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Check Citrix NetScaler Health

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Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
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Citrix NetScaler : Fans, Voltages, Tempertures, HA state & SSL engine state.
This script uses SNMP to check hardware based health information contained in Citrix NetScaler Health table nsSysHealthTable.
version 0.1 :
- Support for Citrix Netscaler Version 9.3.
- -f perfdata option implemented. Provides Nagios standard format perfdata.
- -v verbose output implemented. Provides counter by counter details to aid in tuning parameters to your specific needs.
- Tuned for the NetScaler using the Citrix NetScaler SNMP OID Reference - Release 9.3e document.

version 0.2 :
- Added "$session->max_msg_size(5000);" to prevent script error.
- CPU Temperature: Added ranges to trigger warning and critical alerts.
- Skips any non-CPU Temperature that returns 0.
- Power Supply Failure Status: Added results with warning and critical alerts.
- Fixed output results to show power supply failure information.
- Added subroutine to preserve highest alert status.
- Verbose output enhanced.

version 0.2.1: - On 1 of 2 Citrix NetScaler devices had issue where max_msg_size greater than 1500 caused error, other NS worked fine with 5000.
"ERROR: No response from remote host "X.X.X.X" : UNKNOWN"
Reviews (3)

Could you please send me examples of the commands and services to implement the script, I have Netscaler MPX5550 and Nagios 4.
byPaul.Haldane, June 18, 2014
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We're getting

(AuxiliaryVoltage3: 0 mV), (IntelCPUVttPower: 0 mV), (AuxiliaryVoltage4: 0 mV), (-12.0VSupplyVoltage: 11903 mV), (AuxiliaryVoltage7: 0 mV), (AuxiliaryVoltage1: 0 mV), (VoltageSensor2: 3391 mV), (AuxiliaryVoltage2: 0 mV), (AuxiliaryVoltage6: 0 mV), (AuxiliaryVoltage0: 0 mV), (PowerSupply5vStandbyVoltage: 0 mV), (-5.0VSupplyVoltage: 0 mV), (CPU1CoreVoltage: 0 mV), (AuxiliaryVoltage5: 0 mV), (CPU1Temperature: 0 Celsius), : 6/20 voltage OK, 5 fan OK, 2/3 temp OK (HA State up, SSL Engine up) : CRITICAL

on a healthy MPX 5550 v10.1 which sounds similar to symptoms previous reviewer saw/fixed. Is there an updated version/patch available anywhere?
Thanks Michael Pagano, for (re)creating a readable script for Citrix NetScaler :
check_netscaler_health.pl ver 0.2.1

With some modifications, it works great for our NetScaler MPX 5500 (ver 10.1).

Previously we used : "check_snmp_env" ver 0.7 from Michiel Timmers.
That script however stopt working, after we upgraded NetScaler from ver 9.3 to 10.1.
My guess is, as you commented in your script, because of the max_msg_size that has increased in ver 10.1

Adjustments to check_netscaler_health.pl ver 0.2.1 , for Citrix NetScaler MPX 5500 (ver 10.1) :

- session buffer maxMsgSize 5000 instead of 1500 "$session->max_msg_size(5000);"
this will prevent script error : "ERROR: Message size exceeded buffer maxMsgSize : UNKNOWN"
- Adjusted power supply +12V and -12V minimum values (millivolt) :
changed +12V power supply minimum value from 10800 to 9500 (Reference Value 9500 - 13200 mv.)
changed -12V power supply maximum value from 10800 to 9500 (Reference Value -13200 - -9500 mv.)
- Adjusted processor core voltage minimum value (millivolt):
changed minimum value from 1080 to 1040 (Reference Value 1040 - 1650 mv.)
- Adjusted cpu temperature minimum value (degrees):
changed minimum value from 35 to 27 degrees (changed range 35 - 88 degrees to 27 - 88 degrees)
- Adjusted non defined voltage descriptions minimum value (millivolt):
i.e. be sure to skip 0 mV values for "AuxiliaryVoltage0" - "AuxiliaryVoltage7"
changed minimum value, from " > 1000 " to " >= 0 "
- Adjusted power supply check, "NOT SUPPORTED" and "NOT PRESENT" isn't always true
model Netscaler MPX 5500 only has ONE Power Supply slot, however:
readout with SNMP on OID's , with this original perl nagios script, suggests total 4 slots available.
of which 2/4 Power Supply units status are 'ok' , and 2 are in 'critical in error' :
PowerSupply3FailureStatus and PowerSupply4FailureStatus - "OK"
PowerSupply1FailureStatus and PowerSupply2FailureStatus - "Not Supported"
see Netscaler MIB NS10.1 : sysHealthPowerSupplyStatus - status of power supply unit
Power Supply check $final_status Values are NORMAL = 0 ; NOT PRESENT = 1 ; FAILED = 2 ; NOT SUPPORTED = 3.
Tuned $final_status , so it doesn't return "WARNING" for status = 3 "Not Supported", but an "OK" status.