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check DATACORE SansynphonyV9 PSP4

check DATACORE SansynphonyV9 PSP4 Shell Script for check DATACORE SANsynphony v9 PSP4 Mirror State and Volume Status

Check Docker

A plugin to check docker containers. Currently supports checking memory restarts status health-check results restarts uptime image version(experimental)


Check MuMuDVB Card Information

Script will get MuMuDVB XML file and checks card information (including cam) and will give warning and critical state if uptime of PID is lower then given thresholds in hours


Check MuMuDVB Scrambling Information

Script will get MuMuDVB XML file and checks the scrambling ratio of each channel based on the given thresholds for warning and critical.


Check MuMuDVB Traffic Information

Script will get MuMuDVB XML file and checks streamed IP bandwidth in kB (kilo-Bytes) per second of each channel.


Check OpCache Status

Check PHP OpCache Status and display some performance data.


Check Pihole Api Plugin

A plugin to extract (almost) all the information from the Pi-hole API.


check Running 'ClickOnce' App against Source

check Running 'ClickOnce' App against Source This Plugin will Compare running 'ClickOnce' Application with the Source version to make sure it's running the latest/correct version.


Check SafeGuard Enterprise

Check SafeGuard Enterprise This check is for SafeGuard Enterprise Management Center: 1. Load "XML" from: https://localhost/SGNSRV/Trans.asmx/CheckConnection 2. Fix safeguard webapp bug (see line 30.., nasty bug in SGE/SGN 6.1) 3. Check if DBAuth and Webservice are working co ...

Check Safeguard Licences

checks configured safeguard enterprise sql server for license usage and expiry


check Siebel CRM (all platforms)

check Siebel CRM (all platforms) Version 1.2.05 now out! New version can be used either as active or as passive plugin. It contains a GUI to make it more easy for the first installation and configuration. You will be able to configure Nagios for Siebel CRM in less than 30 minutes. Fe ...



This is a Nagios PowerShell plugin that monitors the version of NCPA installed on a Windows system and lets you know if it is out of date or not. It fetches the most recent version of NCPA by checking their github page.



# This is a passive nagios checker for detecting if cf-agents # have gone AWOL (Absent WithOut Leave) from the cf-server(s). # # It reads a file with hostnames (FQDN) that we care about # being in touch, and needs the FQDN of the nagios server and the ...



check_cft_listcat Nagios compatible plugin to check CFT catalog size CFT (Cross File Transfer) is a software published by Axway that allows secure file transfers accros multiple clients/organisations. When using CFT, you have to make sure that the catalog (the intern ...


A plugin to check the conntrack table.

Check different aspects of Datacore Storage (VirtualDisks, Clients, Servers, PhysicalDisks, ...) by SNMP Do --help for syntax

LicenseGPL (Advanced Nagios Plugins ...

Checks the number of active Datameer jobs using the Datameer Rest API (Advanced Nagios Plugins ...

Checks the status of a specific Datameer job using the Rest API and output details of job success and failure counts as well as counters for the last job run as perfdata for graphing. (Advanced Nagios Plugins C...

Check the status of a specific Datameer job using the Rest API (Advanced Nagios Plugins C...

Checks the cumulative volume of data imported by a specific Datameer job using the Rest API Use this to keep track of the amount of data imported by each job cumulatively for all runs of that job since Datameer is licensed by cumulative volume of impor ... (Advanced Nagios ...

Checks % volume imported increase between the last 2 runs of specific Datameer import job using the Rest API Use this to keep track of the amount of data imported by the latest run of a specific import job as a % increase compared to the last run that ... (Advanced Nagios Plugins Coll...

Checks Datameer license expiry using the Datameer Rest API, as well as license mode (eg 'Enterprise' vs 'Evaluation' or other) and also that the start date isn't in the future (Advanced Nagios Plugi...

Checks Datameer license volume used % using Datameer Rest API Datameer is licensed by Cumulative Data Ingested Volume so this is an important thing to monitor and graph through the year and set thresholds on (Advanced Nagios Plugins Collec...

Shows Datameer stats on number of Workbooks, Connections (Data Connectors), Import and Export Jobs, Dashboards and Infographics using the Datameer Rest API, outputs perfdata for Nagios graphing of these usage trends over time


###[INFO]##################### ## check_docker ## v2.0, modified on 2018-06-14 ## moritoring-plugin to check Docker-Containers ## only for remote execution ## written by Alexander Knerlein ## made in West Germany ## GNU General Public License Ver ...



Check_docker_swarm This is a plugin that monitors docker swarm quorum i.e. it monitors how many manager nodes of the docker swarm are up and healthy. This plugin returns 'OK' when all the managers are healthy and reachable or when we are trying to run the plugin on the work ...



The GMS (Global Management System) from Polycom provides a global addressbook service for conferencing endpoints. This script checks for a given number of entries in the global addressbook.

sh-compliant script to check the amount of available datanodes of a Hadoop cluster and its total and used size as well.


The script checks if the processes of I/CAD (Intergraphs Computer Aided Dispatch, sold by Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure) started by ISM Intergraph Interface Service Manager) currently have the intended state. Depending on the type of process this mean ...

LicenseGPL is a Nagios plugin for monitoring the kadmin daemon



Check OpenStack Keystone server functioning.



Script in bash which test Keystone API only with curl. It test if : - we can get a token (if not : CRITICAL) - if yes, if it's not too long (if it's too long: >10s, it sends a WARNING, otherwise an OK") Tested & approuved for Keystone 2.0 API : Ope ...



A Nagios plugin to check for YUM package manager activity



Nagios check to monitor if the mediawiki software version on a site is the latest production version of the mediawiki distribution.

LicenseOther This is Memcached Check plugin. It gets stats variables and allows to set thresholds on their value or their rate of change. It can measure response time, calculate hitrate, memory utilization and other data. It also returns status variables as perfomance ...

LicenseGPL (Advanced Nagios Plugins Collect...

Checks a specific Memcached key via API Checks: 1. reads a specified Memcached key 2. checks key's returned value against expected regex (optional) 3. checks key's returned value against warning/critical range thresholds (optional) raises warn ... (Advanced Nagios Plugins Colle...

Checks a Memcached server by writing and reading back a unique key value pair Checks: 1. writes a unique short lived key with dynamically generated value 2. reads back key 3. checks the returned value is identical to that written 4. records the r ...

sh-compliant script to check the nginx webserver whether its running and to get requests and connections per second


Check NRDS config information. For example, if you would like to get the results of what current config the client is ACTUALLY using: (all one line) check_NRDS_config.vbs "..\config.ini" "settings" "CONFIG_VERSION" Where 'settings' is your ini [ ...

Check Nutanix Cluster Software by SNMP and SSH

Opswise/Universal Automation Center is a product of Stonebranch. This Python script checks status of all Opswise/UAG agents and alerts if any agent is "Offline". Based on Stonebranch's provided CLI program. Used with Nagios Core.



Nagios plugin to check PaperCut NG/MF health using PaperCut API.



This script looks if there is a puppet agent process and then it checks the last state summary file and checks when puppet agent last run the catalog.



check_puppet_log Checks /var/log/messages for general puppet-agent problems. The status will not return to 'green' until the problem is fixed.



Nagios Plugin for RabbitMQ


Simple script to monitor manually installed software for new upstream releases.



Check whether or not RSA Certificate Manager is running and/or if it is running in Backup/Disabled mode.


check_squid is a plugin to nagios for monitoring Squid by using squidclient

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