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Powershell script to check if HP Dataprotector routines have failed to run. Tested on windows Server 2012, but should work on Windows Server 2008 an on. HP Dataprotector Version tested: 7.0

/Category:Data Protector

Check Printer Toner Cartridge Level via SNMP with local... New!

Nagios Plugin to check the remaining pages (toner) of a printer SNMPv1 also working if the printer is switched off or just just from time to time.


easyNag for iPhone & iPad


easyNag for iPhone & iPad easyNag is a simple and easy to use app which gives you quick access to your nagios monitoring system. New in Version 1.6: - iOS 10 Optimizations - Multiple actions for hosts - Schedule downtime for all services of a host - Disable / Enable all not ...

Check Windows Backup Log

Monitoring Microsoft Windows Backup Status from Nagios with NRPE and NSClient++


check_mandrill New!


check_mandrill Mandrill is a transactional email API, it's reliable, powerful, and ideal for sending data-driven emails. https://www.mandrill.com/ Mandrill can both send and receive smtp based email via http webhooks. Mandrill's API can be used to query the volume of e ...


box293_drive_inventory_windows New!


This plugin will report what hard drives in the range A: - Z: exist on a Windows machine. This plugin uses NSClient++ to gather the information. The plugin will use check_nrpe (by default) or check_nt (if specified) to query the Windows machine. This plu ...

/Category:File System

check_win_printers New!


Plugin to check all printers on a windows, like print server. It will inform how many printers have, how many are offline and also alert with warning or critical depending on the amount of printers offline. Please check the readme at https://github. ...



check_eth This plugins monitor realtime traffic on linux server interface on any distribution centos,redhat,debian etc . In old version by joseph stats are calculated wrong way not realtime but after my changes it will monitor your stats realtime transfer rate of i ...


check APC Galaxy status

This plugins monitors APC Galaxy.




Nagstamon Nagstamon is a Nagios status monitor for the Windows desktop. It resides in systray or as a floating statusbar at the desktop showing a brief summary of critical, warning, unknown, unreachable and down hosts and services and pops up a detailed status over ...


Windows - Security Sys Admin Dashboards

Windows - Security Sys Admin Dashboards Dashboards used for Sys Admin Security monitoring and alerting. TIP: Set up dashboard alerts, then you don't have to physical check all your dashboards.


Postfix Mails Stats

Postfix Mails Stats This is simple script that wil do the work with pnp4nagios graphs. Please Change mail.log permissions like (chmod 644 mail.log) so plugin have read permission on mail.log Implement logrotation on mail.log this file will rotate daily then you have stats ...



Poweshell script to check MSSQL Server AvailabilityGroup for SQL Server 2012 with AllwaysOn



Collects network interface traffic stats and calculates bandwidth utilization. (*nix only) $ perl check_ifutil.pl Usage: check_ifutil.pl -i -w -c [-p -b ] -i, --interface STRING Network interface name (example: eth0) -w, ...




Probe stackoverflow using the API


Check the disk size of Windows server and Unix server u...


Check the disk size of Windows server and Unix server using SNMP This plugin can check the disk size of Windows server and Unix server using SNMP v1 queries.

Check the status of DELL PowerEdge server


Check the status of DELL PowerEdge server This plugin can check the status of DELL PowerEdge server using SNMP v1 queries and Dell OpenManage.


Check CPU LOAD using SNMP


Check CPU LOAD using SNMP This plugin can check CPU load using SNMP v1 queries.

Check memory and swap usage on Windows or Linux Server ...


Check memory and swap usage on Windows or Linux Server using SNMP queries This plugin can check memory and swap usage on Windows or Linux Server using SNMP v1 queries.


Juniper SRX240 Monitoring Plugin (snmp)

This Plugin was written to monitor Juniper SRX240. What it does: - get FRU Units, its name and state based on OID (FRU) - gets ( if aviable ) TEMP of FRU Units (TEMP) - gets CPU- and MEM-Usage of System (S ...