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Mac OS X Wizard

Mac OS X Wizard A Nagios XI configuration wizard for monitoring Mac OS/X workstations and servers.

Mac OSX Monitoring Tools


A suite of scripts and tools to assist in monitoring Mac OS X server & client with Nagios. Designed with minimal dependencies.

/Category:Mac OS / OSX



Nagios status bar monitoring tool for MacOS X. Have you ever wished that you could just look at the top right corner of your Mac desktop and see a little icon and a number that indicated how your servers were doing? And if something went wrong, get a l ...

/Category:OSX Interfaces



Plugin to check Temperature and/or Humidity through Magiant USB Sensors. Added perfdata and pnp4nagios templates.


Mail Log Dashboard


Mail Log Dashboard I have seen plenty of Nagios XI users, who would not receive alerts, because they haven't set up sendmail/postfix properly. Searching the mail log for "bounced" errors may be helpful for identifying these issues. My second query is for finding segf ...


Mail Server Monitoring Wizard


Mail Server Monitoring Wizard This Nagios XI wizard allows you to easily monitor critical aspects of email servers - including SMTP, IMAP, POP and whether or not a mail server is on a realtime spam blacklist (RBL).


Purpose: ======== Submitting alert emails to a monitor system based on Nagios Features of the program: ======================== - Accepts Internet mail (text), MIME and Multipart MIME messages (nested MIME not supported) - Extracts sender, subject ...

/Category:Passive Checks

Mail2Nagios, a Nagios status generator from mails

This Perl tool can transform unformatted mails to NSCA messages or GED messages (EyesOf Network Generic Event Dispatcher). It happens sometimes that the only way to monitor a system is to configure mail notification on it. The idea is to transport this ...


Mailbox Health 2007.ps1

A Powershell Script based on the excellent Mailbox 2010 Health script that performs similar functionality for Exchange 2007 servers. Requires the NSClient or NSCP client on the Exchange server. See remarks in script for details.


Maintaining Manual Object Configuration Files in Nagios...


This document is intended to describe how to manually maintain external object configuration files with Nagios® XI™. External object configuration files are object definitions which are processed by Nagios XI but are not maintained or managed using the ...

Manage Your Nagios Installation With NagiosQL


This article shows you how to manage your Nagios installation with the web-based GUI NagiosQL.

Managing Fused Servers in Nagios Fusion


This document covers how to manage fused servers in Nagios Fusion. This document is intended for use by Nagios Administrators who wish to manage multiple instances of Nagios XI or Nagios Core from a single interface.

Managing Fusion Users in Nagios Fusion


This document explains how to manage users accounts in Nagios Fusion. This document is intended for use by Nagios Administrators and Users who wish to understand how user accounts work in Nagios Fusion.

Managing Plugins in Nagios XI


This document describes how to manage plugins on your Nagios XI system, including: finding and installing new plugins, defining commands, and using them in your services. Plugins are a great way to extend the functionality of Nagios XI. This document i ...

Managing Remote Nagios XI Servers


Managing Remote Nagios XI Servers Managing a Nagios XI server is an important requirement to ensure that the monitoring server can be configured to meet organizational needs and that application updates (patches and upgrades) can be applied. Nagios XI servers that are placed on remote net ...

Managing Users in Naigios Log Server 2

Learn how to add and modify users on your Nagios Log Server in this brief tutorial.

Managing XI Monitoring Plugins


Managing monitoring plugins in Nagios XI is a necessary task for admins who wish to extend monitoring capabilities by uploading custom or third-party plugins. This guide takes you through the process of uploading new plugins and creating command definitio ...

Manual Installation Instructions for Nagios XI


Experienced Nagios administrators who want to install Nagios XI on physical servers can use this guide to get started. Note: Nagios XI can only be installed to RHEL, CentOS Linux distributions.

MarkLogic Plugin for Nagios


The MarkLogic Plugin for Nagios gives administrators a central place to manage all of their infrastructure, leveraging their organization's existing processes, tools, and knowledge to reduce costs. By integrating seamlessly into Nagios, the plugin allows ...




nagios plugin for monitoring mtr requires ruby should work with 1.8.x - 2.x Usage: check_mtr [options] -h prints this menu -H, --host HOST which host to run mtr on -l, --latency_warn MS ...


mass acknowledge

After the patching day, servers that undergo reboots trigger a system uptime alarm. This small script, scheduled via cronjob, automatically acknowledges all system uptime alarms,


Mass Downtime Scheduler

This script will help in scheduling downtime for n number of hosts in your large enviournment. Just enter the list of hostnames as configured in nagios in server_list.txt file.


Mass Remove Downtime


Lists all scheduled downtimes in a multi select box. Highlight all those you want to remove and click the button. Especially useful when wanting to remove many downtimes.


Mass Schedule Host Downtime Component

Based on Mass Acknowledge Component (http://exchange.nagios.org/directory/Addons/Components/Mass-Acknowledgement-Component/details) Allows you schedule (or remove) fixed downtime for any number of hosts with single action. To install, access the Adm ...


Master ldap check

Checks if master ldap server is accepting modifications (not in read only mode)


Matt Wall - Performance Graphing and Trending In Nagios


This presentation covers graphing/trending topics, with nagiosgraph as the example implementation and covering some best practices (e.g. rrdtool issues, data collection options, data freshness, host/service naming, aggregation versus specialization, autom ...

Maximizing XI Performance


This document describes how to maximize the performance of your Nagios XI server in a non-distributed environment. This document will discuss maximizing active checks on a single Nagios XI server, and is intended for Administrators using primarily active ...



Redirect monitoring service checks based on hostname or location


McAfee Web Gateway Dashboard

McAfee Web Gateway Dashboard This dashboard allows you to easily see where your web traffic is going if you use McAfee Web Access gateways.




A Nagios NRPE plugin that checks the active connections to and from a MDaemon server, the plugin checks and returns the SMTP, POP, IMAP, WorldClient and Webadmin connections.




A Nagios NRPE plugin that parses the status page of a MDaemon server, the plugin returns the SMTP, POP, Spam, virus, SPF, DK cache, IP cache, LDAP cache and tarpit statistics of the MDaemon mail server.


Megaide RAID controller


This plugin checks the status on a Megaide RAID-controller.

/Category:RAID Controllers



This python script connects to the membase cluster and exports the metrics that are passed as the parameter. It's used by AppFirst Monitoring tool to monitor Membase cluster and correlate with other system metrics, or resource usage. Example: python ...


memory or ram checks


simple nagios plugin to calculate memory available in your linux system and it also accounts for buffer and cache as well. tested in debain and rhel systems.


Memory used by a process


This plugin is written in PowerShell. He indicates the memory used by a process. He uses this performance counter : Process($Process)Private Bytes. You must use NSClient, you have three args : - Process - Warning - Critical This plugin has ...

/Category:Windows NRPE

Meraki - Check 4G Status

This plugin will query the Meraki Cloud controller and return user friendly status messages of the cellular backup connection to be displayed by the Nagios Server.

Meraki - Check Device Status

Meraki - Check Device Status This plugin will query the Meraki Cloud controller and return user friendly messages to be displayed by the Nagios Server.

Merge Multiple Check Results

Runs and merges multiple checks together and does an operation on the results.


MessPC / pcmeasure


pcmessure/messpc is a modular, low cost system for measuring environment variables as temperature, humidity, voltage, smoke, motion, water and more.


Metadata variable evaluates to

This condition can be added into Nagios Reactor to compare a metadata key to a value.


Metadate variable exists

This condition can be added into Nagios Reactor to test whether or not a metadata key exists. Install/update condition through Administration -> Conditions




Metricinga is a gevent-based daemon for forwarding Nagios performance data to Graphite.


Metrics Component

Metrics Component Metrics Component for Nagios XI


MGE check_mge_ups

Plugin to check the status of an MGE UPS system. MGE type: Galaxy PW On Line. I wrote a new plugin (05-feb-2008).

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