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Check Dell PERC Array

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FileDescription r1700
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Using Net::SNMP, this script checks the channel state, global state and disk states of a PERC RAID array on a server running Dell's OpenManage
Requires Net::SNMP Perl Module on the Nagios server.
Requires Dell OpenManage software to be running on the target server.

Checks the global status of the "Storage" section in OpenManage. Checks the status of the controller channel. And finally loops through all of the disks in the array and reports their status.

Update includes extra logic for PERC battery's that are constantly recharging, reports a warning in stead of critical.
Reviews (1)
bybva, September 11, 2011
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
A little fix to force return of WARNING if GlobalState report only a WARNING.

@@ -322,9 +322,9 @@

if ($GlobalState[1] ne 'NORMAL') {

- if ($GlobalState[1] eq 'WARNING')
+ if ($GlobalState[3] eq 'OK')
- $WorstState = 'WARNING';
+ $WorstState = 'CRITICAL';
# Battery State Check
elsif ((($GlobalState[3] eq 'RECONDITIONING') || ($GlobalState[3] eq 'CHARGING') || ($GlobalState[3] eq 'LOW')) && ($GlobalState[1] ne 'CRITICAL'))