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Nagios Log Server

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Nagios check in python review the number of APs associated to a Cisco Wlan Controller using snmp and trigger alarms if less than critical or warning threshold.


Check Hyper-V Integration Services

Check Hyper-V Integration Services



WARNING and CRITICAL alerts when especific pool arrive to the N requests Author: Carlos Martín Luque



A PHP-based plugin to check MSSQL servers. Requires PHP-mssql support, usually in the form of a package named "php5-sybase" or similar.


check_lenovo xcc New!

Python script to monitor LENOVO server with XCC


send_nsca php class


PHP implementation for send_nsca Clone from github: https://github.com/Mizzrym/php_send_nsca.git Suppors PHP 5.3 - 7.2




A collection of checks to monitor VMWare Horizon View.


check_flexlm (quorum, expiration)


This is a fork of the stock check from nagios-plugins. In addition to triad/quorum monitoring, this version also alerts on feature/increment/upgrade expiration. While the feature expiration detection is well-tested, I have no triads so I can't regressi ...




A Nagios plugin to check for YUM package manager activity



Nagios check in python review the license expiration date of a Cisco CSR1000V using snmp.


Nagios plugin for monitoring Unity system


Nagios plugin for monitoring Unity system nagios-unity is built on top of storops, which interacts with Unity storage via RESTful API. nagios-unity provides an easy-to-use command line interface for invocation of nagios servers. nagios-unity follows th ...

/Category:SAN and NAS

Stock check

Stock check Simple bash script returning stock quotes

Check Windows Server Backup Job

Check Windows Server Backup Job Check Windows Server Backup Job status and returns Nagios output and code.


Check IIS

Check IIS Check IIS Website and AppPool status and try to start stopped ones.


Check Automatic Windows Services

Check Automatic Windows Services Powershell script to check all automatic services are running and returns Nagios output and code. It tries to start services stopped before sending a critical state.


Check Active Directory Sync

Check Active Directory Sync PowerShell script to check AD Replication in a DC Server and returns Nagios output and code.


Check Backup Exec (2012-2016) Jobs

Check Backup Exec (2012-2016) Jobs PowerShell script to check Backup Exec last scheduled job status and returns Nagios performance output and code.


Running the XI Virtual Machine Using VMware Player


Running the XI Virtual Machine Using VMware Player A video tutorial that shows you how to launch and run the Nagios XI virtual machine using VMware Player. You can download VMware Player free of charge from http://www.vmware.com/products/player/

Introducing Nagios Log Server

Nagios Log Server 2 is the easy and powerful way to collect and analyze your application and server logs.


Dell Compellent

Checks Status of DELL Compellent Storage Tested on SC2020 based on check_equallogic from napsty

/Category:SAN and NAS