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Help build Nagios Exchange for yourself and the entire the Nagios Community by your Nagios project to the site. It's easy - just create an account, login, and add a new listing. Read the FAQ for instructions.

HP 3PAR Storage Monitor - Health Check New!

HP 3PAR Storage Monitor - Health Check Perl script uses Expect to login to 3par service processor via ssh. There is no additional software required. Can be used for nagios, op5, etc. monitoring.

/Category:SAN and NAS

check_tcp_connections - with netstat and filtered by st... New!

A small plugin to check the number of tcp connections by state.


check_users_and_ip New!

A small plugin to check who is logged on a linux machine and the external ip of this user.


sbench New!


Lightweight, tunable and simple benchmarking tool written in C that can be invoked through NRPE interface and performs tests on memory, CPU, disk and network.


check_end2end.pl - automate a website navigation


check_end2end.pl - automate a website navigation using a simple configuration file.




A small plugin to check the cpu temperature of your raspberry pi.


Check WMI Plus


Many, many agentless Windows checks using WMI. No need for any software installs on Windows. Monitor Microsoft Windows systems directly from your Nagios server. Supports user configurable checks using an ini file - create your own WMI Queries. Check W ...




check_amavis checks if amavisd-new daemon is working and if its antivirus engine is working


Weather Conditions and Forcast with Weather Underground

Nagios Plugin to check the current weather conditions with Weather Underground. Developed to work on Synagios (Synology Nagios Server)


check_yum_sec.sh New!


Simples script to check if there are pending security update for linux RedHat Based. requires yum-security


Check any zombie processes over machine New!

Check any zombie processes over machine A shell script that checks chrome zombie processes (which exists over 30 minutes) within machines process list - including docker! Recieves arguments: $1 = process name to check $2 = Warning level $3= Critical level


Check Philips Hue devices

Plugin to check if a certain Device is conected to a Hue Hub, if there is an update available for the Hub as well as Battery, Temperature, Power Status. More to come...




Check NRDS config information. For example, if you would like to get the results of what current config the client is ACTUALLY using: (all one line) check_NRDS_config.vbs "..\config.ini" "settings" "CONFIG_VERSION" Where 'settings' is your ini [ ...


Check Microsoft Windows Scheduled Tasks


Check Microsoft Windows Scheduled Tasks Checks Microsoft Windows 2008 or higher enabled scheduled tasks excluding or including defined folders and task patterns, returning state of tasks with name, author, exit code, last runtime and performance data to Nagios.




Dogz Dogz is a Mobile Application that allow users to see and to receive, in real time, problems or outages happening on a Computer Network.


easyNag for iPhone & iPad


easyNag for iPhone & iPad easyNag is a simple and easy to use app which gives you quick access to your nagios monitoring system. New in Version 1.6: - iOS 10 Optimizations - Multiple actions for hosts - Schedule downtime for all services of a host - Disable / Enable all not ...

NOD32 Antivirus Definition on Server Mirror Check


Nagios NOD32 Update Mirror Version Check Plugin for check the version of antivirus signatures from Internal NOD32 Server Mirror Update with system date and version of signatures present into Eset Nod32 website. This plugin monitor a NOD32 Update Mi ...


check_telnet - Using Net::Telnet

Using Net::Telnet , run commands in remote computer and returns the console data.

/Category:Remote Access

NCPA Monitoring Wizard

NCPA Monitoring Wizard This wizard allows you to easily monitor Windows and Linux machines that have the NCPA agent installed.