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check_available_memory New!


Uses the value of (MemAvailable / MemTotal) from /proc/meminfo to determine current % of memory available.


vcsa_monitor.sh New!

Simple script to monitor Vmware center VCSA health status via REST API (https) monitor all health status referenced here : https://vdc-repo.vmware.com/vmwb-repository/dcr-public/1cd28284-3b72-4885-9e31-d1c6d9e26686/71ef7304-a6c9-43b3-a3cd-868b2c236c81 ...


Stock check New!

Stock check Simple bash script returning current price of a stock

nginxCacheStatus New!


HTML alert emails for Nagios New!

- HTML replacement for standard mail construct (printf.....| mail) - Userdefined logo in mail - Colors freely definable - Clickable links to monitor.



Based on standard MIB RFC-1213. This plugin monitors broadcast and multicast storms of switchs interfaces. Version 1.1: Add adjustable measuring interval (-t) Version 1.2: Add Perfdata to the check

Check Rubrik New!

Check Rubrik Edge or Brik. The scripts has 4 checks available: - node - check node statusn" - runway - check runway availablen" - storage - shows percent availablen" - tasks - check status of the tasks n",


check_proxy_http_url New!


check_proxy_http_url This NagiosĀ® compatible plugin allows you to check allowed/blocked URLs. With check_proxy_http_url, you can check URLs through a proxy, follow correctly 302 redirections, and specify whether a specific page being accessible is either a good OR a bad t ...




check_wlst_sessions # check_wlst_sessions 1.0 Nagios compatible plugin to check via WLST the number of actives sessions on a Server (On Oracle WebLogic Server v9+) BOTH Files (.sh and .py) are needed for this plugin to work


check_cft_listcat New!

check_cft_listcat Nagios compatible plugin to check CFT catalog size CFT (Cross File Transfer) is a software published by Axway that allows secure file transfers accros multiple clients/organisations. When using CFT, you have to make sure that the catalog (the intern ...




NetMap4Nagios Create your own network diagram. NetMap4Nagios is a visualization addon for Nagios and front-end for system Nagios. It is easy to use. You can import hostgroups and servicegroups from Nagios, create customer map of network, monitor alarms. Aftrer install ...

/Category:Web Interfaces

Dell Compellent

Checks Status of DELL Compellent Storage Tested on SC2020 based on check_equallogic from napsty

/Category:SAN and NAS

NEMS Linux


NEMS Linux A modern pre-configured, customized and ready-to-deploy Nagios Core image designed to run on the Raspberry Pi 3 or ODROID XU4 micro computers.


Cellwatch Battery Monitoring

NAME check_cellwatch - Pull and evaluate data from two tables displayed on the main Cellwatch Monitoring system webpage at http://IP/System =head1 VERSION This documentation refers to check_cellwatch version 2.0 ...


check open ports on nagios

This is an initial effort to write a plugin that looks at the open ports on a host and verifies if the ports are white-listed. The white listed ports can be passed using -l option : allowed ports must be separated by commas ex : check_openPorts. ...




A collection of checks to monitor VMWare Horizon View.


APC apcupsd multiple

Nagios Python plugin for APC UPS software apcupsd daemon and apcaccess client to query for status and performance graphs.




A plugin for checking the size of LVM thinpools through SNMPv3



This is a simple Nagios Plugin which tests how much space in an LVM Volume Group is free. It takes https://exchange.nagios.org/directory/Plugins/System-Metrics/Storage-Subsystem/check_vg_size/details and https://github.com/billcarlson/check_vg_size and ad ...