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Category: Internet Domains and WHOIS

Nagios plugins for monitoring Internet domains, WHOIS records, ARIN records, etc.

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check .ar domains expiration date

Check .ar (Argentinian) domains expiration date.

Check .pl domains expiration date


Checks .pl (Polish) domains. Triggers warning when domain is about to expire. Usage ./check_domain_pl.php -d domain.pl [-c days_critical] [-w days_warning]



Nagios plugin to check the dns resolution of hostnames. As opposed to the official nagios plugin check_dns, this plugin allows to specify types of dns resource records, like SRV, MX, TXT.



Check A/PTR records for a host. Support for checking returnval vs. an array for matching valid response(s), threshhold for number of returned responses, and timeout values.


Compare SOAs of zone between two servers



check_dns_zone_serial is the Nagios plugin that check the serial number of zone in all NS servers depends data-validate-domain perl lib Usage: check_dns_zone_serial.pl -z domain.com




This plugin checks the expiration date of a domain name.


check_domain (new one)


2012-01-06 bug fix. now you can add to check > 200 domains and plugin won't hang as it generates diferrent domain.txt files with domain tag. 2011-12-16 added .dk domain checks this plugin is made to check domain name expiration time. i recreated th ...



A Nagios plugin for checking a domain expiration date by registry name. The major changes made from the shell version is that registry expiration dates have different date formats and keys. This version accepts a wide variety of Registry formats and i ...




Yet another plugin to check domain names expiration against whois servers. This one supports .am, .asia, .biz, .ci, .cn, .com, .edu, .info, .me, .net, .org, .ru, .ua domains, but please leave a comment if you want another tld added. This script can che ...



Bash script plugin to alert on expiring domain names. Uses jwhois (developed on CentOS). Warning at 30 days, critical at 14.


check_godaddy is a plugin that uses GoDaddy's API to monitor domain expiry status. It will handle 429 status codes and respect GoDaddy rate limiting, just ensure your nagios configs allow for a long enough timeout that the GoDaddy rate limiting doesn't c ...



check_namecheap is a plugin that uses Namecheap's API to monitor domain expiry status. It will handle 429 status codes and respect Namecheap's rate limiting, just ensure your nagios configs allow for a long enough timeout that the Namecheap rate limiting ...




This plugin downloads the Phishtank database in CSV and checks it for a string. The database is only refreshed every 60 minutes (by default), so it is safe to run the check script frequently (eg. against many domains). There is no need to check for ...

check_whois.pl (Advanced Nagios Plugins Collection) Popular


Checks domain expiry via whois lookup. This is an important piece of code given that ppl overlook domain renewals till the last minute (and auto-renewals fail when their cached credit cards have expired)



This plugin checks a URL against VirusTotal's API, which in turn checks against many popular security vendors. VirusTotal's API is rate limited. If the rate limit is exceeded, a 204 HTTP response will be returned. The plugin will in turn return an UNKN ...