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Category: Apache

Nagios plugins for monitoring Apache.

Nagios Network Analyzer

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Check Apache Balancer Member

Checks the status of balancer workers through the balancer manager page. The check goes critical if there are no enabled/valid workers or if there are workers in the Err state.


Check Apache Load

Check Apache Load This plugin checks the CPU percentage used by the Apache process.


Check Apache Requests

Check Apache Requests This plugin checks the number of requests per second handled by the apache process.


Check Apache Slow Requests

Check Apache Slow Requests Plugin removed and no longer supported !


check apache website

This plugin checks the amount of access to your server since the past X minutes activity using apache log file. This plugin is able to select website or Ip source to check/ignore Here is the different options -i, --delay=STRING how many access ...


Check Status Code Apache

quick perl script to scrape http access logs for a specific error code and report them back to nagios with running totals, output for pnp4nagios included also


check website for changes

After we had a few hacked websites on our webservers we needed to check if a website has been manipulated. As there are a few online offers some for free and some for a monthly fee I tried to create a plugin for our Nagios server. I hope you like it ...


Parses the last 5 minutes (-m option) of your httpd access log and goes to warning or critical if the number of 200 OK is below your threshold. Use with pnp4nagios and templates on my sites for some lovely graphs of your status breakdown over time. Re ...


Script written in Python to check Apache2's server-status page with warning/critical threshold for req/sec sh compliant script to check Apache's HTTP Server via mod_status and ps


This plugin a bash implementation of an earlier one in perl by mike ; It dependent on the logtail perl script attached which should be accessible in the path ...


Nagios script to check the number of concurrent requests being processed by Apache


This plugin checks the amount of request on apache servers.


A Nagios plugin that parses the status page of an apache server, the plugin returns the response time, the amount of idle, busy and open slots. The perfdata returns the status of all slots. Optionally you can specify how much slots should be available.

check_apachestatus with performance data

Enhanced version of Lieven De Bodt's that produces correct performance data for PNP. Requests/sec, kB/sec and kB/Request were added to the output. Bugfix 20080930: When Apache reported "nnn B/sec" instead of "nnn kB/sec", plugin fail ...

check_apachestatus_auto (with lighttpd support)

A Nagios plugin that parses the status page of an apache or lighttpd server and returns the amount of idle, busy, open and total slots, as well as Requests/sec, Bytes/Request and Bytes/sec. Usable with user authentication and non standard apache server-st ...


Plugin designed to check when a https certificate will expire. It's can be used with any certificate.



A plugin which alerts when ever there are too few apache slots free, or, when too many slots are in the R state, which is indicative of a slowloris-style DOS attack.



[perl] Yet Another (more generic) parser for Apache's server-status handler. Fetches the server-status page of an apache, extracts some information and evaluates them. Tested with Apache 2.0 - not (yet) working with Apache 1.x


check_apache_watch Requests and Documents per second per host monitoring using mod_watch for Apache.



Check the status of mod_jk load balancers by analysis of jkmanager's XML page from status

LicenseGPL checks all virtual hosts of an running Apache2 instance.


A Nagios plugin to monitor apache via the mod_status module. This plugin assumes you have mod_status enabled and ExtendedStatus set to On.

Robert Becht Fetches the 'server-status?auto' page of an apache server, extracts all information and evaluates them. This script is based on ideas from that offered on "Nagios Exchange" ( ...


Web service monitoring w/ Nagios and JSON

I've written a blog posting that shows how to use JSON formatted data to monitor details of a remote service. The example shows how to monitor the hostname of the system on which an apache web server is running. It's fairly trivial to extend this example ...