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Lametric Clock Notification

A simple bash script to send alerts to a Lametric clock. *Requires IP address of clock (found in app) and GUID from the developer.lametric.com site. This functions locally only.


Larry Adams - 10 Years Of Cacti


This presentation covers topics relating to the use and deployment of Cacti and other monitoring solutions.

Latest Alerts XI Component


Latest Alerts XI Component This Nagios XI component allows you to quickly see the latest host and services alerts in your monitored environment. The alert dashboard shows which problems are handled or unhandled and which services are impacted by problems. It also allows you to q ...


LDAP account expire


Perl script to check if an LDAP account is about to expire.


LDAP Authentication XI Component


This component adds optional LDAP authentication support to Nagios XI.


Ldap master to slave replication check

Checks replication from master to slave ldap servers is ok


LDAP Server Nagios XI Monitoring Wizard


LDAP Server Nagios XI Monitoring Wizard A Nagios XI monitoring wizard that makes it easy to monitor an LDAP server.

ldirectord Service Check

Bash script to check the state of services being made available by ldirectord

Lenovo XClarity Integrator for Nagios

Lenovo XClarity Integrator for Nagios is a plugin for Nagios that retrieves alerts from XClarity Administrator, and makes them available to Nagios. It can be configured to send emails to users when there is a change to the health status of managed system ...


Library HP MSL 5000 and 6000 Series


Library HP MSL 5000 and 6000 Series Overall status for HP MSL 5000 and 6000 Series Library through SNMP Protocol.

Library IBM TS2900 Series


Library IBM TS2900 Series Overall status and some informations for IBM TS2900 Series Library through SNMP Protocol

Library IBM TS3300 Series


Overall status and some informations for IBM TS3300 Series Library through SNMP Protocol

Library IBM TS3500 Series


Overall status and some informations for IBM TS3500 Series Library through SNMP Protocol

Liebert Deluxe System3 Air


Perl script written to check Temperature and Humidity attributes on Lieberts Deluxe System 3 equipped with web/snmp system boards.


Liebert NPower UPS check


Perl script designed to check battery state on Liebert Npower UPS.


Liebert Npower UPS check updated


Perl script designed to check battery state on Liebert Npower UPS.


Liebert Vertiv

This is a Nagios plugin that checks various properties of a Liebert Vertiv ITA-20k00AL3A02E00 !! it's a W.I.P. Please let me know if you have additions or adjustments. ======


Lightspeed Systems Images


Lightspeed Systems Images Lightspeed Systems images for Nagios. Contains files: .gif, .png, .svg, and .gd2

/Category:Images and Logos



Lilac-Reloaded Lilac Lilac-Reloaded is an easy configuration interface for nagios. We have decided to update the code of Lilac and develop improvements.


Linksys WRT-54 GL / DD-WRT SNMP Check

Check CPU and RAM Usage on a Linksys WRT-54 GL running open-source firmware dd-wrt. tested versions: V2.3 SP1, V2.4, V2.4 SP1 note: you have to activate snmp on your dd-wrt !




Check your 1-wire sensors via the LinkTH.


Linux Check PPS, BPS, or Current Line Rate % of NIC

Nagios plug-in that calculates receiving PPS, BPS, and percentage of line-rate (LR) from Linux kernel statistics by reading from procfs and notifies if above a given threshold.

Linux Check Service

Nagios plugin to check if a service is running. It uses systemd. Simple, and one function only.


Linux CPU Check with Top 5 Processes

This Plugin provides hopefully all the info you would ever need about your CPU: - Returns Stats for User, System, and IOWait - Allows for setting Warning/Critical levels globally or for each individual stat - When a Warning or Critical threshold is ...


Linux Downtime Script - Perl

This Perl script sends a HTTP-GET request to the Nagios web interface. As a result, there will be no notifications generated for the defined time. This script can be used to schedule a downtime for a host on every reboot. By Lars Michelson.

Linux Memory Check

Fast, robust linux memory check with performance data.

/Category:Active Checks

Linux Nagios XI Wizard


Linux Nagios XI Wizard A Nagios XI configuration wizard for monitoring Linux workstations and servers.

Linux Process CPU Utilisation


Linux Process CPU Utilisation A check plugin to look at process CPU and Memory utilization


Linux Ram & Swap memory


Simple shell script that checks for Ram (- buffers/cache) and Swap memory at the same time comparing them with the specified thresholds.


Linux Route Check

A tool for checking routes on a linux device. This is great for environments with regularly changing networks, it outputs performance data when routes are added or deleted. I used it to keep track of the multiple routes we have to and from our SAN netw ...

/Category:Active Checks

Linux SNMP Wizard


Linux SNMP Wizard This is a wizard that streamlines SNMP setup with Linux machines, or any machine that uses the Net-SNMP package.

Linux Software RAID Nagios Monitoring & Failure Simulat...


This is an overview of how to use the Linux mdadm tool to create, remove and rebuild a software RAID 1 (mirror) device. You will also learn about the Nagios check_linux_raid plugin.

Linux Software Raid Plugin for 32-bit and 64-bit system...

Checks Linux Software Raid (also known as MD Raid). Works on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems


Linux/Unix Check File Growth

Shell script that checks the level of byte growth of a file for a time interval. Also, check that a file is growing. Tested on Linux, FreeBSD, OSX, and AIX.

/Category:Log Files

LiveBoard dashboard


LiveBoard dashboard LiveBoard is a real-time alerts dashboard for Nagios XI.

/Category:Web Interfaces



This is a Nagios plugin that retrieves health status from Lenovo ThinkSystem. It provides complete hardware-level visibility including detailed inventory, health status (both overall and component-level health status) for supported devices. It also has th ...


Load metadata to a context variable

This action can be added into Nagios Reactor to read a persistent metadata value and copy it to a context variable.


Local / remote check the windows logs via WMI


Check Windows logs for errors and warnings on a local or on a network machine. On a network machine the script does not need a client installed! It checks for critical or warnings in the last 24H.


Local AD check for Azure AD Synchronization


A simple script which checks the local server that Azure AD Connect runs on for the following: * Time since successful synchronization with Azure AD * Time since successful password synchronization with Azure AD * Errors in event log indicating probl ...


Local config file based monitoring


A set of Perl and VB scripts that monitor key resources (Process, Disk, Log etc.) using thresholds read from local configuration files. Uses NRPE and NSCA plugins to send passive checks to Nagios.

/Category:Passive Checks

Local File System Space

Checks local solaris file systems.


Log Monitoring with Swatch


This document describes how to use the Simple Log Watcher (Swatch) in conjunction with Nagios in order to be notified when certain events are noted in the system log.

Logfile Lovin: Marrying Nimrod and Nagios for Software ...


This article demonstrates how to use Nagios to pull data from Nimrod metrics server.

Logging into Nagios Log Server

Nagios Log Server is the easy and powerful way to collect and analyze your application and server logs.



If too many pattern of log entries has happened recently, raise alerts Check more: https://github.com/DennyZhang/monitoring/blob/master/files/log_pattern_frequency.py

/Category:Log Files

Loop Test Event Chain

This is a sample event chain for Nagios Reactor that demonstrates how to create loops. Import the JSON file into Nagios Reactor to create a new event chain that contains the loop.

/Category:Event Chains

Looping Through a List


This article shows a community-distributed script for monitoring and responding to web site attacks with Nagios.

LSI Hardware RAID - S.M.A.R.T Monitoring

Plugin to discover any amount of physical drives attached to any LSI Hardware RAID Controller, query and report back on the S.M.A.R.T health of the attached physical drives. Relies on smartctl, and storcli.

/Category:RAID Controllers

LSI Mega RAID plugin for 32-bit and 64-bit systems

Plugin to test LSI MegaRaid or Dell Perc arrays on 32-bit and 64-bit systems

/Category:RAID Controllers
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