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Category: Others

Nagios plugins to monitor other types of monitoring applications, for which there is no specific category yet.

Nagios Log Server

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A Nagios Plug-in for iLO Agentless Management (HPE ProL...

A Nagios Plug-in for iLO Agentless Management (HPE ProLiant Server) The Nagios plug-in for iLO agentless management and Nagios plug-in for iLO RESTful aim to manage HPE ProLiant servers within the data center by an automated manner. Check video demo at: or ...


Cacti Thresholds

Checks Cacti Thresholds



Checks Cacti Thold plugin threshold value (ePN complient)


check vmware esg health via nsx rest api [PERL]


check_ganglia -- A nagios plugin allowing checking of Ganglia (gmetad) XML entries. Supports all arbitrary XML data, standard ganglia metrics, gmetric-introduced points, etc.


check_ganglia_metric is a Nagios plugin that allows you to trigger alerts on any Ganglia metric. This plugin was heavily inspired by Vladimir Vuksan's check_ganglia_metric.php, but it comes with a number of improvements.



check_ganglia_metrics is a Nagios plugin that checks values for specified metrics from Ganglia and raises erros if need. This tool is inspired by @vvuksan's blog post (


check_smokeping script that checks Loss/Latency/Jitter from Smokeping RRD files (ePN compliant)


check_synology_status This check checks the status of the NAS, fan status (system and CPU) and system temperature. Additionally described model, serial number and version of DSM. Connection via SNMP example: check_synology_status public 2c


POMSender - BMC Patrol Operations Manager Utility

This utility is designed to send events from Nagios to a BMC Patrol Operations Manager server.

Synology NRDP Hyper Backup Status

This script sends a Hyper Backup status to an NRDP Endpoint

Synology status

Synology status this plugin check the health of your Synology NAS - System status (Power, Fans) - Disks status - RAID (Volume) status - DSM update status - Temperatures - Storage percentage of use - UPS informations