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Check Dell Megaraid - PercSNMP controller and drives status and errors

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check_megaraid.plcheck_megaraid.pl plugin - version 1.45 (may 2007)
check_sasraid_megaraid_18.plcheck_sasraid_megaraid - version 1.75 (dec 2010)
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This is updated and partially rewritten version of John Reuning's check_megaraid which in addition to supporting report of status of logical and physical drives now also checks for medium and other errors. Reporting format is also extended.
This is a legacy listing.

This plugin is still actively maintained and supports all latest PERC controllers which are for the most part SAS and so plugin has been renamed 'check_sasraid_megaraid' - please check that name on exchange to find latest releases.

There will be no further updates of this exchange listing.


This is a plugin to check status of Megaraid scsi card for use on Dell Servers. You need to have percsnmp package installed to be able to use this plugin in addition to having openmanage installed.

The homepage for what was original source of this package is at http://www.ibiblio.org/john/megaraid/ and you can find some documentation there.

Theere are number of updates to original code and addition of new features (50% of this plugin code is new) to support more detailed reporting of errors by looking up readfail & writefail OIDs and looking up table of 'medium' and 'other' disk errors and reporting if those number have changed (i.e. new error occured - this is usually also reported by openmanage in the server's syslog and you can investigate error number and look in their manual to find more details). Additionally drive numbers are now reported in more detailed format including controller (0 represents controller 1), channel id (note that 0 is channel A and 1 is channel B) and scsi id. As part of its standard output line plugin also reports number of drives, logical disks and controllers (more fun then just seeing 'OK') and performance data is also provided for number of disk errors.

This is probably last release under the name check_megaraid. The code has now been updated to support both SCSI Megaraid PERC3 & PERC4 cards and newer SAS Megaraid PERC5 cards. As such it has been released as check_sasraid_megaraid and will be added to nagios exchange and maintained further as separate project with SAS as default type of card to be check (in check_sasraid_megaraid.pl there is an option -T where you specify type of card you have).