, Free and Used space in MB/GB And % of a given drive.

/Category:Windows NRPE

Check disk free multiple drives


This plugin check free space for one or all the drives in a server, in a single check

/Category:Active Checks

Check Disk Space on windows servers


Check Disk Space on windows servers

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