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Check Dell server power supplies status

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check_snmp_dell_powersupply.plcheck_snmp_dell_powersupply.pl (v. 0.32 - Dec 2007)

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Plugin specificly for purposes of checking status of dell server power pupplies via snmp (so you must have openmanage installed on the server)
This is a nagios plugin that checks status of Power Supplies on Dell servers. The monitoring system should have openmanage with data available by SNMP.

Quick setup notes:
1. The monitoring system should have Dell Openmanage with data available by SNMP. For proper work this should be openmanage 4.x or 5.x or later
2. Make sure to check and if necessary adjust the the path to utils.pm
3. Make sure you have Net::SNMP perl module installed

Run this with "-h" to find current list of options as documentation is incomplete.

Quick notes on parameters: required are '-n' which is expected number of power supplies in the system and for newer systems that report status of CPU power supplies (like Dell 1850) you should also specify number of CPUs with '-c'. For 1850s and 1950s you can also add '-o' to check status of voltage probes and with 1950s you can also add '-b' to check status of batteries.

Here is an example for 1850 server with 2 CPUs and 2 power supplies:

define command {

command_name check_snmp_dell_powersupplystatus
command_line $USER1$/check_snmp_dell_powersupply.pl -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -C $ARG1$ -n $ARG2$ -c $ARG3$ --voltage_probe


define service{

use generic-service
servicegroups snmp,env
hostgroup_name dell_1850
service_description Dell Power Supply Status
check_command check_snmp_dell_powersupplystatus!foo!2!2