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IBM - nagios-for-i


Have an IBM i? You can monitor it with the IBM i Service and IBM i Custom SQL wizard. Download them both!


IBM 2005 B16 (brocade 200E) fiberswitch


Plugin to check the status of the IBM 2005 B16 Brocade SAN switches.

/Category:IBM Brocade

IBM Brocade SAN Switch

Check various SAN switches

/Category:IBM Brocade

IBM Connections plugins


Nagios Plugins for IBM Connections These Nagios Plugins can be used to monitor an IBM Connections environment.

IBM DS 35xx healt check script


This Perl check will monitor various aspects of an IBM DS 35xx storage system using Storage Manager's SMcli. It has been reported that this plugin works with several models of "small" IBM DS storage systems: * DS 3400 (Firmware version: ...

/Category:SAN and NAS

IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC) and IBM Storvize Monito...

IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC) and IBM Storvize Monitor Perl script uses Expect to login to IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC) or IBM Storvize device via ssh. There is no additional software required. Can be used for nagios, op5, etc. monitoring.

/Category:SAN and NAS

IBM StorWize V3700 / V7000 check

This plugin is an updated / modified version of the plugin found at: https://exchange.nagios.org/directory/Plugins/Hardware/Storage-Systems/SAN-and-NAS/IBM-San-Volume-Controller/IBM-v7000--2D-v7000-Unified/details. Tested to work with: - IBM StorWize ...


IBM Storwize V7000

This plugin tests an IBM Storwize V7000. The V7000 uses IBM's San Volume Controller (SVC) code as the base for its controllers, so this health check may work with SVC itself, but I can't test that. For this script to work, you need to first setup an ...


IBM Storwize V7000 check_ibm_v7000_svc


Checks several states of IBM V7000 SVC via perl module IBM::SVC (enclosures, drives, arrays, batteries, psu's canisters, enclosureslots, vdisks and consistency group states). you may exclude some objects for vdisk and consistency group checks.


IBM Storwize v7000 Performance

Plugin to check storage's performance. It doesn't need any extra libraries.


IBM v7000 - v7000 Unified


This is a bash script to check the hardware status of IBM Storwize v7000. It use 'ssh' protocoll with certificate authentication. If you have any suggestion write me!


IBM Websphere MQ Plugin

IBM Webspere MQ Monitoring *UPDATED*


IBM WebSphere MQSeries

Hi there! This 4 shell scripts will help you monitor: * MQ status * MQ listener status * MQ queue depth * MQ queues The scripts runs locally, and they automatically discovers the queues. See the code to get more info. Looking forward to hear ...


IBM WebSphere MQSeries Queues Monitor

This simple plugin gets deepness in MQSeries queues, and returns his value.



Using the excellent checker by Martin Leucht I have extended it to cover more SVC specific functions such as IO Groups, Hosts, Mdisks, Vdisks, and Mdisk Groups.


Icon Set Generator

This script automates the process of generation the nessessary image formats for Nagios: The script takes a GIF file as an argument (or *.gif) and generates image files in JPEG, PNG and GD2 formats.



Checks the errors of a given interface name with snmp. without the overhead of check_traffic.




IFICNagios A User Frontend

/Category:OSX Interfaces


Checks the utilization of a given interface name with snmp. without the overhead of check_traffic.



Checks the utilization of a given interface name with snmp. Changed a few things. Make sure rrdtool is getting bytes. Make sure rrdtool is not generating spikes.

IIS Application Pool (AppPool) Extended Check

IIS Application Pool (AppPool) Extended Check With this simple script it's possible to monitor all application pools without adding something to your configuration file or add a new service check. its simply designed. checking every application pool in the IIS7 (maybe 6/8) not tested yet. Its po ...


IIS Dashboard

IIS Dashboard The IIS dashboard for nagios log server will allow you to visualize many different variations of response time compared to various metrics. Other informative details such as, most and least found instances of useragent, uri, and response code, provide a w ...


iLert Notification Plugin (Voice, SMS, iPhone)


iLert Notification Plugin (Voice, SMS, iPhone) iLert extends Nagios and other monitoring tools with On-Call Schedules, Voice, SMS, and Push Notification capabilities. iLert is provided as a cloud service and is easy to setup.


Implementacion de Nagios


Implementacion de Nagios Este es un proyecto de implementacion de un gestor de redes, Nagios.


Importing Config Files Into XI


This document describes how to migrate and import Nagios Core configuration files into Nagios® XI™. Importing configuration files is only required in instances where administrators wish to import configurations from existing Nagios Core installations. ...

Importing Nagios Log Server Into Microsoft Hyper-V


This document is intended to explain how to import the Nagios Log Server VHD image into Microsoft Hyper-V. This document is intended for use by Nagios Log Server customers who wish to run Nagios Log Server withinHyper-V using our preinstalled VHD image ...

Importing Nagios XI into Microsoft Hyper-V


The purpose of this documentation is to provide a guide on importing the Nagios XI virtual machine into a Microsoft Hyper-V environment. This guide is directed towards Microsoft and Nagios administrators interested in running the Nagios XI virtual mach ...

Improve Nagios Performance Using RAMDISK


This tutorial demonstrates how to use RAMDISK in order to improve Nagios performance.

In-depth checks for JBoss Java EE Server


This plugin provides a Perl Nagios plugin and a simple drop in deployment for JBoss. The combination of the two enable in-depth checks of nearly every aspect of the server. No JDK installation required on the Nagios server.




iNag2 iNag2 is the encore to the award wining app used by thousands of network administrators around the world. • Process information and control • Available Push Alerts • Host and Service grouping. • Comments viewable for both Host and Services. ...


Industry License Manager Plugins


Plugins to use with Nagios to check major industry license managers (FlexLM, LM-X, LSTC...).


InfiniBand Performance Counters Check

The plugin check_iberr.pl checks and reports the status of InfiniBand network adapters (RcvErrors, LinkDowned, XmtDiscards, etc.). Either the performance/error counters were checked remotely via InfiniBand (very fast) or via NRPE on the specific host.


Informix database extent check check_informix_extent.s...

Checking and reporting the available extent number in in a Informix database. check_informix_extent.sh


Informix database max connection check check_informix_...

Check Informix database max connection Usage: check_informix_maxconn.sh [-w warning] [-c critical] -w 80 - warning value (default 80) -c 100 - critical /error value (default 100) -h - help ...


Infotrend Storage


Check a Infotrend Storage by SNMP.

/Category:Storage Systems

Infrant Readynas - SNMP Health


This is a collection of scripts to monitor the heath of an infrant readynas.


Ingate Logos

Ingate Logos Ingate (http://www.ingate.com) logos for use in nagios. Included in .tgz is .jpg, .gif, .png, .gd2

/Category:Images and Logos

InnoDB Free Space


A shell script (/bin/sh) that connects to a specified MySQL database and checks the free innodb space.




This application to monitoring who access nagios server or other client computer from remote computer. So you can prevent your server from people attack or unknown user login into your server. You can use this application to monitoring ssh connection, ...


Insight Management Agents

Insight Management Agents Global health check for Compaq/HP servers hardware with a focus on comprehensive but user-friendly output.

/Category:HP (Compaq)

Insight Management Logs

Insight Management Logs Check the status of HP Insight Logs. This is a revision of Frank Baschin' plugin. It presents more helpful information and accurate status codes.

/Category:HP (Compaq)

Instalación y configuración de Nagios Core 4.0.4

En este documento se explica como instalar y configurar Nagios Core con algunos plugins, todo esto corriendo sobre Debian. En su interior se explica: - Qué es Nagios. - Preparación e instalación de Nagios en un equipo Linux. - Instalación de plu ...

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