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Category: CGI Modifications

Modifications and enhancements to the standard Nagios CGIs.

Nagios Log Server

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Enhanced Host Search

This small tutorial help you setup a more advanced "host search" box in your nagios interface, using ajax, python/perl/php and the ndo_utils.


header_doohickey Header Doohickey takes advantage of the ( Nagios custom CGI headers and footers functionality to display information about a service or host that is not easily available but extremely useful in under ...



Replacement for the sidebar in the Nagios Webinterface.

Search Auto-complete

Search Auto-complete This is a small but useful tweak to the Nagios search function, that implements autocomplete. The existing tutorial in this category failed to work for me, so I accomplished the same thing with jQuery. Note that in my setup, I use the Vautour style. ...



search.cgi This CGI enhanced the default search function with status.cgi that Nagios uses by default to search hosts. With search.cgi, now you can use regular expressions to match either hosts or services.



This cgi is a replacement for status.cgi that Nagios uses by default to search hosts. The default search gives you only the first match. search2.cgi gives you all the matches and you can search by partial names and also you can search by Host IP address ...


Show Me What's Wrong

A script to display the specific network outages, host outages and service outages on the same screen, while eliminating redundat reporting such as services that are down on hosts located in networks that are down.


This plugin allows a search for services

Provides a service search function for nagios.