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Nagios Exchange

Nagios Exchange

Nagios® Exchange is the central place where you'll find all types of Nagios projects - plugins, addons, documentation, extensions, and more. This site is designed for the Nagios Community to share its Nagios creations.

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There are 5407 listings in 442 categories on Nagios Exchange!

Newest Nagios Projects

  • Lunovia Notifier - Notification Plugin for Instant Messengers

    This is a Business Bot (Chatbot) for Nagios Notifications using the Lunovia's Business Bot Platform (Chatbot platform) extends Nagios with Instant Messages capabilities for Push Notifications. Nagios Notification is provided as on-premise and cloud solution and is ready to go within few steps.

  • Weather checking dashlet

    Choose the city name from the drop down list and get weather updates every hour!

  • Plugin to Check SpeedFan Metrics via SpeedFan HTTP Agent

    Nagios plugin to make SpeedFan metrics available via speedfanhttpagent URL (XML format).

  • Nagios XI – Understanding And Using XI Tools

    This document describes the Nagios XI Tools menu and what it can be used for. This document is intended for use by Nagios XI Administrators and Users.

  • RabbitMQ Notification Handler

    This component allows you to send your Nagios XI notifications to RabbitMQ. Simply install the component using this documentation: You will be able to provide credentials as well as a destination queue you would like to send your notifications to. For more information or to request help/features, visit the github page:

  • check_smb3

    Check an SMB share using SMB1, SMB2, or SMB3. Checks Logon, Access, and if a share exists.

  • check_snmp_multiplier

    check_snmp.patch add ability to multiply the check_snmp result by a float number. Nagios Plugins: 2.2.1

  • NetMap4Nagios

    NetMap4Nagios is front-end for system Nagios. It is easy to use. You can import hostgroups and servicegroups from Nagios, create customer map of network, monitor alarms. Aftrer installation, from menu->file->import hostgrou simply import hostgroup from Nagios sytem. You can create tree node and net map automatically. All questions please send: Map/Diagram editor has been based on mxGraph and is very friendly (like Visio). You can use copy/cut/past/undo/zoom functions (ctrl+c,ctrl+v,ctrl+x,ctrl+z).

  • Nagios XI – How to Monitor Windows Event Logs Using SNMP Traps

    This document describes how to monitor Windows Event Logs via SNMP within Nagios® XI™ using the eTrap agent from the Nagios Exchange. This allows users to quickly and easily be alerted to real-time network events and incidents taking place on their network, specifically their Windows machines. This document is intended for use by Nagios Administrators who wish to quickly and easily be alerted to activity on Windows Event logs with Nagios XI, Nagios Core, or NSTI via SNMP traps.

  • check_snmp_cisco_asa_fw_temp

    This Nagios Plugins is SNMP Based, used to monitor only Cisco ASA Firewall’s Temperature of all available sensor/s.