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Category: VMWare

Nagios plugins for monitoring VMWare systems (e.g. ESX).

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Category Listings:
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This Plugin allows you to monitor a VMware vCenter / ESX(i) environment using your Nagios monitoring solution. IMPORTANT: This Plugin is NOT designed to be run on your Nagios host, instead it is offloaded to the VMware vSphere Management Assistant (vM ...


Check Active Snapshot on vSphere

You will receive a message with the list of active snapshot from more than 1 days


check esx Snapshots

check esx Snapshots Nagios check script for esx to check existence of snapshot and where are


check ESX time

This plugins monitors esxi hypervisor time.


Check ESXi Model

Get the model of the chassis where VmWare is instaled. The original idea it was from URL: url :*-Virtual-Environments/VMWare/Check-hardware-running-VMware-ESXi/details ...


Check ESXi Serial

Get the serial number of the chassis where is instaled the vmware ESXi the original idea was from "" url :*-Virtual-Environments/VMWare/Check-hardware-running-VMware-ES ...


Check for orphaned snapshots

Check for any VMs running on orphaned snapshots.


Check hardware running VMware ESXi

Python script which permits you to check your hardware's health when it runs VMware (free) ESXi appliance.

Check NTP client

Script to verify the NTP client status on ESX hosts.


Check snapshots age and number

Nagios script for checking the number of existing snapshots and how old are these.


check vcenter health

This plugin use the vSphere 6.7 API to get the appliance health informations and vcenter vcha cluster health.

Check VMWare Snapshot sizes

This shell script uses the output of the "find" command (published via snmp to avoid check_by_ssh or NRPE) to locate all the existing snapshots. It checks the size of each snapshot and based on your criteria sends a CRITICAL or OK status. Helps find forgo ...

Check VMware Tools

Checks the installation of VMware Tools on a VM.


Check Vsphere Datastore 1

Check Vsphere Datastore 1 Powershell script to Check available size on datastores on VMWare ESX using NRPE and NSclient++


Check vSphere HA Agent Status

A Powershell script that checks the status of the HA Agents of all hosts within a vSphere VirtualCenter environment.



Check_3par_volume Nagios script to Check available size on datastores HP 3PAR Storage virtual volumes.


Nagios Plugn for reading vSphere DB. It is intended to be used with NSClient++. You can query the vSphere DB (VIM_VCDB) and get the list of the datastore with critical free space



Check diskusage for a guest server on an ESX installation. The check is done through the vcenter/vSphere API, meaning that the guest server's disk usage can be checked without installing/configuring anything.


Check CPU, Memory, Network, and VM Status on a VMWare ESX virtual server, via SNMP. Also support for MRTG querying, and listing VMs/interfaces. V2.3 fixes minor problems triggered by the Nagios 2 embedded perl compiler. check_esxi_hardware (formerly known as check_esx_wbem) is an open source monitoring plugin to monitor the hardware of ESXi (and previously ESX) servers. It queries the CIM (Common Information Model) server running on the ESXi server to retrieve the curren ...



This perl script check the state of the Virtual Machines defined on an ESX server.


This plugin will catch CPU Cores Load via SNMP the from an VMWare ESXi Server, tested with VMware ESXi, 6.7.0 Model: ProLiant DL360 Gen10 64 Cores Current Version Supports unimited CPU Cores. Cpu load value checked by the script is the average ...



Check the capacity/ usage of vsphere Datastores.



check_esx_datastore_snmp This plugin will catch used and free Datastore space via SNMP from an VMWare ESX Server, tested with VMware ESXi, 6.7.0 Model: ProLiant BL460c Gen8 32 Cores.



This plugin will catch used and free RAM memory via SNMP the from an VMWare ESX Server, tested with VMware ESXi, 6.7.0 Model: ProLiant DL360 Gen10 64 Cores Make sure that the script is fetiching the right DATA. You can test it with the following ...


This script allows you to check the vmfs volumes of your VMware ESX environment (akin to check_disk); includes a working pnp4nagios template. It only works up to ESX 3.5, and hasn't been updated yet. If you want this to work for a newer version of ESX, ...



A collection of checks to monitor VMWare Horizon View.

check_snmp_esx_snapshots - under construction

Inspired by "jacob"'s and "lahrcm" script Nagios check script for vmware snapshots sizes add the following to your ESX server in the /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf and restart the snmpd deamon exec . snapshots ...

This shell script uses the output of the "vdf" command (published via snmp to avoid check_by_ssh or NRPE) to determine the free space of a given vmfs volume as measured in GB.


This Python Nagios plugin checks for any failed VM backups on SimpliVity Omnicubes. There's also a second mode in this plugin to check if all VMs have assigned backup policies.



Based on the example in this PHP flavored library extends the capabilities far beyond system status.

LicenseGPL - Check vmfs datastores through VMware VC...

This Nagios Plugin gets the size (Kb, Mb, Gb) of the vmfs volumes (datastores) of a VMWare Server Esxi 4. Warning and critical levels can be set, and plugin gives us perfdata output too, so it can be graphed with graphic ...

LicenseGPL - Check vmfs datastores through VMware VC... - Check vmfs datastores through VMware VCLI Hello, guys! This Nagios Plugin gets the size (Kb, Mb, Gb) of the vmfs volumes (datastores) of a VMWare Server Esxi 4/5.1, using the Vmware VCLI (Linux version). Warning and critical levels can be set, and plugin gives us perfdata output too, so it ...

LicenseGPL - Check vmfs datastores through htt...

This Nagios Plugin gets the size (Kb, Mb, Gb) of the vmfs volumes (datastores) of a VMWare Server Esxi 4, using https. Based on - Check vmfs datastores. But don't need VCLI install just use wget! Warning and critical levels can be set ...


check_vmware for VMware Server

This script check the status of a VM in a VMware Server thru vmware-cmd command

A nagios check plugin for VMware ESX Server based on the perl API. You need the VMware perl API to use it. (And you need to patch that API to get rid of a bug in it)


check_vmware_api (former check_esx3) is a Nagios plugin made by op5 AB to monitor vmware's products. The plugin uses the VMWare API (via HTTPS) to do a wide variety of checks. You can check out the latest version with GIT at git:// ...


version 1.0 check_vmware_disk Jose Manuel Gonzalez ---------------------------------- ENGLISH: I made a plugin for nagios to remotely check the status of the hard drives of a server with ESXi 5.1. I hope you find it useful. Requires linux bash ...


The original plugin is old and big and cluttered. So it was time for some house keeping. I tried to clean up the code of every routine, changed things, checked (and corrected) many performance counters and will try to ease maintenanc ...



check_vmware_running_vms is a Nagios plugin to check number of running VMs on VMware environment *


A quick Powershell script that checks that one VM is running on VMware Server via NRPE.



This is a simple, bash-based plugin to query and/or set the power state of a VMware ESX virtual machine. Full details are at the download site, including help output.



This is a pure bash/curl/grep/perl plugin for nagios to check health of VSAN clusters. It uses no vmware SDK, just pure unix tools. There is also python implementation which uses the VMware python SDK, but it didn't work for me. This plugin can pars ...

Cloudviewer (for VMWare vCenter)

Cloudviewer (for VMWare vCenter) Check_MK like Plugin for VMware vCenter. Splitted in two parts: Reads all Clusters,Hosts,VMs and Datastores from the given VC and creates Nagios Objects for it. This has to be run as a cronjob. Reads you ...

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