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Category: Cloud

Nagios plugins for monitoring a Cloud Infrastructure.

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Amazon AWS Status Page

Checks RSS feeds using the feedparser python library. The check will alert when any outage or maintenance event is announced. The feedparser and argparse python libraries are required.


AWS Application Load Balancer unhealthy check Objective Get metric of AWS ALB UnHealthyHostCount. Author: Asaf Shabat

AWS Classic Load Balancer unhealthy check Objective Get metric of AWS CLB UnHealthyHostCount. Author: Asaf Shabat

AWS Cloudwatch Metrics

Nagios plugin to connect to your Amazon account and fetch details from Cloudwatch Metrics.


AWS ECS Cluster containers counter Objective Get running containers counter of ECS Cluster. Author: Asaf Shabat

AWS ECS cluster monitor

Get metrics of AWS ECS cluster Memory & CPU. Author: Asaf Shabat

AWS ECS service monitor

Get metrics of AWS ECS Service Memory & CPU. Author: Asaf Shabat

aws status page

This is a bash script made to work with nagios and to automaticly check Amazon AWS status based on the RSS from

AWS volume read/write and IOPS

Check R/W and IOPS of AWS EC2 volumes and return performance data


Ceph health plugin

The 'ceph health' Nagios plugin will monitor the health of your ceph cluster. The plugin allows to specify a client user id and keyring to execute the plugin as user 'nagios' (or other)


Check AWS CloudWatch Alarms

check-cloudwatch is a simple CLI program, utilising the AWS SDK, to check the status of a specified CloudWatch alarm.


Check Azure Active Directory Connect

Check Azure Active Directory Connect status and last replication.


Check Flume Agent Service

This script is to monitor Health check for Flume Agent Service.


check the status of Ms SQL Always On

This is a simple plugin to monitor if the MS SQL Always On cluster group is in "Healthy" state.



Nagios-compatible plugin for monitoring AWS via CloudWatch. - Written in Python3 - Built with an emphasis on robustness and simplicity. - Licensed under GPL Created by ITRS Group: For the always-on enterprise.



Nagios plugin for monitoring AWS EC2 EBS snapshot creation via AWS CLI, written in bash.



Check current event logs information from the AWS Service Health Dashboard The endpoint for the API is: (provides event data for all regions) usage: -s EC2|RDS -r us-east-1|us-west-1|us-west ... (Advanced Nagios Plugins Collectio...

Checks if a given file is present in AWS S3 via the HTTP Rest API


This is a Nagios plugin designed to query and give status of Azure Tenant Services (aka Office365 applications). It can be used to report on whether a given service is available to end users, and give a quick report on why it may not be- similar to the h ...


check_azure_mdb New!

Check Azure MySql/MariaDb via REST

This Python 2 script is a Nagios plugin which will query the CloudEndure API for the replication / sync status of a host. (CloudEndure is a server-replication provider, allowing migration and/or DR.) Disclaimer: I have no a ...


This plugin will check for changes in CloudFlare's IP ranges. So, if you have a website behind cloudflare and you filter the source IPs on your firewall, you'll know if there are any new IP ranges (both IPv4 and IPv6) so you can update your firewall. T ...



Nagios Plugin written in Python which can be executed in different modes: capacity : Global Capacity virtualrouter : Global Status of Virtual Routers systemvm : Global Status of System VMs hoststat ...


check_cloudwatch Currently only supports AWS RDS and AWS ElastiCache. I was tired of never finding a good cloudwatch script that actually used aws-cli, so I wrote my own. I would love to extend it with capabilities to monitor more than just RDS and ElasticCache All ...



ControlNCloud Nagios plugin for hybrid monitoring. Connect your Nagios to our free internet services and monitor performance and disponibility of your websites. It's simple, you just have to: - Set up sites to monitor from our website after creati ...



Bash script using AWS EC2 api tools to check and alert on expiring EC2 reserved instances.


It check the no. of instances attached in ELB (Elastic Load Balancer). In case no. of instances in ELB are not matching with desired no. instances. It will send Critical alert. You can modify the script as per your requirement. Install aws-cli package ...



check_kube This plugin attempts to provide general monitoring for Kubernetes deployments, daemonsets, replicationcontrollers, nodes, as well as Kubernetes components such as etcd, scheduler, and controller



This script is to check mysql replication status on Mysql Slave Server



nova services check



check_rancher2 This is a monitoring plugin to check container infrastructures managed with Rancher 2.x. It uses Rancher 2's API to monitor states of clusters, workloads or pods. Latest plugin release and documentation can be found here: ...



Checks a VMware View environment for automated floating pools that have no available desktops


check_vmware_view_sessions this is a simple power shell script that check vmware view active sessions using NSClient++ client on Windows 2008


Cloudviewer (for VMWare vCenter)

Cloudviewer (for VMWare vCenter) Check_MK like Plugin for VMware vCenter. Splitted in two parts: Reads all Clusters,Hosts,VMs and Datastores from the given VC and creates Nagios Objects for it. This has to be run as a cronjob. Reads you ...


Google Apps Status Check

A simple check that looks through the JSON returned from the Google status page ( and finds unresolved disruptions and outages for a specified service. The syntax for the check is: -a "AP ...


Local AD check for Azure AD Synchronization

A simple script which checks the local server that Azure AD Connect runs on for the following: * Time since successful synchronization with Azure AD * Time since successful password synchronization with Azure AD * Errors in event log indicating probl ...

Monitoring AzureStack Alerts

Third party plugin written in python used to monitor AzureStack alerts.


Mysql service monitoring

This script is used to monitor mysql service status.



nagios-cloudstack Nagios check scripts to monitor your cloudstack



nagios-cloudstack-2 Nagios check scripts to monitor your cloudstack


These are some simple Nagios check scripts to monitor your Eucalyptus cloud.


checks the status on openstack vms.


check number of pods in openshift or kubernetes node


Scalway Managed Database for PostgreSQL and MySQL New!

This is a check that use Scalways's REST API to check if the bdd is up and get metric

sxmonitor: SX Cluster monitoring plugins

Monitor the health of your SX Cluster.


Twilio Status

This basic ruby script will check the status of the various services on I have not tested it with other stashboard installations but would be interested in finding out if it is compatible. It was developed using ruby 1.9.1 and ...

Windows Azure Monitor

Windows Azure Monitor includes utilities to monitor different aspects of Windows Azure