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JSON Wizard Popular

JSON Wizard A wizard to create checks that monitor values returned in a web service's JSON response.

Nagios Core Automatic Full Installation New!


A friendly Script to maximize the installation of Nagios Core and Plugins in CENTOS 7 Pt-Br Script para instalação automatizada do Nagios Core 4.4.3 e do Nagios Plugins no Centos7.


Nagios for IBM i plugin


Nagios for IBM i plugin These plugins are used to monitor IBM i servers, including metrics like CPU and disk utilization, ASP usage, number of active jobs, and long-running SQL jobs, plus much more.




check_cisco_ssh_user_login check_cisco_ssh_user_login 1.0 What it does * Using state of the art non-blocking/async IO (EV and Mojolicious) * Proper error handling ! * Login via SSH (hostname, username, password) * Issue command "show users" * Parse the output and find the u ...

/Category:Remote Access


Plugin to detect any services that are continually failing and restarting

Check New User creation in Linux


This script will check if any new user is created on your linux server whenever the check is performed.


Nagios Mass Acknowledge


This script will help in acknowledge host alerts for n number of hosts in your large environment. Just enter the list of hostnames as configured in nagios in server_list.txt file.


Mass Downtime Scheduler

This script will help in scheduling downtime for n number of hosts in your large enviournment. Just enter the list of hostnames as configured in nagios in server_list.txt file.



check_shard.php This is a nagios plugin that monitors whether an Ultima Online Freeshard is up and responding.


NagiosTV for Nagios 4 and Nagios XI


NagiosTV for Nagios 4 and Nagios XI Compatible with Nagios Core 4 and Nagios XI NagiosTV is a user interface (UI) for the Nagios monitoring system https://www.nagios.org This user interface is designed to be viewed on a TV, phone, or desktop to quickly see if all your services are up ...

/Category:Web Interfaces

Monitoring AzureStack Alerts

Third party plugin written in python used to monitor AzureStack alerts.


check_fujitsu_server (SNMP,CIM,REST)

Version: 3.60 Monitor Fujitsu server via iRMC (out-of-band, SNMP, REST) or in-band (SNMP, CIM and REST). Monitor PRIMERGY Server and Blade and PRIMEQUEST or monitor ServerView RAID or a RackCDU. Special Tools: Update Management, ServerView CIM indicat ...

/Category:Fujitsu Siemens

Monitoring Architecture Solutions For MSPs


As a Managed Service Provider, you would be able to purchase a separate license for each of your customers and the good news is that we have license levels to fit any size organization, starting as small as 20 Nodes. In this model, we would provide you w ...

Check Microsoft Windows Scheduled Tasks


Check Microsoft Windows Scheduled Tasks Checks Microsoft Windows 2008 or higher enabled scheduled tasks excluding or including defined folders, task patterns and authors, returning state of tasks with name, author, exit code, last runtime and performance data to Nagios.


Lametric Clock Notification

A simple bash script to send alerts to a Lametric clock. *Requires IP address of clock (found in app) and GUID from the developer.lametric.com site. This functions locally only.


NEMS Linux


NEMS Linux A modern pre-configured, customized and ready-to-deploy Nagios Core image designed to run on single board computers such as those from PINE64, Raspberry Pi or ODROID (to name a few). Also available as a Virtual Appliance.




Check status of Windows Services using SNMP, therefor no third-party server-side plugins are required. The package includes the LanMgr-2 MIB which is the basis for the information we are looking up through this script.


Host-Resource-MIB queries (cpu, processes, storage)


Query the Host Resource MIB of various operating systems for cpu usage, processes and storage/volumes. These scripts have been tested against Linux and Windows XP, but should do the job for any other OS as well.

/Category:System Metrics

check_netapp (combined NetApp Health and Quota Check)


This script is made in an all-in-one fashion similar to my HP/Compaq plugins. It is made in perl, only uses numeric OIDs (no need for the netapp MIBs) and "should" therefor be quite fast.