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Category: Images and Logos

Images, logos, and image packs for Nagios.  Use these to spice up the Nagios interface and statusmap!

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AIX, Linux on Power, iSeries, and other icons

AIX, Linux on Power, iSeries, and other icons Icons for: IBM AIX, IBM iSeries, Linux on Power, Power architecture, Quantum, Redhat Linux, Tandberg, Ubuntu Linux.


Animated Icons for CGI


Animated icons for the CGI web frontend, intended to directly replace existing icons.

Arkoon images


Arkoon Network Security logos Logos for appliances, clusters, virtual appliances. Logos for services you monitor on Arkoon via TCP,SNMP,PING : load, ram, disk usage, swap, process running...


Base Images

Base Images Default Nagios Logos

Bernhard Images

Bernhard Images Images for Citrix, NetApp, Cisco PIX, SCO, SINIX und SuSE.

CentOS Logos

CentOS Logos Nagios logos for CentOS

CheckPoint Logo

CheckPoint Logo Nagios logo for CheckPoint devices

Contivity 100 600 VPN images

Contivity 100 600 VPN images Images for Nortel CES 100 and 600 VPN units.

Cook Images

Cook Images Symbols for misc network devices, like routers, switches, etc.

Didier Images

Didier Images Symbols for different Server types.

Fedora Core Images

Fedora Core Images Fedora Core images for nagios. Contains .gif, .png, .jpg and .gd2.



f_logos These are logos and pictures of vendor logos and other things that I found useful to represent a monitored system.


Gentoo Logos

Gentoo Logos 2 Gentoo Linux logos in png/gif/jpg/gd2 formats.

GIF Animated Nagios Logo

GIF Animated Nagios Logo An animated version of the usual Nagios logo.

Grayscale icon pack

Grayscale icon pack Grayscale icon pack based on the Microsoft Visio 2007 network icons.

Home device logos


Home device logos Linksys WRT54G, Slingbox, DirecTVHD DVR, HP Smartmedia Server, among others.

Ingate Logos

Ingate Logos Ingate (http://www.ingate.com) logos for use in nagios. Included in .tgz is .jpg, .gif, .png, .gd2

IronPort logos iconset

IronPort logos iconset IronPort logos iconset

JeanLuc Images

JeanLuc Images Some images for Reliant Unix, SAP, Webmin and Adic Scalar jukebox. By Martin Fuerstenau

Lightspeed Systems Images


Lightspeed Systems Images Lightspeed Systems images for Nagios. Contains files: .gif, .png, .svg, and .gd2

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi and Raspbian logos


Remus Images

Remus Images Pictures of hardware devices.

Satrapa Images

Satrapa Images Symbols of network devices.

Sensatronics Senturion Icons

Sensatronics Senturion Icons Contains .gif, jpg, png, gd2 icons of Senturion environmental monitor. Based on the offical website image.

Snort logo

Snort logo Snort logo images in gif/jpg/png/gd2 formats. I created a simple 40x40 snort logo with a transparent background, suitable for the status map and such. The source image is from here: http://www.hbi.de/clients/Sourcefire/Bilder/snort_large.gif

Squid and Juniper sa2000 Image packs


Squid and Juniper sa2000 Image packs Icons for the popular web-cache! + Juniper SA2000 SSL VPN Containts .gif, jpg, png, gd2 icons of the popular squid webcache and SA2000!

Ubuntu Images

Ubuntu Images Ubuntu images for nagios. Contains .gif, .png, .jpg, and .gd2

Werschler Images

Werschler Images Hardware images for use with Nagios.