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check_mssql_health Popular


check_mssql_health check_mssql_health is a plugin which checks several metrics of MS SQL Server.


MSSQL Job Monitoring Popular

MSSQL Job Monitoring The MSSQL Job Monitoring is designed to monitor sql jobs. The main reason for doing this, this plugin pulls information on Job Details such as Job Name, step name, Current Status, Last Run Status, server, message. This information about Jobs Details allow ...


SNMP Printer Check Popular

SNMP Printer Check Universal printer check. Check for specific consumables or report on all. Query model/serial #, event messages, tray status and much more! Originally based on Monitoring Solutions' check_snmp_printer, this provides friendly output, quick execution and ...


 NagiosQL Popular


 NagiosQL NagiosQL is a professional, web based configuration tool for Nagios 2.x/3.x/4.x. It is designed for large enterprise requirements as well as small environments. Any Nagios functionalities are supported. *** still supported and further developed *** ...


Check Oracle status & health without install Oracle cli... Popular

This perl nagios plugin allow you to check oracle service (ability to connect to database ) and health of oracle databse (Dictionary Cache Hit Ratio,Library Cache Hit Ratio,DB Block Buffer Cache Hit Ratio,Latch Hit Ratio,Disk Sort Ratio,Rollback Segment W ...


jNag Popular


jNag A modern interface built around the Jquery Mobile framework for (just about) ANY smartphone / tablet OR HTML5 supporting desktop browser. Browse, acknowledge, comment, view graphs, see problems wherever you are. Android apps (paid / free) available fr ...


PNP4Nagios Popular


PNP4Nagios PNP is an addon to Nagios which analyzes performance data provided by plugins and stores them automatically into RRD-databases (Round Robin Databases, see RRD Tool).



check_oracle_health check_oracle_health is a plugin for the Nagios monitoring software that allows you to monitor various metrics of an Oracle database. It includes connection time, SGA data buffer hit ratio, SGA library cache hit ratio, SGA dictionary cache hit ratio, SGA s ...




medium shellscript, wich allows you to check printers via snmp




Check_as400 Nagios plugin to monitor IBM System i (AS/400)


check_dns.pl (Advanced Nagios Plugins Collection) Popular


Checks DNS records including A, NS and MX records for domains which the standard check_dns Nagios plugin can't do


Nuvola Style

Nuvola Style Nuvola Style is a complete Nagios theme/style (including menu, icons, stylesheets, and images) for Nagios 2.x and Nagios 3.x

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