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Category: Cisco

Nagios plugins for monitoring Cisco routers and switches.

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Check Admin Up Oper Down

Check Admin Up Oper down uses SNMP to find interfaces which are enabled (no shutdown), but are still operationally down. It then reports an issue and lists the interfaces in the down state.

Check cisco 3750 stack status

Check the status of a Cisco Catalyst 3750,3650,3850 stack via SNMP

Check Cisco AP Number

Check the number of AP registered on a Cisco Wireless Controller. If the number of AP isn't what expected, it returns a WARNING state.


Check Cisco ASA Connections

The Check Cisco ASA Connections plugin monitors the number of open connections through your firewall and returns a warning or critical state depending on the limits you set. The plugin supports SNMP version 2c and 3. The plugin is part of Nelmon (h ...

Check Cisco ASR BGP

Check ASR1k & ASR9k, BGP state, IPv4/6, prefix count, min/max prefix warnings


Check Cisco ASR CPU

Check Cisco ASR1/9k CPU utilization

Check Cisco ASR Fan & Power

Check Cisco ASR1/9k fan and power status


Check Cisco ASR Memory

Check Cisco ASR1/9k memory utilization (updated version of

Check Cisco ASR Temp

Check Cisco ASR1/9k temperature


Check Cisco BGP peer

Check BGP peer status, established time, prefixes.


Check Cisco Catalyst

This is a script to monitor Cisco Catalyst switches via SNMP.


Check Cisco CRC Errors on Switch

Nagios check CRC error on Cisco Switch

Check Cisco for crash info files

Checks Cisco file-system for crash files using SNMP.


Check Cisco FRU Fan

Check Cisco FRU Fan Checks fan status on a CISCO-ENTITY-FRU-CONTROL-MIB compliant device (Cisco Catalyst switches, routers, ASA, MDS 9000 series, ...).


Check Cisco FRU Module

Check Cisco FRU Module Checks module status on a CISCO-ENTITY-FRU-CONTROL-MIB compliant device (Cisco Catalyst swithces, routers, ASA, MDS 9000 series, ...).


Check Cisco OSPF Area

Check OSPF Area status and re-calculation.


Check Cisco OSPF General

Check status of Cisco OSPF.


Check Cisco OSPF Interface

Check OSPF Interface status and re-calculation.


Check Cisco OSPF Neighbor

Check OSPF Neighbor status and re-calculation.


Check Cisco PoE availability (support stacks)

Check the PoE availability of a Cisco switch via SNMP


Check Cisco Snmp

Multiple cisco fonction check Modules/ Environement / sensor / stacks / hsrp / ironport

check cisco stack distributed and standard mode

This is a Nagios plugin: Check the state of the redundant stack ring, switches in the stack ring and stackport status via SNMP. Also check stackport distributed mode. Compatible with all switch 2960s 2960x 2960xr 3750 and 3850 with stack Example o ...


Check Cisco Stack status

Check the state of the redundant stack ring, switches in the stack ring and stackport status via SNMP.


Check Cisco Voice Router

Python script for checking a Cisco Voice Router.

Check Cisco VTP mode via SNMP

Check the VTP mode on a Cisco device. Ok if transparent, warning if client and critical if server.


Check Cisco WLC 5500 Series

Check Cisco WLC 5500 Series Nagios check for WLC 5500 Series Checks AP´s IPadress , Firmware and users New Version with SSID Cannel -H(hostname) -C(comunity-string) -v(2c) -w(warning) -c(critical)


Check Cisco WLC Access Points

A plugin to monitor the currently associated Access Points on a Cisco Wireless Lan Controller. It throws an 'Critical' alert if an AP is not found, and e-mails you the name of the AP (or AP's) that were not found associated to the WLC. If it finds an AP ...


Check if Cisco config is saved via SNMP

Scripts checks if you saved the running Cisco config to nvram. It does this by comparing the ccmHistoryRunningLastChanged and ccmHistoryRunningLastSaved.


Check Ironport Disk Quota usage

Plugin for monitoring the disk quota usage on ESA (Email Security Appliance) or SMA (Security Management Appliance) Need : ssh connection to ironport (preferred with pubkey) Needed modules : "expect" "awk" "egrep" - --help ...


Check PIX Failover Status

Checks status of a pair of PIX firewalls in failover. Allows OK state for any valid status, and can notify on change of status (first change only).

Check SNMP Cisco Traffic

Check Traffic Usage of an Interface on a Cisco Device

Check various hardware environmental sensors

The basic function of this script is to check various hardware environmental sensors, like power supply's, fans, cards, modules etc. Cisco, Nokia, BlueCoat, IronPort, Foundry, Linux, Extreme, Juniper, HP ProCurve, NetScreen, Citrix and Transmode.



A simple plugin to check connected clients to an Aironet device. Usage: -H -U -P [ -I ] [ -w -c ]



Check_Cisco_Config 2013-9-26 - Updated to version .3 This update should make the script work on newer Linux and Unix TFTP servers that require an existing file to exist before accepting an incoming file. The script now touches the file name to create an empty file so that t ...


check_cisco_envmon (YAML)

check_cisco_envmon (YAML) It checks the components hardware status and their functional value levels in CISCO-ENVMON MIB compliant Cisco devices



This is a script to monitor FAN on Cisco Catalyst switches via SNMP.



Count the number of free interfaces more than X days on a cisco switch

check_cisco_ifs - via SSH or Telnet

check_cisco_ifs - via SSH or Telnet This plugin allows monitoring of 1 or more interfaces of Cisco equipments. Supports both SSH and Telnet. It was tested on 4500 switches but should work properly on any IOS based equipment. The plugin will return 0 [OK] if all given I/Fs are up, 1 [WAR ...



Perl based telnet to a Cisco and uses ping, supports vrf routing tags.


check ping from cisco router, using ssh.


check_cisco_power_supply IPV6 ready, state of the art Non-Blocking / Async I/O one-flow SNMP Check for all CISCO devices (see details) Using state of the art non-blocking/async IO (EV and Mojolicious) Using DNS Native non-blocking resolver ! IPV6 ready !!! ...


check_cisco_wlc - Cisco WLC Checks

check_cisco_wlc - Cisco WLC Checks Script I wrote to check the total associations on a WLC as well as total associations per access point on the WLC. Free for any to use and modify. Used and tested on a 4400 series WLC. is a Nagios Plugin, which requests specific parameters via SNMP from a Cisco Ironport Web and Mail Security appliance. Documentation can be found at



Check Cisco WLC controller health, include cpu, memory, temp


Basic monitor that checks if Cisco Network Registrar (CNR) is up and running.


This plugin is use to save config of switch or router. This plugin, is available for devices like Cisco (ios or catos), h3c (3com), Enterasys. This check is write in ruby language. Add SSH support in v0.61

LicenseGPL is a Nagios Plugin, which requests specific parameters via SNMP from a Cisco Ironport Web, Mail and Management Security appliance.

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