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Category: Websites, Forms and Transactions

Nagios plugins for monitoring websites, web forms, and web transactions.

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Check basic authentication

This plugin is used to authenticate against a web page using basic authentication and to check that the web site is allowing user logins. It can also check for a string once authenticated to verify the page is as expected and produce timing information fo ...


check curl authenticate

Based on check_curl2 here on Nagios Exchange. Adds support for HTTP basic, digest, gssnegotiate and ntlm authentication. Also you can specify multiple grep strings and it will check for them all.

Check form

Check form allows the user to submit forms using post and test the output for a string. This can be useful to test authentication boxes or any other forms that use the POST method. Check form can also test the response time of the form and produce timing ...


check form mechanize

Check form mechanize allows you to fill in and submit a submit a form and then check the result for an expected string. This script uses mechanize to emulate a browser.


Check Http Redirect


Nagios check_http_redirect retrieve an http/s url and checks its header for a given redirects if the redirect exists and equal to the redirect you entered then exits with OK, otherwise exits with WARNING (if not equal) or CRITICAL ( if doesn't exist ...

Check HTTP Requisites


A python checker that downloads a webpage using wget including all page requisites so that it is possible to monitor the real amount of data transferred to the user

Check IIS Websites and AppPools

Check IIS Websites and AppPools Check IIS Website and AppPool status and try to start stopped ones.


Check JSON Responses with Nagios and check_json


This is a community-distributed plugin, that will help you monitor JSON in Nagios.

check multiple website response

Based on the excellent plugin from chrisf, this is a version for checking multiple websites in one run. Original here: http://exchange.nagios.org/directory/Plugins/Websites%2C-Forms-and-Transactions/Check-website-response/details I adjusted the scr ...


Check ntlm authentication

Authenticates against a web page using ntlm auth. This is useful when Microsoft IIS is providing a pop up login box which requires ntlm authentication.


Check Proxy with Authentication

This BASH script uses wget and its parameters to accept a proxy server IP plus credentials to access the website passed to it. It uses spider functionality to access the website and confirm that the correct site is accessed. Block pages are recognized as

check website access

This plugin check the http returned code and the access time of a website. -- Update : add a control line to check if you have curl --

Check website response

This plugin is used to monitor website up time and response time. Error codes will be returned if the website is not responding, the URL does not contain data, does not resolve, or responds slower than specified with the warning and critical input opti ...


Check Website Speed

a very very simple way to check the loading time of a website...



Nagios NRPE check_cas plugin




ControlNCloud Nagios plugin for hybrid monitoring. Connect your Nagios to our free internet services and monitor performance and disponibility of your websites. It's simple, you just have to: - Set up sites to monitor from our website after creati ...



Check a web page contents for specific search terms. Built on check_curl2 posted on Nagios Exchange by nagiosexchange. Added capability to define authentication type, number of apparitions of Grep, header values, HTTP expected code, etc.



Check a web page contents for specific search terms. Built on check_curl posted here on Nagios Exchange by maestrx. Added capability to have output from webpage completely drive Nagios return codes.



Check websites via http(s) and, if needed, through a proxy. You can search for strings in the website to check, if it is really available. Additionally this plugin has no problem checking https Websites through a proxy, which I was not able to do with che ...



check_end2end.pl - automate a website navigation


check_end2end.pl - automate a website navigation using a simple configuration file.




check_http_content is a web content monitor written in perl. Checks a URL for specific text.

check_http_content (updated)


check_http_content-updated- Nagios script by CapSiDE SL - has been updated to generate graphs for pnp4nagios #------------------------------------------------------------------------------ # Updated by Vahid Hedayati April 2013 - (improves nagio ...



Check for spam words or any other blacklisted user defined word or words. A list of words can be given using a comma deliminator.



check_http_header is a web content monitor written in perl. Checks http header for text. It`s very rare task... Standart nagios check_http checks only content for regexp existance. So, maybe this plugin will be useful for somebody exept me. retrieves h ...




The purpose of the plugin is to check individual websites for a user defined regex to be sure they are functioning properly. This plugin supports authentication to Novell IChains Single Sign On systems. This is a perl plugin for Nagios that is ePN capabl ...


Downloads image file from website to check its dimensions. Program takes three args: file url, height, width. If only the url is given then the program will use a default size of 1 x 1. The program will return success if the image dimensions match or ...

check_json - check JSON attributes via http(s)


Nagios plugin to check JSON attributes via http(s)



Yes another website monitoring plugin. Bottom line is that I was fed up trying to get yet another webinject xml working properly. I stumbled across a tool called maxq ( http://maxq.tigris.org/ ) that has a proxy server built into it. All that was requir ...

check_memcached IV

check that a memcached instance (see http://memcached.org) is accessible, writable, and getting a useful hit-rate.



Nagios script to check the number of active PHP sessions



check_pinba.py =============== Licence ------- This plugin has been writen by Carpe-Hora Camille Neron . Of course, check_pinba is under GNU GPL v2 : http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html Requirements ------------ * mysqldb: for Debi ...


check_pound_stat Monitoring Pound Backends


NRPE-Plugin that checks the backends from pound, which is a reverse-poxy aka http-load-balancer



integrate your selenium test cases into nagios



check_selenium_docker Synthetic website monitoring with Selenium and Docker. check_selenium_docker is a Nagios based plugin that spins up a Docker container, executes the test and, once the test is finished and the result has been reported back to the monitoring solution, r ...


check_selenium_docker 2.0


Improved fork of check_selenium_docker plugin.




check_sharepoint.pl Perl script for functional checking of SharePoint sites. Similar to check_http but with ntlm support. Will also handle form logons for sites published via ISA/TMG servers.



A simple BASH shell script that attempts to log into Microsoft Sharepoint URL and evaluate header information for a HTTP/1.1 200 OK status code. At current it only outputs OK or CRITICAL. It is modeled on the check_exchange_webmail.sh plugin from user ...



Siege regression test and benchmark utility adapter for Nagios.



This plugin can be used to check SSL certificate expiration for a given IP address or range of IP addresses. check_ssl_expiration.php - v1.0.0 Copyright (c) 2016 Matthew Capra, Nagios Enterprises Under GPL v2 License This ...


A perl script to check availibility of http URLs. Returns HTTP error code in Status information.


check_urlchange.py Plugin to download webpage and check for changes or values.


Checks the avaibility of websites and interpretes the returncode according to RFC 2616. Works with proxies, proxy authentication. Can check password protected websites.By Martin Fuerstenau


check_varnish_health is a bash script which queries varnishadm and generates events based on the output. Command Line Usage: ./check_varnish_health -i -p



Check Varnish Custom Statistics (Varnish Software proprietary add-on for Varnish) for number of misses. Alert if number of misses for one URL is particularly high.




The aim of this nagios plugin is to download a web page with all his content ( internals links only - maybe with option in a futur release ).


IMPORTANT CHANGES IN NEW VERSION!!!!!! * The -f and -A options are no more needed. * The -tw and -tc options expect the time to be indicated in MILLISECONDS, not in seconds!!!




Website checker to verify proper content download.

check_website PHP script

PHP check-script which can check a website(URL) and react if errors like 404, 500 etc are returned.

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