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Nagios Exchange

Nagios Exchange

Nagios® Exchange is the central place where you'll find all types of Nagios projects - plugins, addons, documentation, extensions, and more. This site is designed for the Nagios Community to share its Nagios creations.

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IIS Dashboard

IIS Dashboard

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Newest Nagios Projects

  • mysql_check_connections

    Simple (and fast) check of the max number of connections used vs max configured. Also on github:

  • Check_SHOUTCast_v2

    ** Check SHOUTCast v2 + stream + listeners ** A Simple Nagios plugin for SHOUTCast, written in bash. This Nagios plugin will query a target SHOUTCast v2 server on the specified port for response, source connected and listeners (total/max/peak) at scheduled times. Thresholds can be configured within the script and/or parsed from the service declaration within each host. For the plugin to function properly, we'll need curl and xml2. DISCLAIMER: All info is provided "AS-IS", it's intended to fit my own purpose, and any unwanted consequences on your environment is your responsibility. You can take this, touch it, modify it, and make it work in your own setup without any guarantee that it will even work. If it does, awesome, but if it doesn't, well, you're on your own.

  • check_ lenovo xcc

    Python and bash script to monitor LENOVO server with XCC

  • Understanding Alerting In Nagios Network Analyzer

    This document describes how to create various alerts in Nagios Network Analyzer, such as sending them to a Nagios XI or Nagios Core monitoring server using Nagios Remote Data Processor (NRDP), sending an email, sending SNMP traps and executing scripts. This document is intended for use by Nagios Network Analyzer Administrators and users looking for information on how to setup alerting.

  • Nagios Network Analyzer – Managing Users

    This document describes how to add or modify Nagios Network Analyzer user accounts. This document is intended for use by Nagios Network Analyzer Administrators who need to create or modify users.


    Plugin for checking count of inodes on a partition. The total amount of free/used inodes will be checked, where multiple partitions may be checked in the same run. Supports pnp4nagios for creation of performance graphs. Usage: check_inodes -w [warn, if free inode space is less than given percent] -c [critical, if free inode space is less than given percent] -p [Partition(s)] All options are mandantory. Warning and critical thresholds must be given in percent with '%' sign and multiple partitions must be seperated by comma e.g. check_inodes -w 10% -c 5% -f /dev/sda1,/dev/mapper/VG_MYVG-LV_MYLV

  • Nagios plugin for monitoring Unity system

    Nagios plugin for monitoring Unity system nagios-unity is built on top of storops, which interacts with Unity storage via RESTful API. nagios-unity provides an easy-to-use command line interface for invocation of nagios servers. nagios-unity follows the output rules defined by Print only one line of text

  • check_sybase_rs

    Script for monitoring SAP (Sybase) Replication Server using Nagios Script performs the following checks: - no processes are down (suspended) - health status

  • check_sybase_ase

    Script for monitoring SAP (Sybase) Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) using Nagios Script performs the following checks: - the server is up - no blocked processes (default threshold is 300 seconds) - no long running transactions (default threshold is 300 seconds) - log segment is not full in all databasess - free space in data segment for all databasess

  • luanagios

    Luanagios allows to write NAGIOS check plugins in Lua. Currently two modules are provided: check_host.lua - memory/disk usage, system load checking for host computers (Linux, MacOS or Windows) using SNMP check_fritz.lua - uptime, lan/wan/wlan statistics, time, SSID, ... checking for AVM Fritz Boxes using TR-064 SOAP.