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Category: License Management

Nagios plugins for monitoring license management software.

Nagios Log Server

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Category Listings:
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Check 2008 Remote Desktop Services Per User CALs Remain...

This VBscript runs on the remote server via NSClient/NRPE and returns the remaining number of available Server 2008 Remote Desktop Services Per User CALs.


Check Flexlm Up

Check if Flexlm daemon is up via lmutil


Check Flexlm Usage

Generate performance data about a specific feature of a flexlm license via lmutil



Nagios check in python review the license expiration date of a Cisco CSR1000V using snmp.



Checks Macrovision FLEXlm license servers. (Requires the lmutil utility for your OS running Nagios - see www.macrovision.com to obtain this).

check_flexlm (quorum, expiration)


This is a fork of the stock check from nagios-plugins. In addition to triad/quorum monitoring, this version also alerts on feature/increment/upgrade expiration. While the feature expiration detection is well-tested, I have no triads so I can't regressi ...




check_kms A plugin to check the status of how many licenses have been given by a KMS server.



check_kms.ps1 This plugin checks count of hosts activated by KMS server.


Generate performance data about all or a specific feature of a flexlm license via lmutil.


Check licenses in ocsinventory-ng

check_p4_license : Perforce license checker

check_p4_license is a simple plugin to check when your Perforce server's license is set to expire and warn you as it approaches.



this is a simple php file that uses php-curl or curl command line to check your plesk licenses to see if they are valid within so may days or expired



Checks availability of rlm license server. Return OK if server is "up" and CRITICAL if server does not respond with "up" message. On CRITICAL returns the error output from rlmutils. requires: rlmutils, perl

Citrix License Server Check

Citrix license server check by Andreas Roth.

Citrix Xen license check (Bash Script)


The plugin will show alert about when the licence will be expired. This plugin is tested with check_nrpe and check_by_ssh both. User can modify the plugin as per the system requirement. If you find any problem kindly let me know.


Check flexlm license server and return total license and license in use (Also use Performance data).

Industry License Manager Plugins


Plugins to use with Nagios to check major industry license managers (FlexLM, LM-X, LSTC...).


Not available any longer 3

check_tslicense is a Nagios NRPE plugin for checking the usage of Microsoft Terminal Services Licensing. It uses lsreport tool from Windows 2003 Resource Kit and calculates a projected license usage ratio


plugin to check flexm status and usage(number of licens...


plugin to check flexm status and usage(number of license pulling) Plugin to check flexlm status and usage - number of license pulling from remote license server.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription management

This is a plugin that monitors how much days are left before the Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription expires. It uses the subscription-manager command on RHEL systems.




Plugin to check SSL and IPSec VPN license usage on Cisco devices.