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Recently Updated Listings


check_listening_ports (edouard.lamoine)

check_listening_ports (edouard.lamoine) A plugin that check for all listening ports/services behind, and verify if these ports or services have been approved by the user. Adds Port monitoring security to Nagios, showing if some ports were opened, maybe in a malicious way. Done for MEVIA g ...


check_stack_netgear.sh New!

Check stack status of Netgear switches (Count in SNMP the physical number of units in the stack)



This Plugin allows you to monitor a VMware vCenter / ESX(i) environment using your Nagios monitoring solution. IMPORTANT: This Plugin is NOT designed to be run on your Nagios host, instead it is offloaded to the VMware vSphere Management Assistant (vM ...


Unified Monitoring Framework New! Popular


Unified Monitoring Framework Tool for better Windows - Nagios XI integration


check_openvpn_user New! Popular

check_openvpn_user Nagios scripts to check user status and traffic for OpenVPN Community edition


check_greylist New!


This is a Nagios plugin, for checking the normal operation of a Postfix greylisting policy-daemon. This plugin is implemented as a python script. Works with python 2.7 or python 3.x


check_megaraid_sas v2 New!

Check a megaraid array's logical disks, physical disks, and batteries/BBUs. Uses MegaCli. This is a fork of check_megaraid_sas.

/Category:RAID Controllers

check_process_running (Anthony Affee) New!

Simple Bash Shell Script that is used to check if a process is running Tested on: Nagios 3.x CentOS 5.x


xMatters Integration


This integration allows xMatters users to integrate with Nagios Core and XI to allow for the initiation of communication events triggered by an email alert. Version 2 has been updated to use the xMatters On-Demand REST API, removing any dependencies o ...


check_postqueue (edouard.lamoine) New!

check_postqueue (edouard.lamoine) check_postqueue allow you to check the Postfix queue lenght, and specify warning and critical thresholds. Tested under Ubuntu 10


History Tab

History Tab Adds a tab to Host and Service Detail screens to show history for comments, acknowledgements, downtime and external commands. Twitter: @Box293


A Nagios Plug-in for iLO Agentless Management (HP ProLi...


A Nagios Plug-in for iLO Agentless Management (HP ProLiant Server) The Nagios plug-in for iLO agentless management aims to manage HP ProLiant servers within the data center by an automated manner. Check video demo at: https://youtu.be/P1JnfINtCwU


Check PowerConnect Switch

Supports a wide variety of models tested with 33xx,34xx, 35xx, 53xx, 54xx, 60xx, 62xx, 80xx, N20xx, N30xx, N40xx


Energy waste manager New!


Energy waste manager Service checks and sends alert to one or more contacts telling which computer network objects are active. This information will be forwarded via e-mail containing the number of objects connected in moments of data unnecessarily. Faced with this informatio ...

/Category:Log Files

Check network switch's PoE (Power over Ethernet) usage New!

Using the standard IETF MIBs this check monitors a network switch's PoE usage and alerts you when hitting self-configurable warning or critical thresholds.


check_ftp_rw (w/SFTP support + port)

Just added port support at plugin : http://exchange.nagios.org/directory/Plugins/Network-Protocols/FTP/check_ftp_rw-%28w-2FSFTP-support%29/details


Sensaphone IMS-4000 (check_ims_sensor)

Check plugin to pull environment sensor data from a Sensaphone(tm) IMS-4000(tm) monitoring system. This plugin will query an input channel for type, label and value and provide screen output based on the channel's configuration on the IMS-4000. Useful ...




Check plugin to read an integrated temperature probe on an APC Smart UPS. This plugin will read the temperature and system (F or C) from an integrated temperature monitoring probe on a networked APC Smart UPS. I have tested it work with SmartUPS rackmo ...


Monitoring status Sender/Receive Channel - Windows

This VBScript checks the current state of channel and returning: OK - > RUNNING CRITICAL -> STOP or INACTIVE Warnning -> OTHER