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Nagios Exchange

NagiosĀ® Exchange is the central place where you'll find all types of Nagios projects - plugins, addons, documentation, extensions, and more. This site is designed for the Nagios Community to share its Nagios creations.

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Newest Nagios Projects

  • Check_docker_swarm

    This is a plugin that monitors docker swarm quorum i.e. it monitors how many manager nodes of the docker swarm are up and healthy. This plugin returns 'OK' when all the managers are healthy and reachable or when we are trying to run the plugin on the worker node. On the other hand it returns 'WARNING' when any of the manger node is down, and 'CRITICAL' if more than half of the manager nodes are unreachable...

  • Statusengine

    Statusengine is a project to process and store event data collected by Nagios. Statusengine will save all monitoring data to MySQL, CrateDB or Redis. It also has an inbuild performance data processor, which is able to save perfdata to Graphite, CrateDB, Elasticsearch and MySQL.

  • Statusengine UI

    Statusengine UI is a lightweight, responsive, modern web interface, you can use, to make your monitoring data visible.

  • check_couchbase_node

    Python script which sends GET request to couchbase cluster REST api: http://cluster_dns/pools/nodes

  • Cisco WLC users Script (PHP)

  • 3PAR Check Script (PHP)

  • check_win_updates

    Neat VBscript to check if windows machines require an update (and/or a subsequent reboot). Windows 7 and 10 and others maybe ;-)


    This plugin monitors CPU Idle of UNIX/LINUX OS and gets a lot of additional Info from SNMPD. Plugin checks are made via SNMP v2c/3 and returns CPU Idle percent in Output and Perfdata and other stats in Performance data. REQUIRE include . in snmpd.conf STATS, that are getting by this plugin: user_cpu_time_percent = . system_cpu_time_percent = . idle_cpu_time_percent = . raw_user_cpu_time = . raw_nice_cpu_time = . raw_system_cpu_time = . raw_idle_cpu_time = . raw_wait_cpu_time = . raw_kernel_cpu_time = . raw_interrupt_cpu_time_oid = . Plugin Requires this perl modules: Net::SNMP, Getopt::Long Example of plugin usage and results: $ ./ -H -C public -w 40 -c 30 SNMP OK - OS: CPU_Idle 91 | 'OS: CPU_Idle'=91;40;30;0;0; user_cpu_time_percent=7 system_cpu_time_percent=1 raw_user_cpu_time=2430124993 raw_nice_cpu_time=1254974 raw_system_cpu_time=431663749 raw_idle_cpu_time=382079558 raw_wait_cpu_time=7422831 raw_kernel_cpu_time=0 raw_interrupt_cpu_time=18599 $ ./ -H -C public -w 95 -c 80 SNMP WARNING - OS: CPU_Idle 92 | 'OS: CPU_Idle'=92;95;80;0;0; user_cpu_time_percent=6 system_cpu_time_percent=1 raw_user_cpu_time=2430127289 raw_nice_cpu_time=1254974 raw_system_cpu_time=431664080 raw_idle_cpu_time=382100867 raw_wait_cpu_time=7422838 raw_kernel_cpu_time=0 raw_interrupt_cpu_time=18599 $ ./ -H -C public -w 95 -c 92 SNMP CRITICAL - OS: CPU_Idle 92 | 'OS: CPU_Idle'=92;95;92;0;0; user_cpu_time_percent=6 system_cpu_time_percent=0 raw_user_cpu_time=2430127382 raw_nice_cpu_time=1254974 raw_system_cpu_time=431664097 raw_idle_cpu_time=382112743 raw_wait_cpu_time=7422840 raw_kernel_cpu_time=0 raw_interrupt_cpu_time=18599 $ ./ -H -C public -w 95:94 -c 92:91 SNMP CRITICAL - OS: CPU_Idle 91 | 'OS: CPU_Idle'=91;95:94;92:91;0;0; user_cpu_time_percent=7 system_cpu_time_percent=1 raw_user_cpu_time=2430130433 raw_nice_cpu_time=1254974 raw_system_cpu_time=431664607 raw_idle_cpu_time=382145091 raw_wait_cpu_time=7422847 raw_kernel_cpu_time=0 raw_interrupt_cpu_time=18599 $ ./ -H -C public -w 95:94 -c 92:90 SNMP CRITICAL - OS: CPU_Idle 91 | 'OS: CPU_Idle'=91;95:94;92:90;0;0; user_cpu_time_percent=6 system_cpu_time_percent=1 raw_user_cpu_time=2430130599 raw_nice_cpu_time=1254974 raw_system_cpu_time=431664638 raw_idle_cpu_time=382156876 raw_wait_cpu_time=7422848 raw_kernel_cpu_time=0 raw_interrupt_cpu_time=18599 $ ./ -H -C public -w 95:94 -c 90:80 SNMP CRITICAL - OS: CPU_Idle 90 | 'OS: CPU_Idle'=90;95:94;90:80;0;0; user_cpu_time_percent=8 system_cpu_time_percent=1 raw_user_cpu_time=2430132586 raw_nice_cpu_time=1254974 raw_system_cpu_time=431664860 raw_idle_cpu_time=382166621 raw_wait_cpu_time=7422851 raw_kernel_cpu_time=0 raw_interrupt_cpu_time=18599 $ ./ -H -C public -w 95:94 -c 85:80 SNMP OK - OS: CPU_Idle 91 | 'OS: CPU_Idle'=91;95:94;85:80;0;0; user_cpu_time_percent=7 system_cpu_time_percent=1 raw_user_cpu_time=2430133045 raw_nice_cpu_time=1254974 raw_system_cpu_time=431664893 raw_idle_cpu_time=382178111 raw_wait_cpu_time=7422852 raw_kernel_cpu_time=0 raw_interrupt_cpu_time=18599 Nagios commands.cfg config can be like this: ## SNMP CPU Idle with CPU Stats in Perfdata define command{ command_name check_snmp_cpu_idle_with_stats command_line $USER1$/contrib/ -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -C $ARG1$ -p $ARG2$ -w $ARG3$ -c $ARG4$ } Service config for Nagios can be like this: define service{ use generic-service service_description OS: CPU_Idle host_name server1.server2 contact_groups server-admins active_checks_enabled 1 passive_checks_enabled 1 max_check_attempts 1 check_interval 3 retry_interval 5 check_period 24x7 notification_options w,c,r notification_interval 120 check_command check_snmp_cpu_idle_with_stats!public!161!50!20! }

  • check_tasmota

    Nagios plugin to check Wifiplugs and attached sensors running Tasmota Firmware

  • check_curl

    Check a web page contents for specific search terms. Built on check_curl2 posted on Nagios Exchange by nagiosexchange. Added capability to define authentication type, number of apparitions of Grep, header values, HTTP expected code, etc.