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Recently Updated Listings


PowerCLI - vCenter Datastore Alarm Checker New!

This script will login to a vCenter server and check to see if the Datastore usage alarm is enabled, if it is it will output the thresholds. If the top level is not enabled the check will go through each Datastore individually and ensure there is a Dat ...

/Category:Windows NRPE

Check IBM 2498-F48 status New!

This plugin is to check IBM 2498-F48 switch status and the results are shown in Nagios GUI.

/Category:IBM Brocade

Check Safeguard Licences New!

checks configured safeguard enterprise sql server for license usage and expiry




opsgenie_heartbeat_checker How do you monitor Nagios to ensure it's operational? Using this plugin, Nagios sends periodic heartbeat messages to OpsGenie service, and if OpsGenie does not receive heartbeat messages for a configurable time period, appropriate people can be notified v ...


check_cloudwatch New!

check_cloudwatch Currently only supports AWS RDS and AWS ElastiCache. I was tired of never finding a good cloudwatch script that actually used aws-cli, so I wrote my own. I would love to extend it with capabilities to monitor more than just RDS and ElasticCache All ...


Check resolver for DNSsec support New!

Perl-based NAGIOS script to check to see if a specified DNS recursive resolver supports DNSsec and properly fails with an incorrectly signed zone.




check_network_transfer checks the network Transfer over eth card. and sends the alerts if the thresholds are breached.



check_file_exists_glob Check for existence or non-existence of a file or files - using glob patterns.

/Category:File System

NAF - Reconfigure Nagios Host - Hostgroups New!


NAF -  Reconfigure Nagios Host - Hostgroups Bash script to process host config files and add, remove or replace hostgroups. Optimized for Nagios Reactor.


check IBM SVC device status New!

The plugin is using Python and check SVC status using SVC CLI in SSH connection. If offered 4 functions to check pool capacity,pool status, FC port status and Node status. It support SVC family device(such as V7000,V500)


SX1710 monitoring plugin New!

Plugin to monitor the following on a Mellanox SX1710 switch -- Temperature -- Fan -- Power -- CPU Utilization The plugin retrieves the information using SSH.


G8052/G8264 monitoring plugin New!

The plugin can be used to monitor the following for G8052/G8264 IBM switches -- SNMP -- Temperature -- Fan -- Global Health status -- Power -- CPU Utilization The plugin uses SNMPv1/v2c to get the information from the swi ...


Raspberry Pi New!

Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi and Raspbian logos

/Category:Images and Logos



Check plugin designed for a Thecus NAS N5500, which might work on other models. It can check and report health of disks, fans and RAID configurations, but also CPU-usage and available disk-space.

/Category:SAN and NAS

Helpspot Latest Version Check

Check to make sure your helpspot is at the latest version. example: "./check_helpspot_version -s http://helpspot.domain.com" usage: check_helpspot_version [-h] -s HELPSPOT [-w] [-c] This script will compare the current running helpspot version wi ...


check mountpoints like nfs, cifs, davfs, lustre, ocf2, ...

Check if all specified nfs/cifs/davfs mounts exist and if they are correct implemented. That means we check /etc/fstab, the mountpoints in the filesystem and if they are mounted. It is written for Linux and Solaris, uses proc-Filesystem and was tested on ...

/Category:File System

MotD Generator


MotD Generator Set of Bash scripts to generate a MotD (Message of the Day) which displays system information after logging into a Linux server. If correctly configured, you can easily see general system information right after logging in. For example CPU, Memory, Swap ...




check_traceroute_pingplot This plugin does a traceroute with the given OS's traceroute command (currently supported: Linux and Windows) and creates a nice graph via rrdgraph. So now, when a machine you are trying to access has bad ping times every now and then, you can find ou ...


Sam Weather 2.0

Sam Weather 2.0 Weather plugin for Nagios that lets you check temperature, humidity, wind, rain fall, dewpoint, heat index, windchill, pressure, solar radiation, and UV index. This also reports performance data to Nagios for graphing. The plugin uses data from Weather ...



Has not been tested with other versions of Nagios other than 3.1.4.

/Category:File System