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Nagios Exchange

NagiosĀ® Exchange is the central place where you'll find all types of Nagios projects - plugins, addons, documentation, extensions, and more. This site is designed for the Nagios Community to share its Nagios creations.

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Nagios Speedview

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Newest Nagios Projects

  • check_win_printers

    Plugin to check all printers on a windows, like print server. It will inform how many printers have, how many are offline and also alert with warning or critical depending on the amount of printers offline. Please check the readme at

  • check_eth

    This plugins monitor realtime traffic on linux server interface on any distribution centos,redhat,debian etc . In old version by joseph stats are calculated wrong way not realtime but after my changes it will monitor your stats realtime transfer rate of interface. Steps: apply this plugin like this --------------------------------------------------- ./check_eth -i eth0 -w 1024K Bps -c 2048K Bps where i=interface -w=Warning can be defined in KB,MB etc like (-w 1024K Bps or -w 1M Bps) -c =Critical can be defined in KB,MB etc like (-c 2048K Bps or -c 2M Bps) 2.also # cd /tmp # ls -lha | grep traffic there is file name traffic-eth0 or traffic-eth1 according to your interface change its permission as per your nrpe user like chown nagios:nagios traffic-eth0 or if nrpe user is nrpe then chown nrpe:nrpe traffic-eth0 so that nrpe have write permission on it. Result:after that apply as per in your nrpe.cfg on remote and cheers you will get realtime traffic rate on nagios :) #./check_eth -i eth0 -w 1024K Bps -c 2048K Bps Traffic on eth0 : RX Bytes: 1TB, TX Bytes: 3TB: RX Speed: 129KBps, TX Speed: 248KBps: OK bandwidth utilization

  • check APC Galaxy status

    This plugins monitors APC Galaxy.

  • Windows - Security Sys Admin Dashboards

    Dashboards used for Sys Admin Security monitoring and alerting. TIP: Set up dashboard alerts, then you don't have to physical check all your dashboards.

  • Check_AG

    Poweshell script to check MSSQL Server AvailabilityGroup for SQL Server 2012 with AllwaysOn

  • Postfix Mails Stats

    This is simple script that wil do the work with pnp4nagios graphs. Please Change mail.log permissions like (chmod 644 mail.log) so plugin have read permission on mail.log Implement logrotation on mail.log this file will rotate daily then you have stats of daily basis. Warning and Critical levels are not defined because i dint feel the need. #./check_mstat Total Mails Sent: 110357 Bounced: 861 Deferred: 6068 |Sent=110357;0;9999999 Bounced=861;0;9999999 Deferred=6068;0;9999999 Thanks :) cheers


    Powershell script to check if HP Dataprotector routines have failed to run. Tested on windows Server 2012, but should work on Windows Server 2008 an on.

  • check_stackoverflow

    Probe stackoverflow using the API

  • Check Dell S-series FTOS switches (former Force10)

    Check status of hardware for Dell S-series FTOS switches (former Force10)

  • check_maxdb

    This plugin checks various states of the MaxDB database. This plugin executes the following checks for MaxDB Databases percentage free in Log Area percentage free in Data Area database status failed backups You need the database manager command line interface for the MaxDB database system. Set the variable $dbmcli to the path of your dbmcli program. Usage: ./ -t -H -d -u -w -c -h, --help print this help message -t --type=[L|D|B|S] type of check: L check the fill size of the Log Area D check the fill size of the Data Area B check the backup history for failed backups in the last x hours S check Database status (online, admin, cold) -H, --hostname=HOST name or IP address of database host to check -d, --database=DBNAME database name -u, --user=USER,PASSWORD user and password for database access -w, --warn=INTEGER warning level for Log/Data Area used in percent (0 for no checks) or warning level for number of failed backups -c, --crit=INTEGER critical level for Log/Data Area used in percent (0 for no checks) or critical level for number of failed backups -b, --backup-hours=INTEGER check backup history for the last x hours (only needed by check type B) -f, --perfparse Perfparse compatible output -V, --version prints version number