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Category: Dell

Nagios plugins to monitoring Dell server hardware.

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Check Dell Megaraid - PercSNMP controller and drives st...

This is updated and partially rewritten version of John Reuning's check_megaraid which in addition to supporting report of status of logical and physical drives now also checks for medium and other errors. Reporting format is also extended.

Check Dell PERC Array

Using Net::SNMP, this script checks the channel state, global state and disk states of a PERC RAID array on a server running Dell's OpenManage

Check Dell server power supplies status

Plugin specificly for purposes of checking status of dell server power pupplies via snmp (so you must have openmanage installed on the server)

Check iDrac via IPMI

This script uses an iDRAC user to check the server hardware via iDRAC. It has been tested and used with dell servers and blades running iDRAC 6 & 7. It uses freeipmi to perform the actual query. I strongly recommend using a read only user for this. ...


Check SMART status modified

Check SMART status of a given disk.

Check the status of Dell EqualLogic storage

Check the status of Dell EqualLogic storage This plugin can check the status of Dell EqualLogic storage using SNMP queries.


Check the status of DELL PowerEdge server

Check the status of DELL PowerEdge server This plugin can check the status of DELL PowerEdge server using SNMP v1 queries and Dell OpenManage.


Checks and Displays iDRAC Information with RACADM

Checks and Displays iDRAC Information with RACADM Monitoring script for displaying Dell iDRAC Info using RACADM


Checks Dell Chassis Hardware Status using SNMP

Checks Dell Chassis Hardware Status using SNMP Monitoring script for Dell Chassis Hardware Status using SNMP protocol and Chassis Management Controller (CMC).


Checks Dell Server Hardware Status using SNMP

Checks Dell Server Hardware Status using SNMP Monitoring script for Dell Hardware Status using SNMP protocol and iDRAC.


Checks Dell Ship date using SNMP against the iDRAC

Checks Dell Ship date using SNMP against the iDRAC Monitoring script for Dell Ship Date using SNMP protocol


Checks Dell Warranty information using SNMP

Checks Dell Warranty information using SNMP New monitoring script for Dell Warranty using SNMP protocol; Provides performance data as well. Dell has moved to a more secure method for obtaining information on devices (including warranty info). They moved away from API key (v4) to OAuthTLS2.0 (v5) ...



Optionally grab ServiceTag from OpenManage via SNMP, and then poll Dell SOAP service for service contract expiration dates.



Nagios plugin for checking the status of a Dell RAID array using 'afacli'


check_dell_bladechassis check_dell_bladechassis is a plugin for Nagios which checks the hardware health of Dell blade enclosures via SNMP. The plugin supports both the new M1000e enclosure and the old 1855/1955 enclosures.


check for Dell DRAC5 service processor via SSH


check for Dell iDRAC 9 service processors via SNMP


Check health and perf data of MD3200 and MD3000. Requires SMcli be installed on the system. And centreon/nagios have rights to execute it. 2015/03/27: Added a --no-ping-check option If you can provide results of the following smcli command, it would ...


Plugin for checking the status of a Dell RAID array using 'omreport'


Nagios plugin for checking the status of Dell chassis sensors using 'omreport'


Alert on temperature variations. Written in python.



check_equallogic This is a plugin to monitor a Dell Equallogic storage device with Nagios. Its written in shell so it should run on almost all Linux/Unix based systems. It's using SNMP (v2) to query the informations from the Equallogic device. To be able to use the script ...



check_ipmi This plugin uses the ipmitool command and can obtain value of sensor. You can question one or several sensor in one command. Example (question for fans): ./ -H --username user -P password "FAN 1 RPM" "FAN 2 RPM" -w 4000 ...

Check_IPMI Plugin

Check IPMI Vales from the BMC on the Dell PowerEdge (or DRAC5) or other IPMI agent.


I really like the check_dell_bladechassis plugin, but I wanted to have graphs from the fans and some more event monitoring for our DELL M1000e chassis. =========== INFORMATION ABOUT THIS PLUGIN =============== This plugin checks the status of fans, ...



Remotely check Dell PowerEdge Servers with OMSA installed via SNMP (no omreport involved).


Legacy bash script plugin to check virtual disk health using the OpenManage server administrator software. No longer maintained -- please use the vastly superior check_openmanage plugin.


A perl script that uses SNMP to monitor Global State, Logical Disk States, Physical Disk States, and Controller States for either Array Manager or Storage Manager.

simple script to check if perc6i raid is degraded or has critical or offline disks

This script aims to check the status of dell hardware with the Dell Open Manage agents installed and provide somewhat detailed information to assist in troubleshooting. Most of all, this tries to avoid getting really annoying alerts when the storage contr ...

check_snmp_raid / check_sasraid_megaraid

This plugin uses SNMP to check status of raid cards and NAS devices. The type of controller is specified with -T option. Supported types are: megaraid, sasraid, perc3, perc4, perc5, perc6, perch700, mptfusion, sas6ir, sas6, adaptec, hp, smartarray, eti ...


Dell Array Disks Status Script

This is a bash script that checks all disk status on Dell Servers. You have to have the Dell MIBs installed in your Nagios system, relies on snmpwalk to pull the information.

Dell BMC IPMI Checks

This is a check plugin for the Dell BMC IPMI interface. This has been tested and developed with the PowerEdge 2950.

Dell OpenManage Chassis

Checks the chassis hardware (fans, temperatures, voltages et al) of Dell servers using OpenManage.

Dell OpenManage Storage

Checks storage devices (disks, RAIDs, controllers) attached to Dell server systems.

Dell Out-of-band Server Monitoring Plug-in

Monitors Dell PowerEdge servers out-of-band (OOB) via iDRAC7 using this plug-in in Nagios Core. Supports all Dell PowerEdge 12G Servers (via iDRAC7 )


Dell Server Check

This plugin connects directly to a DRAC (Dell Remote Access Controller) or iDRAC (Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller) and provides information about the server and its status. This program does not require OpenManage to work, and is thus more ind ...

Dell Server Monitor via iDRAC & SNMP

Monitor Dell Server via iDRAC & SNMP? don't neet install openmanager or anyother software



Checks CPU Temp of DELL Servers with SNMP from Linux machine.

dell waranty check

Check dell warranty status plugin



dellkit_warranty is a Nagios plugin to check the remaining days of warranty left for Dell hardware. I am aware there are (at least) 2 other plugins that do this. This one works with ESXi servers as well using the excellent VMware Perl SDK, the others ...



Reports excessive rise of temperatures on a dell server relying on omreport utility from dell. This plugin will not use absolute temperature, just its relative change. Used to warn of fan or Air conditionning failure.


ESXI Dell perc HDD/SDD S.M.A.R.T. check

Linux plugin that uses ssh to remotely login on ESXi hosts and check the S.M.A.R.T. on all HDDs/SSDs for this controller


LSI Mega RAID plugin for 32-bit and 64-bit systems

Plugin to test LSI MegaRaid or Dell Perc arrays on 32-bit and 64-bit systems

OM Python Plugin

Python Plugin to retrieve data from DELL servers Open Manager.

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