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Category: Windows

Nagios plugins for monitoring Windows systems.

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Active Directory (AD) Check

Wrapper for dcdiag.exe for Active Directory monitoring written in VBS. This is a re-work of a script originally found here: Only tested with Nagios 3.2.3. It should work on any version which supports ...

AD Domain Controller Services Check

This powershell plugin for the NSCP Client (former known as NSClient++) can be used to monitor the services used by a Microsoft ActiveDirectory Domain Controller based on Windows 2008 / 2018 R2 / 2012 / 2012 R2.


AD Password Expiration Check

A Powershell script that returns the number of days left until the Active Directory user password expires.

AD Replication Check (with performance counters from DR...

AD Replication Check (with performance counters from DRA) This powershell plugin for the NSCP Client (former known as NSClient++) can be used to monitor the replication (and performance counters) from a Microsoft ActiveDirectory Domain Controller based on Windows 2008 / 2008 R2 / 2012 / 2012 R2.


Certificate Expiration Check

This Plugin written in Powershell monitors certificates on a Windows server and warns you before certificates are about to expire. You run the script through NSClient++. The plugin is a part of Nelmon, if you download the entire package the nm-check-ce ...

Certificate Health PowerShell Module with Nagios

The Certificate Health PowerShell module allows you to evaluate the certificates installed on your local system for expiration and deprecated signature algorithms. Using the included functions you can get certificates from the local certificate stores as ...

Check Active Directory Sync

Check Active Directory Sync PowerShell script to check AD Replication and Sysvol status in a DC Server and returns Nagios output and exit code.


Check all disks on a Windows server

Check usage on all drives on a Windows server in one plugin.

Check any file age from directory

This plugin checks if any of the files from the specified directory has breached the aging threshold. it checks the individual file's created time against current system time. If the maximum age of any file is exceeded, a critical message is returned. ...

Check Automatic Services for Windows (Advanced Nagios P...

Checks all automatic Windows services are running. Accepts exclusions. Written Natively to work on any modern Windows system and can be used with any standard Nagios remote execution method.

Check Automatic Windows Services

Check Automatic Windows Services Powershell script to check all automatic services are running and returns Nagios output and code. It tries to start services stopped before sending a critical state.

Check Available Updates

A plugin used to check for missing updates for Windows. The plugin is a VBScript which is intended to be used by the check_nrpe plugin on the Nagios server and NRPE for Windows or NSClient++ on the Windows side.

Check CPU, Memory and UpTime with WMI

Check CPU, Memory and UpTime with WMI You can check CPU, Memory and Uptime without agent.

Check DHCP Server Scope

Check the health status of the scopes on a Microsoft DHCP Server. The script is a VBS that could be executed on the server using NRPE or NSClient++

Check Disk Win2k3 - SNMP

Plugin Nagios via SNMP to check the use of disk in Windows 2003 Server

Check drives fragmentation status

Check drives fragmentation status Check Windows disks fragmentation status and optionally performs defragmentation. It returns performance counters for each drive.


check filelock

check filelock PowerShell script used to determine if a file is open and locked.

Check for unexpected reboot

check_unexpected_reboot.cmd is a Windows cmd script that checks for a reboot after a crash or power outage of a Windows machine.


Check Hyper-V Integration Services

Check Hyper-V Integration Services

Check Java Version

This plugin checks the installed version of Java and compares it to the latest available version.


Check logged on user

Check logged on user Checks if a specific user is logged on to a specific system.


Check memory usage

Check memory usage of windows systems using snmp

Check Multiple Processor Load

Find out the individual CPU load for Windows Systems.

Check multiple Windows Processes

Perl script based on snmpwalk in order to check one or more running processes on a windows machine.

Check multiple windows processes dotnet core

This is the code by David Ligeret from the 'Check multiple Windows Processes v2' SNMP process check that exists on this site with added features to monitor a dotnet.exe instance and the ability to require more than 1 instance of a process (list it more th ...


Check multiple Windows Processes v2

New version of the plugin "Check multiple Windows Processes" to be able to check several instances of the same process in the windows computer.

Check Network Teaming Adapter LBFO

Check Network Teaming Adapter LBFO Powershell Script for use with NRPE Checks State of LBFO Teaming Adapter in Windows 2012 - 2019

Check Number Processes of Windows Servers - SNMP

Plugin in Shell Script to check via SNMP the number of processes of Windows Servers. Use the MIB HOST-RESOURCES-MIB:: hrSystemProcesses.0

Check teaming

Check teaming of broadcom adapters, i.e link signal etc..By Martin Fuerstenau

Check Time

Script for nagios to check time against a NTP servers, and fixing the time automaticly if needed. You can use comma separated to use more than one server.

Check Veeam Jobs with PowerShell

Check Veeam Jobs with PowerShell Check Veeam last result and last run date of all jobs (tape and computer).


Check Window Process

Checks if a Windows Service is running.

Check Windows CPU Load

Check windows CPU Load with SNMP

Check Windows Last Update

Plugin calculates number of days since last success update.


check windows mpio multipath

Checks for every volume and makes sure it has 8 path for each. Output example: ruby.exe .multipath.rb OK:Disk0=8,CRITICAL:Disk1=1,CRITICAL:Disk2=1,CRITICAL:Disk3=1,CRITICAL:Disk4=1,CRITICAL:Disk5=1,CRITICAL:Disk6=1,CRITICAL:Disk7=1,Number of Volumes ...

Check Windows Network Traffic/Usage

Check Windows Network Traffic/Usage This plugin uses check_nt, which is part of the official Nagios plugin collection. However with check_nt you only get to check one value (e.g. Bytes sent/s). If one wants to create graphics with Bytes_in and Bytes_out, there is need to bundle two checks i ...


Check Windows Performance Monitor Counters

Check Windows Performance Monitor Counters Plugin for Nagios that allow to check a group of Windows performance counters given in a xml file. It checks value of performance counters based on thresholds specified and returns exit and performance data in Nagios format.


Check windows process

windows process

check windows services

Check windows services by snmp

Check Windows Time Offset (check_windows_time.bat)

This plugin will check a windows system against a specified time source. Meant to be used via check_nrpe. To make installation simple it is just a .bat file that is basically a glorified nagios wrapper for w32tm. Tested on Windows 2k3/2k8/2k8r2. While ...


check winprog memusage

check with nsclient++ nrpe.dll the memusage of a windows program.

Check WSUS Critical Updates

This is a small PowerShell script that queries a WSUS server, and returns if any Critical Updates or Security Critical Updates are needed by the system. This has been done so that admins won't get an alert at 3 am for a non-critical update becoming ava ...


Check-Certificate checks the local or remote computer certificate store for expiring or expired SSL certificates. This script is designed to work with NSclient++ and Nagios to output format to be consumed by a Nagios monitoring server. Instructions for co ...


Check the event log of a computer for warnings and errors and report statusback to Nagios. Using the Get-WinEvent the script retrieves the last five minutes of events from the requested event log (default: System). If any events match the level (default i ...

checkdaxbatch (Microsoft Dynamics Ax)

Checks a Dynamics Ax recurring batch job to make sure it's still successfully executing on a regular basis.


This is Powershell script for Microsoft Cluster (Hyper-V) 2008/2012 for checking free space in all yours CSV (cluster shared volumes).


NRPE Nagios Check for Windows Server 2008/2012 Hyper-V Cluster for Checking CSV Space (Cluster Shared Volumes).


check_csv_freespace.ps1 for MS HyperV

checks your mounted CSV for free disk space 2014-07-15: fixed missing exitcode

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