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check_kms.ps1 New!


check_kms.ps1 This plugin checks count of hosts activated by KMS server.

NagMap Reborn


NagMap Reborn An super-simple application to integrate Nagios with Google maps. The integration aims to visualize current status of network devices on aerial photography images.


Check Windows Performance Monitor Counters


Check Windows Performance Monitor Counters Plugin for Nagios that allow to check a group of Windows performance counters given in a xml file. It checks value of performance counters based on thresholds specified and returns exit and performance data in Nagios format.


Crypto converter

Crypto converter Convert crypto currency values using min-api.cryptocompare.com API


Veeam Backup Repositories space usage check New!

Veeam Backup Repositories space usage check A simple check that queries the Veeam Backup and Replication engine for all repositories, including ScaleOut repositories, and outputs their total space and utilization percentage in Nagios friendly format.


AWS ECS Cluster containers counter New!


ecs_ps_count.py Objective Get running containers counter of ECS Cluster. Author: Asaf Shabat


AWS ECS cluster and service monitor


Get metrics of AWS ECS Memory & CPU. Author: Asaf Shabat


AWS Classic Load Balancer unhealthy check


clb_unhealthyCheck.py Objective Get metric of AWS CLB UnHealthyHostCount. Author: Asaf Shabat


AWS Application Load Balancer unhealthy check


alb_unhealthyCheck.py Objective Get metric of AWS ALB UnHealthyHostCount. Author: Asaf Shabat




Retrieve JSON data from an http/s url and check a key's value using check_json's builtin functions (timediff|match|integer).


Check Cisco ASR Memory

Check Cisco ASR1/9k memory utilization (updated version of check_cisco_ios_mem.pl)


Check Cisco ASR CPU

Check Cisco ASR1/9k CPU utilization


Check Cisco ASR Temp

Check Cisco ASR1/9k temperature


Check Cisco ASR Fan & Power

Check Cisco ASR1/9k fan and power status


Check Cisco ASR BGP

Check ASR1k & ASR9k, BGP state, IPv4/6, prefix count, min/max prefix warnings


Check iDrac via IPMI


This script uses an iDRAC user to check the server hardware via iDRAC. It has been tested and used with dell servers and blades running iDRAC 6 & 7. It uses freeipmi to perform the actual query. I strongly recommend using a read only user for this. ...




NetMap4Nagios Create your own network diagram. NetMap4Nagios is a visualization addon for Nagios and front-end for system Nagios. It is easy to use. You can import hostgroups and servicegroups from Nagios, create customer map of network, monitor alarms. Aftrer install ...

/Category:Web Interfaces

Merge Multiple Check Results

Runs and merges multiple checks together and does an operation on the results.


Simple TCP Port ant Ping Check in PowerShell


This Script Will Test if TCP Port Connection is open and if it pings --EXAMPLE .check_testport.ps1 -Server SERVER-ADDRESS OK : PingReplyDetails: 32ms --EXAMPLE 1 .check_testport.ps1 -Server SERVER-ADDRESS FAIL: Ping Timeout -- EXAMPLE 2 .che ...

Check Cisco CRC Errors on Switch

Nagios check CRC error on Cisco Switch