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NagiosĀ® Exchange is the central place where you'll find all types of Nagios projects - plugins, addons, documentation, extensions, and more. This site is designed for the Nagios Community to share its Nagios creations.

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Newest Nagios Projects

  • Check if FS is Mounted ( AIX, NFS, UNIX, Linux, Solaris

    Shell Script for Nagios, checks if the FS given is mounted. Assumes that you are checking NFS by default, but it can check for any type of FS: NFS, NFSv4, CIFS, JFS, JFS2, EXT2, EXT3, EXT4, etc (If a FS is mounted more than once it gives a Warning & reports the number of mounts). This script do not check fstab or /etc/filesystem or other tab entries, as it is designed to consume as little CPU time as possible and to be used in different OS types. It is a simple script, but it detects mounts of practically any type of FS, and multiple instances mounted of the same FS. Verified compatible with the following OS: IBM AIX v7.1, v6.1, v5.2 RHEL v6.6, v4.8, RHL v9 Ubuntu v10.04.4 LTS SuSe v11 CentOS v6.6, v6.5 CygWin v2.5.1, v2.0.4 & BusyBox v1.22.1 Oracle Solaris x86 v11.3, v10 SCO OpenServer v6.0.0 SCO UnixWare v7.1.4+, v7.1.4 Released under GPLv3. Author: Carlos Ijalba - 2016.


    This Script Allow you to send a sms via external API without Plugging in a GSM or Modem using Winsms

  • (sites running under TOMCAT) This is my first Bash script, let alone first Nagios Script, so please excuse any errors, and I welcome advice. I wrote this script as I didn't have access to the management console for Tomcat without using multiple usernames and passwords, this runs locally or via NRPE, and will count the amount of Tomcat Sessions running on the local server. Designed to check if too many TOMCAT sites have been created on a particular server. Local Command line is -w X -c X NRPE command command[check_sites_running]=/usr/lib64/nagios/plugins/ -w X -c X

  • Dell OpenManage Plug-in for Nagios XI

    Dell OpenManage Plug-in for Nagios XI provides capabilities to monitor 12th and later generations of Dell PowerEdge Servers through an Agent-Free, Out-of-Band method using Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) with Lifecycle Controller as well as monitor Dell Chassis and Dell Storage devices in the Nagios XI console.

  • Check SNMP RAM service

    This plugin checks process memory by SNMP on host.

  • Check IBM Storwize V7000 Unified / SONAS VFS Warnings

    This bash script reports on the number of VFS warnings logged by Samba in an IBM Storwize V7000 Unified / SONAS system, by evaluating syslog entries in /var/log/messages.

  • Check IBM Storwize V7000 Unified / SONAS SMB Sessions

    This bash script reports on the number of SMB sessions in an IBM Storwize V7000 Unified / SONAS system, by evaluating syslog entries in /var/log/messages.

  • Check_3par_volume

    Nagios script to Check available size on datastores HP 3PAR Storage virtual volumes.

  • Check IBM Storwize V7000 Unified / SONAS Replication

    This bash script checks the status of the last replication task of an IBM Storwize V7000 Unified / SONAS system.

  • iostat nagios plugin

    Check disk io