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W3C Validation Check

Plugin to check any Website if it's free of errors according to the W3C Validation Markup. Plugin working for website markup (html-output) as well as CSS


Warning when host reachable


Nagios Plugin to check that a host is offline as expected

/Category:Active Checks



This project is a Nagios plugin which aims to provide JMX monitoring capabilities for WebSphere servers (6.1, 7.0 & 8.0), with the smallest possible memory footprint. Nagios monitoring is achieved with simple HTTP requests, through the use of an embedd ...


Watchguard Branch Office VPN Tunnels


This plugin checks if one or more of Branch Office VPN Tunnels are active on a Watchguard device.


Watchguard CPU


Watchguard CPU This plugin checks CPU usage of Watchguard device and returns CPU performance data.


Watchguard Gateway Antivirus and IPS last updated


This plugin checks Gateway Antivirus Service and/or Intrusion Prevention Service update time in a Watchguard device.


Watchguard Load


Watchguard Load This plugin checks load of Watchguard device and returns load performance data


Watchguard Memory


Watchguard Memory This plugin checks memory usage of Watchguard device and returns memory and swap performance data:

Watchguard Network


Watchguard Network This plugin checks bandwidth and connections of Watchguard device and returns performance data.


Watchguard Wizard


This Watchguard wizard allows quick and easy access to monitoring your Watchguard device. It allows for monitoring several metrics that include: CPU Usage, Active Connections and Interface Bandwidth.

WatchGuard Wizard Usage


This document describes how to setup your WatchGuard device and your Nagios XI server to allow for quick and easy monitoring of your WatchGuard device.

Watchport Temperature and Humidity


Checks temperature and humidity using a Watchport Environmental sensor.


Weather checking dashlet

Weather checking dashlet Choose the city name from the drop down list and get weather updates every hour!


Weather Conditions and Forcast with Weather Underground

Nagios Plugin to check the current weather conditions with Weather Underground. Developed to work on Synagios (Synology Nagios Server)


Web Ressource Monitor


Perl script to monitor resources on the internet, including availability of webpages, content delivery, uptime of web servers, content negotiation etc...


Web service monitoring w/ Nagios and JSON


I've written a blog posting that shows how to use JSON formatted data to monitor details of a remote service. The example shows how to monitor the hostname of the system on which an apache web server is running. It's fairly trivial to extend this example ...


Web Transaction Monitoring Wizard


Web Transaction Monitoring Wizard This Nagios XI wizard allows you to easily monitor synthentic web transactions.



WebInject is a free tool for automated testing of web applications and services. It can be used to test individual system components that have HTTP interfaces (JSP, ASP, CGI, PHP, Servlets, HTML Forms, etc)

WebInject NTLM

This version of webinject was modified to support NTLM authentification Based on http://www.webinject.org/


Weblogic Plugins

Plugins to obtain Weblogic?s JVM HEAP size and DEFAULT RUNTIME QUEUE length using Weblogic MBEANS. Should work for all platforms


Weblogic SNMP monitoring


Weblogic SNMP monitoring Weblogic server check via snmp


Webmetrics API plug-in for Nagios


In this article you will learn about the Webmetrics API plugin for Nagios.

WebReboot Nagios Plugin


WebReboot Nagios Plugin The WebReboot Plugin for Nagios is a suite of commands that can be used within Nagios to monitor a server and take corrective action if necessary.


Website monitoring

/Category:Active Checks

Website Monitoring Wizard


Website Monitoring Wizard This Nagios XI monitoring wizard allows you to monitor websites. Support SSL and basic authentication. Allows you to monitor HTTP, page content (basic string and regular expression), SSL certificate expiration, and DNS/IP match.

Website URL Nagios XI Wizard


Website URL Nagios XI Wizard This Nagios XI monitoring wizard makes it easy to monitor specific URLs for availability and content.

WebSphere Application Server


Plugin for monitoring the internals of WebSphere Application Server including JVM heap size, JDBC connection pools, thread pools and live session counts.


Werschler Images

Werschler Images Hardware images for use with Nagios.

/Category:Images and Logos

William Leibzon - Nagios In Cloud Computing Environment...


Cloud computing is quickly becoming popular way to setup infrastructure for internet sites and allows to create systems and network architecture that can easily scale with increasing traffic and demand. We will explore use of Nagios to monitor cloud infra ...



Win32APIProxy This NAGIOS plugin allows to remotely monitor Windows hosts in a AGENTLESS fashion. Technically it is using the Win32 API from a Windows proxy server to the remote host. Syntax wise it mirrors NSClient++ features (CPU, RAM, Disk, Svc, Proc., etc).


Windows - Security Sys Admin Dashboards

Windows - Security Sys Admin Dashboards Dashboards used for Sys Admin Security monitoring and alerting. TIP: Set up dashboard alerts, then you don't have to physical check all your dashboards.


Windows - Sys Admin Dashboards

Windows - Sys Admin Dashboards I use these dashboards to troubleshoot Windows issues and if no "customer" issues are present I can dig through the event logs and find issues that are not causing work stoppages (yet) and try to fix them ahead of time.


Windows 2012 DHCP Failover and Scope Health Check


Monitoring for Windows Server 2012 DHCP Failover architecture. Monitors the failover state, mode, scope state, and scope use. Supports both LoadBalance and Failover modes.

/Category:DHCP and BOOTP

Windows 2012 DHCP Failover and Scope Health Check Enhan...


Windows 2012 DHCP Failover and Scope Health Check Enhanced This script checks all configured scopes, failover states, and modes. Additionally this checks the state of the DHCP config sync tool job (this is needed to ensure that DHCP scope configs are in sync). Credit to the framework of this script goes to aat ...

/Category:DHCP and BOOTP

Windows Azure Monitor


Windows Azure Monitor includes utilities to monitor different aspects of Windows Azure


Windows CPU & Memory Checker (powershell)

Full disclaimer: this is a mish-mash of other scripts and random commands found in forums etc. I tried to find the original authors for credit but was unable. Sorry if some of this script is you and you aren't mentioned! Needs to be run from a proxy s ...


Windows Desktop Monitoring Wizard


Windows Desktop Monitoring Wizard This Nagios XI wizard allows you to easily monitor a Microsoft® Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 desktop. Allows you to monitoring CPU, memory, and disk usage.

Windows DHCP Scope Check

A set of Powershell scripts for checking Windows DHCP server scopes. Reports the number of active healthy scopes or a list of scopes that have exceeded warning/critical thresholds.

/Category:DHCP and BOOTP

Windows Downtime Script - VBS


Use this script and a HTTP-GET request is sent to the Nagios web interface. As a result, there will be no notifications generated for the defined time.

Windows Event Log Monitoring Wizard


Windows Event Log Monitoring Wizard This Nagios XI wizard makes it easy to monitor Windows event logs. Works in conjunction with the NagEventLog addon.

Windows Eventlog Addon


This addon allows Nagios to monitor Windows EventLogs by querying an agent installed on the Windows machine (the agent is part of this package.) While by default every event is notified by Nagios, extensive filtering can be defined through various paramet ...

Windows Failed Service restart batch file


Restart Windows Failed Service batch script with log.

/Category:Windows NRPE

Windows nrpe: Check FakeRaid Intel Matrix (raidcfg32)


Windows NRPE, Intel Matrix FakeRAID status check script: check_intel_fakeraid.vbs

/Category:RAID Controllers

Windows nrpe: Check FakeRaid LSI MYlex


Windows NRPE, LSI MYlex FAKERAID (lsi) status check script: check_lsimylex_fakeraid.vbs

/Category:RAID Controllers

Windows nrpe: Check HP "FakeRaid" (adaptec)


Windows NRPE, HP FAKERAID (Adaptec) status check script: check_hp_fakeraid.vbs

/Category:RAID Controllers

Windows nrpe: Check Raid adaptec AAC


Windows NRPE, Adaptec AAC RAID status check script: check_adaptec_acc.vbs

/Category:RAID Controllers
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