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Dell EMC Isilon - Hardware Health Check Script New! Popular

The script utilises the Dell EMC Isilon REST API to collect and display Cluster Health and basic node state information. It is recommended to create a read-only account on the Nimble Storage array(s), this can be AD/LDAP or local. The script is written ...

/Category:SAN and NAS

tegile pool New!


This plugin monitors the pool usage on your Tegile SANs.

/Category:SAN and NAS

check vcenter health New! Popular


This plugin use the vSphere 6.7 API to get the appliance health informations and vcenter vcha cluster health.




check_raspberry_shake Check the status of a Raspberry Shake device




Check the status of an HP Officejet J4680 series printer


Check AWS CloudWatch Alarms


check-cloudwatch is a simple CLI program, utilising the AWS SDK, to check the status of a specified CloudWatch alarm.



Check current event logs information from the AWS Service Health Dashboard The endpoint for the API is: https://health.us-east-1.amazonaws.com (provides event data for all regions) usage: check_aws_events.py -s EC2|RDS -r us-east-1|us-west-1|us-west ...



Simple python script to run checks on ifconfig or /proc/net/dev data


Check vplex

Check vplex This plugin permit to check the helth of a vplex of the DELL / EMC. It check with the API rest of the vplex.

/Category:SAN and NAS

Send Nagios service problem as mail

A python script which can be used as an event handler for services within Nagios to automatically send mail to a targeted mail address when a service problem occurs. The script is called by creating a command within Nagios and passing the parameters requi ...



check_zpools.sh Monitoring plugin to monitor status and usage of zfs pools. Runs on multiple OS.




check_smart.pl This is a plugin to monitor the values of SMART attributes of hard and solid state drives. The plugin is a fork of check_smart released in 2009 by Kurt Yoder. Since then the plugin has undergone a lot of changes. It allows to monitor drives behind hardwar ...


Nimble Storage Hardware Pool Disk Space API Check Scrip...

The script utilises the Nimble Storage API to provide some basic disk space usage monitoring. Although the Nimble Storage alerting system via Infosight is very good, we all know the warm fuzzy feeling of seeing a nice green service status in NagiosXI. The ...

/Category:SAN and NAS

Local AD check for Azure AD Synchronization


A simple script which checks the local server that Azure AD Connect runs on for the following: * Time since successful synchronization with Azure AD * Time since successful password synchronization with Azure AD * Errors in event log indicating probl ...


Environmental monitoring with BME680

Environmental monitoring with Raspberry Pi and BME680 and Nagios / NRPE Python3 script run by NRPE. Assumes the BME680 device is already attached to the Raspberry Pi. Software setup Install the required library: sudo pip3 install adafruit- ...



sqldelete is a C program used to remove multiple Hosts from the Nagios XI server's nagiosql MYSQL database quickly.



This is a Nagios plugin designed to query and give status of Azure Tenant Services (aka Office365 applications). It can be used to report on whether a given service is available to end users, and give a quick report on why it may not be- similar to the h ...


EMC Unity


### check_unity.py ### This is a Nagios monitoring script for DELL EMC Unity storage box. [root@]# ./check_unity2.py -H myunitybox.foo.com -u monituser -p monitpass -m usage: check_unity2.py [-h] -H HOSTADDRESS -u USER -p PASSWORD -m ...

/Category:SAN and NAS

Checks and Displays iDRAC Information with RACADM


Checks and Displays iDRAC Information with RACADM Monitoring script for displaying Dell iDRAC Info using RACADM


Checks Dell Warranty information using SNMP


Checks Dell Warranty information using SNMP New monitoring script for Dell Warranty using SNMP protocol; Provides performance data as well. Dell has moved to a more secure method for obtaining information on devices (including warranty info). They moved away from API key (v4) to OAuthTLS2.0 (v5) ...