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Category: Others

Nagios plugins for monitoring other types of storage systems, for which there is no other category yet.

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Check DataDomain

This perl script will monitor Datadomain High-Speed Inline Deduplication Storage Systems and provide "groundwork" like performance data.


Check status of SGI's Data Management Facility (DMF) - a hierarchical storage management solution. check IBM DS8100 storage status from hmc https webpage



This plugin sends SNMP queries to a QNAP NAS and checks the cpu, HDD status, system temperature, HDD temperature. Version 1.00 first Version. Version 1.03 Version 1.40 Changes reports Performance Data runs faster some new checks (LUN, Power, .. ...



Based on version 1.03 from: Fixed minor errors and did some cleanup of the status information. Monitoring of: - Temperature system - Temperature disks ...


Nagios Check for NAS QNAP via SNMP and bash script. based on check_qnap and check_qnap2



Script to check the Wear Level Indicators (SMART ID 171 and 233) from SSDs, to see if they need replacement. The script can autodetect RAID controllers (LSI RAID and 3Ware) and supports regular SATA ports as well. Please check github page for more detai ...


Dell ECS Capacity Check Plugin

The Dell ECS Capacity Check Plugin queries the Dell ECS API to obtain usage information. It can be pointed at a single ECS cluster or multiple clusters depending on your federation and geo-replication configuration. It is strongly recommended to create a ...


Enterprise Vault plugin

Enterprise Vault plugin for Nagios. Uses Powershell, so must run in Windows and must have access to Enterprise Vault DLLs Checks: space, services, various DBs, Vault Store partitions, Windows events, indexes and indexes backup mode, tasks etc.

Mount Compare

This script will check Linux/Solaris servers for mounted filesystems vs. what is listed in the mount tab of the server. Often when a server reboots if the mount tab doesn't have the correct entries the server will fail to come up correctly. This script ...

Networker Checks

Some checks for checking the status of Legato Networker and Jukeboxes. PERL, GPL

Simple Datadomain performance plugin

Simple plugin that will return you CIFS read/write performance and netrwok IO using ssh. Requires Dadatomain name/IP address, username and password. Can be extended to support key authentication. Before running plugin you must connect once to your DD f ...

XIV hard usage pct checker

A Nagios plugin which lets you monitor remaining space on an IBM XIV storage system.