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Category: Others

Nagios plugins for monitoring other types of UPS devices, for which there is no specific category yet.

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Check 3Gstore Remote Power Outlet

Do you have a 3Gstore 2 Outlet Remote Power Switch? Monitor it with Nagios! You can also turn outlets on, or off; toggle their current state; or reset. A must have if you have remote devices that you want to automatically power cycle if they become unr ...


Check Bestlink UPS

This is a script to monitor BESTLink Web/SNMP adapters. These are old adapters, so there might not be many sites that have them in use, but our site has quite a few, so this script has come in handy for monitoring them.

Check Emerson power systems

Check the status of power systems attached to Emerson ACU Plus controllers.


Check UPSv4 Battery Age

Check UPSv4 Battery Age Checks the battery condition and expiration date on a UPSv4 MIB compliant UPS (Delta Electronics devices and some Chloride models)


Check UPSv4 Mode

Check UPSv4 Mode Checks the working mode on a UPSv4 MIB compliant UPS (Delta Electronics devices and some Chloride models)



Nagios check to retrieve information from the SNMP adapter plugged into a UPS. Currently checking Input Voltages, Phase Loads and UPS temparature. Run check_cs121 on command line to see usage options. Config as follows:-


A script used by NSClient++ to check the status of an iEi Technology Corp. AUPS series VESA Mount Intelligent UPS Module.