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Category: Oracle

Nagios plugins for monitoring Oracle databases and database servers.

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Category Listings:
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ASP_NET_check_db_oracle This plug-in allows you to check the connection from an IIS Web Server to an Oracle Data Base Server. It reads the connection string from the web.config of your Asp .NET applications, in this way if the connection string changes the plug-in uses the new ...

CHeck autoextend V2

check les DBF en autoextend

check DBF autoextended Oracle

check for dbf autoextended files or for dbf size in tablespace.


This plugins verify oracle services (ASM,LISTENER,GSD,ONS,VIP) in "RAC" cluster, see config session on the script check_oracle_cluster.

Check Oracle status & health without install Oracle cli... Popular

This perl nagios plugin allow you to check oracle service (ability to connect to database ) and health of oracle databse (Dictionary Cache Hit Ratio,Library Cache Hit Ratio,DB Block Buffer Cache Hit Ratio,Latch Hit Ratio,Disk Sort Ratio,Rollback Segment W ...

Check Oracle status & health without install Oracle cli...

This perl nagios plugin is a really enhanced version of the popular check_oracle_instant script. Latest updates see


Check Oracle status & health without install Oracle cli...

When used through default configuration on 10g instances for example, the use of system account with DEFAULT profile configuration on the database runs the script to fail on the ORA specific error, generating an alert through NAGIOS that points to a "Cann ...

Check Remote Oracle through Ssh (No need to install Ora...

New version 0.3 to fetch real undo usage ("UNEXPIRED SEGMENTS") (New version 0.2 with active sessions count, ASM diskgroups and hard/soft parsing percentage ratios check) This is the original official check_oracle nagios plugin, developed by latigid ...


Check tablespace usage and everything you can monitor b...

Check tablespace usage and everything you can monitor by a SQL Query with Nagios Hi dear friends, here you can find a simple java code to check everything you can check through a simple SQL script / query without installing any type of oracle client or instant client: all that you need is nagios core 3.x and a Java JDK 1.6.0_xx versio ...

check_archiving for Oracle

Checks to ensure Oracle is in archive mode.


Nagios plug-in for Oracle ASM instance (11g and above) It checks: a) disk status b) diskgroup state (mounted/dismounted) c) ASM alertlog for any ORA- errors occured in last 24 hours d) diskgroup used space; you can define warning/critical thresh ...



check_ASM_disk_groups Original Plugin “check_ASM_disk_groups” by Victor Ruiz with some improvements. New version v4. Added possibility to use Warning levels.



Nagios plug-in for Oracle clusterware (11g and above) It checks: a) clusterware stack status b) OCR registry integrity c) Voting disks status d) resource status (ONLINE/OFFLINE); you can define exceptions with exclude option e) database instance sta ...



Remote oracle database check using JDBC drivers. Supports custom SQL queries and regular expression match. Provides similar funcationality as sitescope Db monitor.


check_dbversion_oracle This plugin tests the database software version through querying a specific Oracle database. It can either simply return the version string, or compare it against a blacklist/whitelist version file to determine software version compliance. because it exec ...



nagios plugin to check if a database record has been created today based on specific criteria (ksh script)


nagios plugin to check if a query returns a specific count based on a sql query within a specific timeframe (ksh script)


Nagios plug-in for Oracle High Availability Services OHAS (11g and above) It checks: a) ohas stack status b) OCR registry integrity c) resource status (ONLINE/OFFLINE); you can define exceptions with exclude option d) database instance status - if it ...



Command for checking the replication status of an AFCS file system. You can use this to check the status of you OracleDB replication.



This plugin checks used space for oracle ASM disk groups against a threshold percentage provided in command line. User executing this perl script must have sysdba login privilege. Also in command line is necessary ASM ORACLE_HOME & SID



Perl script for checking Oracle buffer cache hit ratio


check_oracle_health check_oracle_health is a plugin for the Nagios monitoring software that allows you to monitor various metrics of an Oracle database. It includes connection time, SGA data buffer hit ratio, SGA library cache hit ratio, SGA dictionary cache hit ratio, SGA s ...


Perl script for checking the number of invalid objects in an Oracle database


Nagios plugin to check Oracle tablespace usage


A plugin to check if it is possible to write to a specified table in an Oracle database instance.


Perl script for checking oracle tablespaces usage


This check_oracle plugin is the same as check_oracle embbeded in Nagios Plugins Package (v1.4.14), BUT THIS ONE IS CAPPABLE TO MONITOR TEMP TABLESPACES TOO.


Extensions of standard plugin check_oracle: -Check of autoextend tablespaces by using the new Parameter --tablespace_AE added by Manfred Comes, -Check of temporary and permanent tablespaces (without regard of autoextension)by using par ...


Check the difference between active and standby oracle database

check_ora_db - full-featured plug-in for Oracle DB (inc...

Nagios plug-in for Oracle database (tested on 8i/9i/10g/11g). This script can be run remotely from separate monitoring host. It checks: a) database status (up/down) b) listener status c) session limit count d) alert.log errors within defined time ...



Check some Aspects of Oracle 10g RAC


Nagios plug-in for Oracle rac (11g and above) This plugin is written with 2 main concerns: 1: works with Linux / Windows and regardless of the language (ENG / FR / etc.) 2: use exclusively the new crsctl command (11g-12c) and not the old deprecated ...


This plugin checks some tablespaces of a specific Oracle database.



nagios plugin to execute a specific sql query (ksh script)


check_tablespace_oracle This plugin checks the tablespace size of a specific Oracle tablespace against WARN and CRIT thresholds. It returns the total tablespace size, current size, space utilisation in percent and the number of files belonging to this tablespace.


check_tablespace_oracle v1.2

Updated version of this excellent plugin, figured it would be of use to others: Added check for Autoextension and Tablespace status. Displays MB inste ...


Nagios Plugin Siebel Remote

This plug-in monitors if the Siebel Remote transactions pending to be routed to Siebel Clients number is lower or higher than the thresholds defined by command line options: depending on the values recovered, the output generated to Nagios will take care ...


Oracle Server Wizard

Oracle Server Wizard Wizard for streamlining the monitoring of Oracle Servers that is designed to be used in conjunction with Nagios XI.

Oracle tablespace check

This is a tablespace-check for oracle databases. The check first gathers all tablespaces in an oracle database, then checks every tablespace against the given trigger-levels.

Oracle writeaccess

This plugin checks if it is possible to write to an Oracle database instance.

plugin to check oracle SID status

plugin to check oracle SID status Plugin to check whether Oracle SID is up or down.



A plugin to analyse Tablespaces and HitRatio on oracle databases.

Script package for oracle

It's a script package for monitoring and graph database data in nagios and pnp4nagios or cacti. Maybe another exits before this, but here we make a perfdata usable for pnp4nagios, cacti and others similar graph tool. 1. and ch ...


yaonp - yet another oracle nagios plugin

yaonp - yet another oracle nagios plugin for a short overview a list of advantages and disadvantages for this plugin advantages - it works at least for my test enviroment consisting of Nagios XI (Linux, Ubuntu), Oracle 11g2 on Solaris 10 (Sparc) ...