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check_mssql_health Popular


check_mssql_health check_mssql_health is a plugin which checks several metrics of MS SQL Server.


MSSQL Job Monitoring Popular

MSSQL Job Monitoring The MSSQL Job Monitoring is designed to monitor sql jobs. The main reason for doing this, this plugin pulls information on Job Details such as Job Name, step name, Current Status, Last Run Status, server, message. This information about Jobs Details allow ...


SNMP Printer Check Popular

SNMP Printer Check Universal printer check. Check for specific consumables or report on all. Query model/serial #, event messages, tray status and much more! Originally based on Monitoring Solutions' check_snmp_printer, this provides friendly output, quick execution and ...


 NagiosQL Popular


 NagiosQL NagiosQL is a professional, web based configuration tool for Nagios 2.x/3.x/4.x. It is designed for large enterprise requirements as well as small environments. Any Nagios functionalities are supported. *** still supported and further developed *** Fea ...


check_dns.pl (Advanced Nagios Plugins Collection) Popular


Checks DNS records including A, NS and MX records for domains which the standard check_dns Nagios plugin can't do


check_mysql_query.pl (Advanced Nagios Plugins Collectio... Popular


Checks MySQL arbitrary queries against regex matches or numerical ranges, with perfdata support. Obsoleted so many of my custom MySQL related checks, one of my all time favourite plugins!


check_ssl_cert.pl (Advanced Nagios Plugins Collection) Popular


Check SSL Certificate Validity: 1. Certificate Expiry in days 2. Chain of Trust 2a. Root CA certificate is trusted 2b. Any intermediate certificates are present, especially important for Mobile devices 3. Domain name on certificate (optional) ...

/Category:Web Servers

Check Oracle status & health without install Oracle cli... Popular

This perl nagios plugin allow you to check oracle service (ability to connect to database ) and health of oracle databse (Dictionary Cache Hit Ratio,Library Cache Hit Ratio,DB Block Buffer Cache Hit Ratio,Latch Hit Ratio,Disk Sort Ratio,Rollback Segment W ...


check_whois.pl (Advanced Nagios Plugins Collection) Popular


Checks domain expiry via whois lookup. This is an important piece of code given that ppl overlook domain renewals till the last minute (and auto-renewals fail when their cached credit cards have expired)

check_zookeeper_znode.pl (Advanced Nagios Plugins Colle... Popular


Flexible ZooKeeper znode check, useful for HBase, SolrCloud, Hadoop NameNode HA & JobTracker HA ZKFC or any other ZooKeeper based service. Checks: 1. root znode ("/") exists ( we are successfully connected to ZooKeeper(s), tries all given ZooKeepers ...

check_cassandra_nodes.pl (Advanced Nagios Plugins Colle... Popular


Checks Cassandra clusters nodes, alerts on dead/down nodes, gathers statistics perfdata on different node states for graphing

check_ambari_cluster_health_report.pl (Advanced Nagios ... Popular


Checks the Ambari health report for a cluster via Ambari REST API