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V-Shell and Vautour style, combined


In this article, I explain how to modify V-Shell to make it like the Vautour style for classic Nagios. I found it to be truly worth the effort. Try it out!

/Category:Web Interfaces



This addon is mostly useful for the Nagvis geomap utility. With the help of OSM's Nominatim service, it grabs physical addresses and converts them to latitudes and longitudes. It also stores them according to Nominatim's administrative divisions and the n ...



Simple script to monitor Vmware center VCSA 6.5 (sorry no actual support for 6.0) health status via REST API (https) monitor all health status referenced here : https://vdc-repo.vmware.com/vmwb-repository/dcr-public/1cd28284-3b72-4885-9e31-d1c6d9e2668 ...


Veaam Backup Check

This script checks the Veeam backup log files on a NSClient++ host.


Veeam Backup Check - Via Event Logs

Veeam Backup Check - Via Event Logs Check_veeam_eventlogs is a PowerShell script to check if Veeam jobs ran properly. If you have the Endpoint version of Veeam, use the check_veeam_endpoint_eventlogs script instead. Note: This uses built-in Windows event logs to check for Veeam backup codes ...


Veeam Backup Repositories space usage check

Veeam Backup Repositories space usage check A simple check that queries the Veeam Backup and Replication engine for all repositories, including ScaleOut repositories, and outputs their total space and utilization percentage in Nagios friendly format.


Veeam Backup Repositories space usage check v11

Updated script to check Repositories in Veeam v11 Thanks to tompaah for the original script

Veeam Daily Backup Check


PS script that checks your daily veeam backup jobs


Veeam Endpoint Backup Check - Via Event Logs

Veeam Endpoint Backup Check - Via Event Logs Check_veeam_endpoint_eventlogs is a PowerShell script to check if Veeam Endpoint jobs ran properly. If you have the full-blown version of Veeam, please use the check_veeam_eventlogs script instead as it allows for job names. Note: This uses built-in Windo ...


Veeam License Expiration

This plugin uses Powershell to monitor the expiration date of Veeam Backup & Replication license.


Verizon FiOS Bandwidth Check


Logs into Verizon FiOS router via telnet and pulls back bandwidth usage information.

/Category:Active Checks

ViceVersa logfile check

Checks the state of a ViceVersa job by scanning the logfile.


View Object Configuration

Adds a new tabs on host and service detail screens to view object configuration in Nagios XI.




Vingios Vingios- Nagios Virtual Voice Assistance. Unique in its category, it enables Nagios user to monitor system wide alerts through Voice alert. Nagios user don't have to continuously seat and watch classic Nagios interface. They can hear man speaking the ...

/Category:Web Interfaces

Virtualmin virtual server quota check


Nagios plugin for Virtualmin virtual server quota check This is a bash shell script that collects quota usage information for a specified virtual server and alerts if the specified usage threshold is exceeded.

/Category:Web Servers

VM-Ware ESX snapshot check

This shell script uses the output of the "find" command (published via snmp to avoid check_by_ssh or NRPE) to determine the existance of any snapshot files in a directory an its subdirectories within VM-Ware ESX servers.



A new release of Thomas Sluyter script, but this one checks on a unix Virtual Machines, if vmtools are running or not. Let it matches your platform adjusting VARs: - LIBEXEC (path to nagios script env) and - PROCLIST (process path to check) IMHO: Be ...


VMWare Alarm Sender For Nagios


A simple Perl script for sending VMWare alarm information back to Nagios via the NRDP interface. Compatible with vCenter 3.5, 4.x, 5.0.

VMware Data Recovery

Check VMware Data Recovery jobs using syslog.

Vmware ESX & VM host

Excellent plugin developed by OP5. Work with ESX4, vSephere. Entire DC can be monitored by quering through vCenter... sage: esx_cpu.pl -D | -H [ -N ] -u -p | -f -l [ -s ] [ -x ] [ -t ] [ -w ] [ -c ] [ -V ] [ - ...


VMWare ESX guest status checks


Check some aspects of VMWare ESX guests (cpu, memorry, netio, kernel and status)


VMWare ESX vdf Virtual File System Check


Checks free space on VMWare ESX 3.5 vmfs datastores using /usr/sbin/vdf -h.


Vmware icons for Nagios v3.x

This is an icon pack of VMware icons for Nagios v3.x Status Maps etc


VMware Nagios XI Monitoring Wizard


VMware Nagios XI Monitoring Wizard A Nagios XI configuration wizard that simplifies the process of monitoring VMware host and guest servers.

VMWare Server monitor

Monitors a VMWare Server's VMs This is intended to be run on the remote server running VMWare Server via NRPE / OpsView Agent


VMware Virtualization Wizard


VMware Virtualization Wizard The VMware Virtualization Wizard monitors your VMware virtual environment by offloading the VMware checks to a vSphere Management Assistance (vMA) appliance. This is achieved by utilizing the plugin box293_check_vmware, it has been written specifically ...

VMware vMA Settings Manager


The VMware vMA Settings Manager is a component that is required for the VMware Virtualization Wizard. Instructions for the VMware vMA Settings Manager are included with the VMware Virtualization Wizard technical documentation.


Vmware vSphere Data Protection


Script for monitoring virtual machine backup status into vSphere Data Protection


vmware_check by Ryan Wilgoss

A Perl Plugin To Check A Virtual Server Running on VMware Host Server On A Linux Platform.


vmware_check by Ryan Wilgoss

A BASH Plugin To Check A Virtual Server Running on VMware Host Server On A Linux Platform.