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Category: DHCP and BOOTP

Nagios plugins for monitoring DHCP and BOOTP.

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Check DHCP Server Scope

Check the health status of the scopes on a Microsoft DHCP Server. The script is a VBS that could be executed on the server using NRPE or NSClient++


check_dhcp localhost 00:de:ad:be:ef:00 Uses dhcping from Edwin Groothuis, ( (Advanced Nagios Plugins Collecti...

Shows dhcp leases assigned by ISC DHCPd. Formatting is flexible, can display combinations of Hostnames/IP/Macs. Can ALERT on leases handed out to unauthorized Hosts/Macs using any combination of Host/Mac Whitelists/Blacklists. Different take on Lars Michelsen's original plugin/script to accommodate monitoring of all available DHCP scopes on your monitored Windows server. You no longer need to add separate service definitions to monitor all available scopes.



Check IP address free for windows DHCP server


A command to check a remote DHCP service's health. The DHCP server can sit on any network/subnet. The command will check whether a DHCP server can offer any IP addresses to a specified subnet.



This is a PowerShell script for monitoring DHCP scopes on a Windows Server. The script defines several parameters, including thresholds for warning and critical alerts, as well as minimum and maximum values for the total number of IPs in a scope. The scri ...


This plugin was inspired and partially based off of elliot's DHCP plugin that check all scopes. (Source:


# Perl check for DHCP pools via SNMP bulkwalk. Specifically written to monitor Windows 2012R2 DHCP.


DHCP server Responses to discover / inform requests thr...

Very basic Bash script to check dhcp server through DHCPDISCOVER or DHCPINFORM querys. Results are parsed and returned to nagios. requires nmap and dhcp-discover.nse (nmap script) requires nmap passwordless access by nagios


DHCPD duplicate MAC/IP check

Checks the dhcpd.conf file for duplicate IP and MAC addresses. Does NOT check for overlapping IP pools. Only tested with the ISC version of dhcpd on Debian.



An utility to monitor very large dhcpd installations, e.g. such which has tens of thousands of active leases, with analysis time of less than second or two. When command is ran with --warning or --critical options Nagios compatible summary output, and ...


Perl check dhcp

This simplified plugin tests the availability of a given DHCP server using unicast delivery.

Windows 2012 DHCP Failover and Scope Health Check

Monitoring for Windows Server 2012 DHCP Failover architecture. Monitors the failover state, mode, scope state, and scope use. Supports both LoadBalance and Failover modes.


Windows 2012 DHCP Failover and Scope Health Check Enhan...

Windows 2012 DHCP Failover and Scope Health Check Enhanced This script checks all configured scopes, failover states, and modes. Additionally this checks the state of the DHCP config sync tool job (this is needed to ensure that DHCP scope configs are in sync). Credit to the framework of this script goes to aat ...

Windows DHCP Scope Check

A set of Powershell scripts for checking Windows DHCP server scopes. Reports the number of active healthy scopes or a list of scopes that have exceeded warning/critical thresholds.