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Category: AIX

Nagios plugins for monitoring AIX.

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Category Listings:
There are 41 Listings in this Category.List your addon or plugin here!

AIX 5.3/6.1/7.1 - Check Filesystems

Collection of scripts to monitor file-systems on AIX 5.3, 6.1, 7.1 and VIOS 1-2 operating systems. The script has features to exclude file-systems and to include only certain types (jfs, nfs, cifs f.ex) of file-systems. The check includes scripts fo ...


AIX check cpu usage

using vmstat to check idle percentage

AIX check errpt

This little script send a nsca message to the nagios server whenever a new entry appear in the errpt of an AIX server.

AIX Check Errpt - 2

Checks for new error reports using a shell script.

AIX Check Space for all Filesystems.

Goes through all mounted file systems and checks if they have free space from given parameters (percentages). + EDIT: Small modification was made in regards of file-system types. You can now define a type pattern, so that we can exclude file-system ty ...


AIX check_lpq

This little script checks a PrinterQueue and can restart it if necessary.


A few plugins to check the health of HACMP and the health of the cluster nodes/resources

AIX Harddisk Checks

Small little script which checks Harddisks via SNMP lookups. Uses NET-SNMP and PHP.

AIX ksh system check plugins

This scripts check various parameters of AIX servers

AIX Native Checks

AIX Native Checks Unfortunaly there are not that much check plugins for AIX. Further almost all of them use other programs to access performance data. Therefore I was inspired by Perfstat API Programming from IBM to change those issues.

AIX simplest CPU/Memory/Network agents

A simple memory and cpu plugins based on libperfstat.h



Check AIX errpt over SSH

Check AIX Disk IO

Plugin shows IO consumption on your certain AIX server for defined list of disks.


Check AIX Last Update

Plugin calculates number of days since last success update on your AIX server.


Check cpu, men and pagin space for AIX

Plugins AIX to monitore : - cpu (cumul,us,sy,id,wa,pc). - mem (srfr,numperm,pctused). - pagin space.

Check LPAR Physical CPU Usage

Plugin shows physical processor usage on your certain LPAR AIX server.


Check Printer Queue State

Check printer queue status (using enq) on AIX. If the queue matches the given status then return OK.


This checks the CPU Utilization on AIX V4.3 and V5


check to confirm AIX daemons are running appropriately


This checks the Disk Space Utilization on AIX V4.3 and V5



check to verify AIX disk paths (vscsi, fibre channel)


check for messages in AIX error report


check to confirm all AIX filesystems are mounted correctly This checks for both "normal" filesystems, as well as NFS-mounted filesystems. NFS filesystems can be tricky - this will tell us if a filesystem goes away / hangs / etc. This is important to know, ...


This checks the memory Utilization on AIX V4.3 and V5



plugin for performing miscellaneous checks of AIX systems

Check paths for MPIO capable device



check for AIX paging activity and paging space usage


check for AIX print queues By default, this script will check all print queues. However, if a single queue name is provided as a command line parameter, only that queue will be checked.


This checks processes on AIX V4.3 and V5



This checks the swap space usage on AIX V4.3 and V5


This checks the total number of users logged into an AIX V4.3 and V5


check for AIX user accounts (locked out, expired passwords)


This plugin will read a data file generated by NMON and return the value for the key/subkey params passed to it. A second script,, is included. It is intended to control the execution of nmon being run periodically for example as a cron job. ...



check_sys is a multiple purpose plugin that performs the following checks: disk space, process list, swap utilization, load (run queue), syslog and errpt (AIX)


check for password age on UNIX-like operating systems (AIX, Linux, *BSD, etc)


check for NTP time sync on UNIX-like operating systems (AIX, Linux, *BSD, etc). Supports the following time daemons: ntpd, xntpd, chronyd, systemctl-timesyncd


Simple script to check the uptime of a Linux, Unix, or Solaris host. This check is informational only, it always returns 'OK' Sample use: define service Sample output: System Uptime - up 9 days, 5 Hours, 02 Minutes


Simple script to check the kernel version of your Linux or Unix server. Sample configuration: define service Sample output: Kernel Version - 2.6.18-164.2.1.el5 (Red Hat 4.1.2-46)


check for IBM VIOS Shared Ethernet Adapter / Virtual Network Bridge for determining status of Shared Ethernet Adapter (SEA) on IBM VIOS. This check will alert if the primary SEA fails over to the standby SEA.