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Category: * Generic

Nagios plugins to monitor network gear in a generic manner (not applicable to any one specific vendor).

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check complete interface table is a plugin that allows you to monitor one network device (e.g. router, switch, server) without knowing each interface in detail. Only the hostname (or ip address) and the snmp community string are required.

Check redundant switch

A based Perl script that check a redundant switch available. Check the number of users/clients registered on Allied Telesis wireless controller (with SSH : can't check with SNMP) No warning or critical state at this time. Tested with AT-TQ2403, AT WA-7400



check_lag This nagios plugin checks lag members on Ethernet switches and controls if they are active. It queries the LAG MIB (.1.2.840.10006.300.43).


check_mikrotik_mem This plugin checks memory status and returns usage in percent.



check_mikrotik_signal This plugin checks clients signal strength and returns average value.



check_mikrotik_users This plugin checks how many wireless clients are connected.



Nagios check to monitor if the WAN ip address our dd-wrt router gets from our internet provider is the one we expect it to be. I need to know this to modify a DNS A record accordingly because I do not have a fixed ip address. The check retrieves the ...



Interfacetable_v3t is a Nagios(R) plugin that allows you to monitor the network interfaces of a node (e.g. router, switch, server) without knowing each interface in detail. This plugin comes from /, ...


Uptime of router or switch

A Plugin to check the uptime of a router or switch With Perf out