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PCMeassure / Messpc.de Plugin


This is a plugin to check sensors connected to MessPc.de ethernet boxes. A Perl version of the plugin exists but is no longer maintained.


Check Microsoft Windows Scheduled Tasks


Check Microsoft Windows Scheduled Tasks Checks Microsoft Windows 2008 or higher enabled scheduled tasks excluding or including defined folders, task patterns and authors, returning state of tasks with name, author, exit code, last runtime and performance data to Nagios.


easyNag for iPhone & iPad


easyNag for iPhone & iPad easyNag is the most innovative, fastest and simplest app to interact with your Nagios, Icinga, OP5 Monitor, OpsView, Thruk/Naemon, or Check_MK monitoring system. Setup is easy - just add a new instance with the URL to your monitoring system, your usern ...

Check_as400 Popular


Check_as400 Nagios plugin to monitor IBM System i (AS/400)


check_kube Popular

check_kube This plugin attempts to provide general monitoring for Kubernetes deployments, daemonsets, replicationcontrollers, nodes, as well as Kubernetes components such as etcd, scheduler, and controller



Checks for critical or warning errors on windows file history logs

/Category:Log Files

Check Oracle StorageTek ACSLS

A Nagius plugin to check Oracle StorageTek ACSLS status. Written in BASH and is intended to run on the ACSLS host.


check_smart v2


check_smart v2 This is a plugin to monitor the SMART values of hard and solid state drives. The plugin is a fork of check_smart released in 2009 by Kurt Yoder. The biggest change is that this fork allows to also to be used for disks behind a hardware raid controller.




check_esxi_hardware.py This script is a Nagios plugin to monitor the hardware of ESX and ESXi servers. It can also be used as standalone script to check the hardware. The plugin is written in python and uses the pywbem extension, so you need to have python with pywbem installed ...


Dell Powervault MD38 Series Overall Health


Check Dell PowerVault MD 34/38 Series Storage Arrays Overall Health Prerequisites: -smcli installed on a windows machine and a Nagios compatible agent -Powershell Version 0.1 This script uses smcli to check the overall storage health, it wil repor ...

/Category:SAN and NAS

Dell Powervault MD38 Series Performance


This script reports the performance of virtual disk arrays of Dell Powervault MD38 Series, but in principle it should work with MD34 Series. Prerequisites: smcli on a windows machine and a Nagios compatible agent Version 0.1 This script uses smcli t ...

/Category:SAN and NAS

Check MS Print Server Queue (jobs)


This is an agent Script to check print queues of printers as they are registered on an Microsoft print server It checks for current jobs in each printer and the status is decided by the command line arguments the total jobs statuses have priority over i ...



Simple file system utilization script for any standard Linux system. Under the hood simply uses df -h


Monitoring AzureStack Alerts

Third party plugin written in python used to monitor AzureStack alerts.


Nagios XI Google Map Integration Component


Nagios XI Google Map Integration Component Display host status as an overlay on a Google Map within Nagios XI. Uses lat/long coordinates to identify host location. This component requires Nagios XI 1.2C or later.




Check Huawei OceanStor plugin for Nagios It serves as a hardware check of the Huawei OceanStor and was tested on OceanStor 2600V3 and OceanStor 5500v5. PLEASE BARE IN MIND THAT YOU STILL BETTER IMPLEMENT MAIL ALARMS ON THE STORAGE ITSELF

/Category:SAN and NAS



This plugin is DISCONTINUED, please use check-oceanstor.py => https://github.com/vasiliev123/check-oceanstor.py Check Huawei OceanStor plugin for Nagios It is adapted to serve as a hardware check of the Huawei OceanStor and was tested on OceanStor 260 ...

/Category:SAN and NAS


This script replaces the check_disk that comes with the Nagios. The check_disk that comes with Nagios reported that the inodes on AIX and Linux were constantly at 99% free, when in reality they were far less. AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, and Linux are all s ...