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Category: Remote Access

Nagios plugins for monitoring various types of remote access / remote desktop / thin client technologies (e.g. VNC, Citrix, Microsoft RDP).

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Category Listings:
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Check SNMP Citrix

Check Citrix Server Connection Information via SNMP. Extra OID's available through snmp4ctx package (http://www.wtcs.org/snmp4tpc/snmp4ctx.htm)

Check VNC (perl)


Pure Perl VNC protocol checker. Verify that VNC is running on a host.




check_cisco_cras_sessions Checks the number of active VPN sessions on a Cisco Remote Access Server (Cisco ASA firewalls) supporting the ciscoRemoteAccessMonitorMIB MIB




check_cisco_ssh_user_login check_cisco_ssh_user_login 1.0 What it does * Using state of the art non-blocking/async IO (EV and Mojolicious) * Proper error handling ! * Login via SSH (hostname, username, password) * Issue command "show users" * Parse the output and find the u ...



Check Citrix licenses using the external lmstat tool, rather than WMI (which didn't work for me).


Check the disk usage of a netscaler using snmp.


Check the memory usage of a netscaler using snmp.


check_number_of_citrix_sessions check_number_of_citrix_sessions by Marko Pavlovic. Check number of specific (or all) Citrix sessions, on specific Citrix Presentation Server (or entire Citrix farm), depends on arguments. Also, total number of (unique) users is displayed.


check available RDS Client Access Licenses.


This is a script that will check a SaltStack salt-master for functionality. It will also ping salt-minions and report which ones are unreachable


check_softeth by Ryan Wilgoss

check_softeth by Ryan Wilgoss This plugin monitors the services that make up the SoftEth VPN server. It requires that the SoftEther VPN server is installed as per the standard instructions for Linux based OS as this plugin makes use of the vpncmd. Details can be found at https://www.s ...


check_ssh_login.pl (Advanced Nagios Plugins Collection)


Checks SSH login credentials. Originally written to verify the login credentials across Dell DRAC infrastructure


Script to check using Net::Telnet. Expect-like passing of commands/arguments and returning data. Verifies serial console (or telnet...) is responding and that its banner matches some string (like its hostname).

check_telnet - Using Net::Telnet

Using Net::Telnet , run commands in remote computer and returns the console data.



Based on Eli Stair's 2006 check_telnet based on Net::Telnet. This version make the pattern matching more rigorous by examining ALL elements of the banner. Only if NONE of the elements match will the service check fail. Parameters: -H hos ...




Checks VNC on a remote machine including vnc authentication and getting a full screen shot through the VNC protocol.

Cisco VPN active sessions


Cisco VPN active sessions check_cisco_cras_sessions is a Nagios Core compatible plugin for checking the active sessions ((VPN and more) on a Cisco Remote Access Server (CRAS) device.


Citrix License Server Check

Citrix license server check by Andreas Roth.

count logged in Citrix users (SNMP)


You may want to count logged in Citrix users. This script allows you to check one or more servers that have the snmp4ctx SNMP agent installed.

Count number of terminal server sessions

Simple bat file to query the number of active sessions on a Windows Terminal Server. CALLING SEQUENCE: command[nrpe_nt_check_users]=c:nrpe_ntpluginscheck_user_count.bat Counts the number of lines returned containing 'rdp-tcp#', which are active se ...

RDP Link

RDP Link You can add to Nagios quick RDP-link for connection to Windows servers.