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Category: UPS

Nagios plugins for monitoring UPS (power) hardware.

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Cellwatch Battery Monitoring

Version 2.1 adds --temperature, --cell, and --string options. NAME check_cellwatch - Pull and evaluate data from two tables displayed on the main Cellwatch Monitoring system webpage at http://IP/System =head1 VERSION ...


check APC Galaxy status

This plugins monitors APC Galaxy.


Check APC UPS via SNMP when connected to Synology DSM v...

Nagios Plugin to check the current status of an APC Back UPS (Battery level and Load)

Check PDU

Perl script to poll SNMP-enabled UPS devices, namely from Tripp Lite, such as the PDUMH20ATNET.

Check the status of Uninterruptible Power Supply

Check the status of Uninterruptible Power Supply This plugin can check the status of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) using SNMP v1 queries.


Check UPS Alarms

Check UPS Alarms Plugin to check active alarms on a RFC 1628 (UPS-MIB) compliant UPS


Check UPS Mode

Check UPS Mode Checks working mode (online, bypass, offline, ...) on a RFC 1628 (UPS-MIB) compatible UPS. Manages battery load and backup time as performance data.


Check UPSv4 Battery Age

Check UPSv4 Battery Age Checks the battery condition and expiration date on a UPSv4 MIB compliant UPS (Delta Electronics devices and some Chloride models)


Check UPSv4 Mode

Check UPSv4 Mode Checks the working mode on a UPSv4 MIB compliant UPS (Delta Electronics devices and some Chloride models)



check-upsmib Used to monitor UPS systems which use the standard UPS MIB. This plugin performs checks using SNMP version 1, 2c or 3. Possible checks are: - AlarmsPresent - BatteryStatus - BatteryTemperature - EstimatedChargeRemaining - EstimatedMinutesRemainin ...



check_apcupsd "conversion" from shell script to perl to put mecanism of param & translation of message.



check_dell_ups This is a Nagios plugin that checks the status of a Dell UPS via a network mananagement card. Specifically this is for the UPS devices manufactured by Eaton for Dell. You can monitor the following: Alarm Status Battery Monitoring Status Battery Rema ...



Check the status of the UPS using NUT (Network UPS Tools).


Used to manage an inverter via NUT.



check_nut_plus nagios plugin reporting the status of the UPS using NUT Monitor every parameter provided by upsc, including but not limited to serial and model. Ranges for values like temperature or voltages are possible. Most flexible configuration ever.


Checks Raritan Dominion PX series pdu's for load/outlet status. Based on check_apc_pdu by Marius Rieder.



check_ups script that uses UPS-MIB (Tripplite) (ePN complient)


Plugin for NUT / upsc to monitor a NUT server and the UPS behind it. Needs the upsc binary installed on the system where the plugin is run. Lower/upper thresholds for values can be specified, see the GitHub page for the syntax. This plugin also prints ...



Allow Querying of UPS status and variable values. Needs NUT.


check_ups_health is a plugin which was designed to monitor a broad range of ups models. Instead of installing many plugins for many types of devices, one is enough. Implemented are APC, Merlin Gerin, Socomec and Standard UPS Mibs.


check_ups_legrand Monitor UPS Legrand


Single bash script to check: * battery temperature (with critical/warning levels) * battery charge status (e.g.: normal, low, depleated, etc) * output type (e.g.: normal, bypass, battery, etc) * number of active alarms


check_ups_snmp 2

check_ups_snmp 2 Description: check_ups_snmp is a Nagios plugin to check by snmp a ups status with CS121 and other snmp card adapters. With performance data


CyberPower UPS

Based on the APC UPS check, this plugin has been modified to work with CyberPower UPS systems.


Generic NUT plugin

This bash scritp plugin reads only a variable from status returned by upsc command. It maybe used when you have only partial hardware compatibility with NUT drivers.


Universal UPS check. Check for status of battery, temperature probes, voltage, load and much more! Based on the plugin by Daniel DueƱas Domingo, this adds quite a number of bugfixes, adds SNMP v3 support and improved code logic and flow.


Thomas and Betts Current Technology Surge Protective De...

Check the logs on a Current Technology SPD with M3 monitoring option for interesting events.