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Category: Core Config Manager

Various video tutorials on the Core Configuration Manager in Nagios XI.

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Nagios XI – Core Config Manager – Bulk Modification...

Got a lot of things to monitor? The bulk modification tool easily lets you modify everything at once. Watch this short, easy tutorial to figure out how.

Nagios XI – Core Config Manager – Bulk Renaming Tool

Rename your hosts and services and keep all the old perf data. Learn how in this easy tutorial.

Nagios XI – Core Config Manager – Configuration Sna...

Get yourself out of some trouble by creating configuration snapshots. Roll back to any previous configuration when things worked perfectly. This tutorial video shows you the easy way to set them up.

Nagios XI – Core Config Manager – Escalation Wizard

Escalate the alerts. Get past the level 1 person to make the most out of your monitoring needs.

Nagios XI – Core Config Manager – Host Groups

Manage host groups in the Core Config Manager with this easy walkthrough tutorial video.

Nagios XI – Core Config Manager – How it Works

Learn the basics of functioning the Core Config Manager in Nagios XI, a powerful tool that manages your configuration files for Nagios Core.

Nagios XI – Core Config Manager – Service Groups

Learn how to do service groups in Nagios XI on the Core Config Manager the easy way.