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Category: Nagios Core

Some user-contributed patches for Nagios Core.

Nagios Log Server

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cfg_map cfg_map adds a page to the core Nagios GUI that maps out your objects in your .cfg files. You get a quick hierarchical map of object relationships: use hostgroups servicegroups contacts plugins commands timeperiods f ...


Command CGI Scheduled Downtime Patch

Problem: customers can see machines from other customers when entering a downtime Solution: customer can only see his/her own machines when choosing "triggered by"

configure a second IP-address for each Host - Nagios 1....

Sometimes it can be useful to be able to configure secondary addresses

configure a second IP-address for each Host v2 0 - Nagi...

Sometimes it can be useful to be able to configure secondary addresses. This patch will let you do this...with v2.0 - v2.11 (nagios v3.0 will be available soon)

Disabled Status Patch


This patch adds support for DISABLED status. This is a new type of status for any service that you disabled active checks. These checks will no longer show up under problems no matter what status they may have had before. The main use is when you add s ...


Display Service status into statusmap - Nagios 2.x

Add service status color to the statusmap.cgi for nagios 2.0b5 (2.x)

HARD services states in Tactical Overview

Quick and dirty patch to show only HARD state services in the Tactical Overview.

Hover Popup for Host Groups


Mouseovering on a Critical or Warning element in the Host Groups view creates a small popup where the errors are shown.


IPv6 address in host definition patch

This patch allows you to add 'address6' directive to host definition. And use this value in command definitions via %HOSTADDRESS6% macro. That way you can define special commands to check IPv6 services. For example: define command


MultiURL Patch

A patch for the Nagios CGI-bins which allows to specify *several* hyperlinks / URLs within a single action_url / notes_url statement.

nagios embedded perl p1.pl that lets redirect STDOUT


This is a modified version of p1.pl used by embedded nagios (usually in nagios/bin) that lets perl plugins redirect STDOUT, but only in perl.


Show service state in statusmap - Nagios 3.3

Update of this patch http://exchange.nagios.org/directory/Patches/Nagios-Core/Show-service-state-in-statusmap--2D-Nagios-3-2Ex/details for nagios 3.3.1 After compilation, the new statusmap.cgi replace the old one in nagios/sbin/

Show service state in statusmap - Nagios 3.x


Add service status color to the statusmap.cgi for nagios 3.01 Based on the patch from "didgaudin" for Nagios 2.x Updated for Nagios 3.x

Show service state in statusmap - Nagios 4.x

Show service state in statusmap - Nagios 4.x Add service status color to the statusmap.cgi for Nagios 4.x

SNMP Community Patches - Nagios 2.x

Use per-host SNMP communities on check plugins with a new variable.

statusmap lines of 3 pixels of width - Nagios 1.x

Sometimes, in the status map, the lines can be confused with the background.

statusmap resizing with exclude/include buttton

statusmap resizing with exclude/include buttton Really exclude/include hostgroups from statusmap when using corresponding button, thus making it smaller and clearer.

Tactical Overview Colors Patch

This patch adds more colors to the tactical overview: Yellow for Warnings and Orange for Unknown.

Timeperiods for avail_cgi - Nagios 2.x

I have now created a simple patch which does some of the things I want.

Use Shared Memory instead of the Text File - Nagios 2.x


Increase of monitoring system operating speed due to use Shared Memory for interprocessor communications between Nagios process and cgi modules instead of the Text file status.dat.